Monday's resolution

Who needs new years to make resolutions right. So these are mine today:

1. I will eat more healthily. Bye bye tart nenas,...even though you sit so temptingly on my coffee table

2. I will read more- time to dust those cobwebs off the law tomes

3. I will spend more time with the children- yes I will try to come home at 4 as husband wishes.

5 I will talk less . And not give advice when its not asked for. (Ha ha this is a good one)

6. I WILL be happy! And positive! And cheerful!! (And manic probably)



LifeBloom said…
Am considering 1 and 5...seriously...:P
come on Zura lets motivate each other!!
Anonymous said…
hi shila,

i nak consider no. 1 and 6...
SW, you are always happy and smiling! So I personally think you can delete that resolution out. And...perhaps replace it with - "I will try to go out for more lunches or coffee with my girlfriends and NOT rush to leave." ;-)
hahahaha to all the above!

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