Saturday, September 18, 2010

A wedding in Kedah!

We just got back from Kedah !!

Going to Kedah is so good for the soul, kan? Hubs and I agree that after the hustle and bustle of citylife and surrounded by mercedeses etc..its so good to be surrounded by vast paddy fields...and mercedeses ha ha ha (there was one yesterday trying to over take our very slow nazaria)

We were there for the WEDDING OF THE YEAR~! he he the long single Idwan has now found a bride and we wanted to be there to see him tie the knot!

We decided to fly there and I must say it was great to be able to arrive early without feeling like tearing my hair out and being surrounded by lots of plastic wrappers for the "JAJAN" that we would have bought on the way ~! plus great to not always have to ask husband "are you ok? do you want me to drive? are you sleepy?" when he starts rubbing his forearm vigorously like he always does when he's sleepy and getting the "tipu" (lie) answer of "No, im ok" and then having me being worried for the rest of the journey that we would crash or something ha ha ha. DON'T FORGET the arguing quarelling and the peacemaking efforts that I would have had to take on during the long so glad i didn't have to endure all that this time around.

Anyway we arrived, we got our rented car and we were taken to our homestay in alor star - mak kau! Besarnye! a HUGE single storey terrace house with three ok sized rooms but strangely, 2 tiny toilets! Tiny considering the room lah. There was a kitchen with kettle and fridge- The groom was there and showed us in - and then he suggested we go have lunch at SOUQ BUK* to a very impressive looking masjid Bukhari - we had MERRYBROWN yum!! all that fatty crispy fried chicken! I could feel it clogging my arteries but who cares..he he

Anyway then one by one...the rest of the ADOMians started to arrive -we were joined by the aunties and uncles and cousins at the Souk...we met again for dinner at the SuHA's thai place - which, I think, had we not been a party of so many, would probably have been better. As it was we found the service slow, they came out with one dish at a time macam chinese course. peritnye sbb lapar... Tapi it was fun lah sbb ramai kan.although the table was split neatly into 2-- one side kids and the other adults. Thanks Uncle Yaya for the belanja!


Of course we got up late lah kan and of course our kids got dressed leisurely as if we had all the time in the world (I mean YOU Nadine) and of course we found ourselves left by sister and brother in law's family who bunked in with us- leaving us to navigate ourselves to NAKA...mak was not near..but it was a nice drive ...because you were really going down a winding narrow road that gradually got narrower and narrower..and we almost missed the turning to the particular kampung bendang..there were three types of kampung bendang- hulu, baru and something else. We arrived to find that the solemnisation had been done and Idwan, that tall big boy who always had things to ask me or his cousin my husband about one thing or another, with such an intense and serious expression, is someone's husband now...there were tears from the parents who had waited for so long and there were tears from others too!

After resting for a while at the neighbour's house (thank you!) we were then invited to the wedding proper (as in , bersanding)- the couple looked very nice in their peach baju and the bride was very pretty. SIL Zu and I were wondering how she had the patience, with her beauty, to wait for Idwan for all those 5 years. Must be love (and infinite patience).

Because it was such a hot day, we all rushed home to mandi and rest. My dear friend KitchenGuardian lent me her house which was 5 mins away from the homestay so that we could rest in comfort and have a bath without fighting for the bathroom- thanks for that KG!

Malam tu we all went for nasi khandaq @ Hj Ramli...nice to eat together ramai ramai although the groom and bride arrived at 10 pm- OIT!! AWAT LAMBAT SANGAT? he hehehehe

I had to leave early as had promised my auntie Mak Ngah we'd off to Sungei Petani we went! Mak Ngah dah TIDOQ ! Her house was SPOTLESS!! I was amazed!! We crashed onto the bantal and bantal peluk in the aircond room


Pagi turun macam princess kan...pukul 9 kot. I found my auntie sleeping on the sofa and the table beautifully laid with her best correlle- my aunt kan, my mom's sister- so nothing "cincai" for her! we followed her to visit her "ustazah" and tumpang beraya with her...And then husband contacted his old friend Ga*jus who he saw last when they were 17! The man like husband, has 5 kids too (must be the water at Kolek ahaks) and they were gracious enough to welcome our brood to their home. The kids didn't eat the ketupat or lemang even though we cajoled them ..but When we returned, the kids mintak NASI daripada makngah...cheh!

Anyway we are very very glad to be home...although the flight got delayed by an hour , and I made the kids stop their dinner just so that we can go and check in promptly at 8 pm (we continued our meal after that) and I was so glad that I was that kiasu because the plane was FULL and if I had checked in late, the kids probably would have gotten separate seats. Lagi kiasu because husband had to return the rented car to a different location - I made him stop us first and I checked him in without him being there! I could only rest on the plane...he he he..And I am so FAT NOW that I had to undo buttons of pants!

Sigh..seronok nyeee pergi keluar KL kan..I love the town life...rather than city life..maybe one day we can relocate somewhere with the beach in front and the paddy field behind..haa mana tu ye?

Thanks for reading this long long report~!


Puteri's territory said...

Kak Shilah,
It's easy to spot you dlm gambar ramai2 tu I just have to look for the person with the widest smile. It's so your trademark. I like it!

Yes I enjoyed my raya in Terengganu too, am not sure what but the air there is fresher and it makes us less stress and healthier. haha.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hehe thanks putri!Bestnya balik ganu....

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you Shila..Kedah is so best, Balik Pulau is ok too..but what to do, periuk nasi di sini.


Royalshoppingarcade said...

i agree.its nice to get out of KL once a while..rasa less stressful kan.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,
were you in the group photo?takde pun..if ada, you sure look really different coz i don't recognise you at all.ada ke dlm the big group photo?takde kan?kan ?byk kali i tgk ..

Lan0stZz said...

kak shila mmg xdak dlm gambaq tu.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...