Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Weekend

Hi Hi Hi

ate so much over the raya...oh my gawd. SO MUCH that husband's blood test shows increased sugar and cholesterol. Ini semua for insurance purposes...have to check it out as I need the husband's income protected. Granted, I am the biggest threat to the income (he he he) but Im thinking of what will happen when there is no income coming in- who will pay for the kids' mc donald etc?? (the important stuff huh)

Not that this is going to be a problem, since the kids are boycotting anything McDonald. Oh I miss my FIllet of Fish, walaupun in McD drive thru they seem to think its standard to serve the fillet of fish with half the fish OUT OF THE BUN- kenapa ye??? Tak reti baca manual ke?? I won't be surprised if next time they hand me the fish, the lettuce, the tomato, the BUN- hah kau, assemble lah sendiri. banyak na songel. hi hi hi!

back to the insurance thingy- yes hubs kena buat stress test as well...he was v proud to have passed it with flying colours...too bad abt the cholesterol thingy.

Im just glad that he agrees to get this insurance thingy- its for our protection right..I kept pujukking (any english translation?) him this whenever he gets annoyed with the insurance lady from BNI who kept calling him to fix an appointment with the doctor. The husband said LOOK YOU! I KNOWWWW The bloody doctor, can I go and call him myself or NOT??? The lady said, ok ok, and then went and fix an appointment with ANOTHER doctor . I pun rasa irritated although I have to salute her persistence and doggedness. I love you L if you are reading this!Mwah mwah! Anyway the other doctor that she went and harrassed to see my husband is Shana's husband so I feel doubly guilty cause I know how bz Haiz*L was, doing the real job of fathering-! he he!

God last Sunday was MAD..after the stresstest etc etc... we rushed home to fetch the kiddoes - to go to Khatam quran of the 3 Adomian sisters (jadi 4 sisters because my mom in law datang) - datang mengejut pukul 1 pagi hehe he which put us in a dilemma cause she wanted to go to the khatam quran early and we had a thousand houses to go to which I didn't feel so nice to go to if I know mak is waiting right?? FOrtunately Mak B (Mwah mwah!!) came to fetch her early..suka mak! And we managed to drop in to our friend/excolleague/neighbour's house for half an hour before we went home. Pergi beraya rupanye birthday anak dia as well..Dah bagi 2 years notice takkan tak pergi kan. Met all the former Z*ain and co colleagues !

Arrived home, fetched the kids, and rushed out. Glanced next door, neighbour dah jemput open house and TUNANG and it was in full swing but we can't go lah, so we ignored for a while and rushed to the Khatam....wahh it went VERY THE WELL and the food was fantastic (I still have a headache from the THREE TYPES OF LAMB that were served ) YUMMIE terimakasih Uncle and Mak Z and Lana and H ! Ramainye datang...and I had a nice time bonding with Siti Putri Gunung Ledang the new bride...

MIL and FIL wanted to go back home to Kluang cepat cepat (mostly MIL) despite our pujukking - so we left Mak Z's house, but then as Mak Long, Mak's eldest sister had been admitted to IJN for her Bypass, Mak wanted to visit before going home. Reaching home, I and Nadine rushed over next door sekejap to the neighbour's house..."tunjuk muka" right...no one was left ha ha the catering company was packing up everything and only a few neighbours were there. So I dengan tak malunya tolong angkat pinggan etc etc macam lah rumah I and macam lah I ni selalu jumpa diorang...walhal the last time I was in their house was LAST RAYA but I guess they didnt mind. I am OBVIOUSLY not the datin type that were waiting outside daintily ha ha ha!

Anyway after a while I realised mak and abah probably were waiting for me and I rushed back - yup they were sleeping on the couch, all dressed - waiting for their menantu lah nih... ! Husband had an operation to do so can't come.It was nearly half past 7 and IJN's visiting hours ends at 8 right so I drove their ALZA macam orang gila and by some miracle, they got in at IJN even though we arrived at five past 8 and no one asked them to leave so we had a nice long visit with Mak Long! Miracle indeed!

Phew then we went home....and mak and abah jadik gak balik malam tu...and mak long is being operated today so good luck Mak long!!

Still didn't make another 3 open houses and 1 birthday..sorry lah geng....but it was a good day with family, at least.


1na said...

pujukking = persuading ?

boleh ker? hehehehe

Royalshoppingarcade said...

for you pujukking =PESTERING.
penatnya baca your blog post.termengah2.i can imagine you rush here rush there like mad.hahahah..still can't stop laughing.

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