Friday, September 24, 2010


Just want to vent

I read that the suspects of the most gruesome murders ever in the history of Malaysia (or at least Banting) have cried ABUSE!

My uncle , the ex senior police officer was just last week telling me that cops don't do that (at least, not any more or at least, not him) . Im sure in this, being a high profile case, the cops would take all precaution NOT to hit the stupid idiots .

Oh im so mad, let me at them, I'll SHOW them what being abused is. Yang made me more mad is the statement, the abuse aggravated an old spinal injury for which no medical treatment was sought.

So habis, yang kena burnt to tak dapat medical treatment takpa?

I was expecting this. Trial by media is no trial at all. No wonder those 2 lawyers were cool..They knew that this was going to be their plea. Habih-yang tulang tulang tu apa- conjured??

Waaaaahhhh please please let justice prevail and let no money change hands to get them their freedom. For I believe that they have to be made responsible for BEING SO BLOODY GUILTY.


Anonymous said...

It's expected la..these people are phsychopaths i think, no conscience whatsoever..macam Silence of the Lamb tu..if they have no qualms to kill many victims what is there in crying abuse.

Takut they get away because of technicality or something like that. I heard their workers were only paid RM1500 to carry out the killings..can you imagine?


Anonymous said...

Bimbang kalau2 they will be acquitted when the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case against them.

Uncle Y

Anonymous said...

Orang Kedah kata semua ni Gempak Keling.

BTW, that Vijendran defence lawyer feller, a one time Swampy Velu potential successor in the MIC, was the one caught in a videotape humping and pumping in a 3rd rate home made porno movie some 10 years ago. Sampai dia dapat back pain. Tak complain pulak. Remember?

Anonymous said...

dia start dah dia punya putaq punya putaq tu... nak plak kalau lawyer diorang nanti segeng yg femes tu...boleh jd lepas nih!

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