Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Post on Ramadhan

Wooohoot- tomorrow is our last day of fasting..

As Dahlia said...I feel at once sad and happy. Happy that we can eat again in the day time, sad that the most blessed month of the year is fast..

you know I was reading some non malays non muslim's blog and some of them contain the message of self reflection, and forgiveness, and universal is Islam, really because we need to self reflect all the time, forgive and also practise self restraint..not only in words, but in thought...always trying to beat ourselves, not the evil outside but the evil within...However, the "coolness" and trendiness of the religion is somehow lost...Pity that this is not the image that you get when you mention Islam, but rather you get an image of a man in turban or robe and long beard ala ala Gandalf aha ha ha

It has become our daily morning ritual to munch our early breakfast while watching Telly so my kids all know the drama "Angin Rindu Sarajevo" and whenever its "Shahaaaaadah" then you better drink FAST because it means its very close to dawn prayers. He he he. Shahadah is a show where they show how muslims abroad practise their religion. And the Japanese yesterday, is amazing! Sugoi. If you know anything about the Japanese you would know that their language and writing system is allready very complicated...for them to master Arabic is FANTASTIC!!!! And this one guy yesterday - he STUDIED the religion for 2 years before he converted to the religion...Now that is an educated investment! I think a lot of us born Muslims also need to revert ha ha ha...we should also study, not to pass exam,,but to know what the heck is this religion about? I am trying to read the quran like a story book- but baru masuk page 2 dah ngantuk or someone calls or I need to do something so I have to actually BE A MORE DISCIPLINED person! Ha ha ha!

Ok lah boring kot you allz ni macam I ni pensyarah je...hah hah...I m not a preacher ! I will post on fluffy things now ok?? he he


Royalshoppingarcade said...

seriously,i hear you!we never sahur tgk tv but listen to radio ikim coz we sahur in the kitchen and we only have the radio in the kitchen.nyesal pulak tak tgk tv but i'd rather not coz nanti i kena kemas dpn tv pulak..kemas dapur senang sket.:)and i agree abt reading the quran like a story book and like you, i yawn too.teruk betul I ni..camna ya..

Superwomanwannabe said...

radio IkIm pun best apa...kitorang je ni melangut masa makan ha ha..takpa lah if yawn ...keep trying.

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