Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penang break

Im here in the Hardrockhotel in Batuferinggi Penang. Now before you go - they're on holiday AGAIN???? we are all here thanks to a conference the husband has. He is the actual speaker so for the last 2 nights he has not been sleeping to prepare for his lecture. Ahahahhahaks baru lah nak buat kan...

We arrived yesterday. The hotel apparently used to be the Casuarina. Ok lah, very modern plasticky feel. Husband thought er...not quite "hotel" that he dah used to. Sophia pun said "er, not too sure about this hotel" . Posh nye~!

ACTION NYE~!! Eh I'm happy we got away from KL, so be grateful laaa dapat jalan. Hotel ok what...sampai sampai got statue of MJ sitting on a throne. The bellboys concierge etc all muda muda, no wearing kain songket or suits, everyone was in red tshirt and light brown khaki shorts. Ala ala Airasia gitu. On the walls got pictures of Elvis, Mamat Saxophon buta tu (sapa) and the Beatles are everywhere. By the lift, facing the beach, merata lah~!

The best thing about this place?? It's very close to the beach and all rooms have beach view ..boleh bukak sliding door luas luas and see the sea ... Tak kesah lah laut dia brown ke apa kan (toksah lah think of Pulau Redang or what)

Right now it's raining so heavily. But the kids happy dah sbb they spent 2 hours i n the pool. At first I thought about joining them. I even changed to my never before tried swimming suit..but then mana pulak nak letak hand bag? They suggested I rented a cabana..30% off - but half day is RM60. Er..too expensive lah.For a place to put my things?? Ok they give you a plate of fruits plus ice water. But RM60! I decided to go back to the room and watch the kids from upstairs while I REVIEWED THIS AGREEMENT WAAAHHH(weekend pun keje ke?? Tulah,semalam Tidor sapa suruh kan)

I'm feeling quite cash conscious... Takdalah berkira sangat tapi tak leh lah tak hengat dunia kan....?? Here everything cost lah of course. In the morning , kids went to the beach. Belum apa apa orang offered to ride a horse. 2 people RM50. Ok lah tu ... Daya and Nadine went on. Then there's the buggy guy. Oh the kids were so happy with that. Naik macam motor -ATV buggy - the very best punya fun.~!!! I had a go too and It was quite hard to control! It went everywhere. Ok ok that was me, lah the kids had noo problem. 'That was RM70. for 20 mins.

Kids want everything and Im making them spend their own raya money if they want to go to spa etc. Ha ha - am I cruel? Kejam kah aku? Biar dia tau sikit appreciate money. Susah gak ye jadi parent?? You want them to be happy but at the same time you want them to know how to save money etc. Pagi tadi Dahlia showed off lah the skills she learnt from horseriding school - ( oi takat tendang tendang kuda to make it move mummy pun boleh naik kuda need to send you to the school ha ha ha!)

Now everyone's up. After zohor we're probably going to go to town. Because I hate driving , I asked about tours. Mak its strangle the blood one~! Chekek darah. RM160 for adults and RM120 child. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY KIDS I HAVE??? I think I pergi sendiri je lah. Also I got so many tips about food- nasi kandar mi udang pasemboq ...I love pasemboq and mi udang..I told hubby he said- you tak makan pedas what. He he .

Oh yeah, husband is not around till 4. He is also away tomorrow morning. So its me and the kids!! Who is now clamouring for me to order room service! Again?? Oii kita keluar lah~!~! pengsan tol budak budak nih~!

PS - I sent the agreement via email oready. Thank you free wifi~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

zee chairs.

So. how was your day. I spent today thinking I really should be more organised....bersilat semacam kat office, handling little little things that can really drain you. when lunch came I jumped at the chance to get away.

And also...I bought 9 chairs. They had been nicely stacked outside the Persian restaurant. And they were the chairs that looked like weaved rattan but were in fact harder wearing..I was passing the PRestaurant and saw the "For Sale" sign stuck on the chairs....and immediately said "SOLD!"" . Siap bayar RM100 lagi ...It cost about RM110 per chair and the guy we were with (owner of B Kopitiam) said that that was very cheap for new chairs. The story was that the owner of Persian restaurant bought a lot and had some spare and wanted to get rid of them quick since the security people were on her back.

Sooo I took them...kesian lah makcik PR tu..nanti kena marah lak dengan the security guard... after all doing a good deed. Never mind that I don't have anywhere to put them..never mind that I didn't have the cash. Dadof6 said he'd take - er.,,whether or not he said he'd take it is dependent on whether he has told KitchenGuardian or not he he. Anyway I sort of did NOT tell my husband , and tried not to pass the restaurant ..managed to do it for 2 days until one day had a casual meeting at Sec Recipe, a couple of shops down the Persianrestaurant ..and the waiters at the PR, actually ran to catch me, to make SURE that I don't lari or run away and also to make sure that I TAKE THE DAMN CHAIRS!

I had to tell husband lah since he was picking me up ! So I said , honey, you'll never guess what I bought, ha ha farnie story, you know. He was not that amused especially when those guys tried to shove 9 chairs into the poor Estima! They managed to do it! And I owe the woman some RM480...nanti lah auntie ok...

So now, we are trying NOT to pass the restaurant far lunch has been at the restaurant BEFORE that restaurant...Padan lah muka aku nih.. so so gullible.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aida's wedding

My dearest cousin Aida is married!

I was able to watch her go from being single, to being someone's wife on Friday, despite it being a work day and a Friday! I arrived and she was allready in the bridal room, with her friends all around her. I had to give her a big hug, it was such a big thing to me that Aida is getting married, after knowing what she went through and the kind of person she had pinned her hopes on and what that nogoodloser did to her (im obviously not over this ha ha) We told her time and time again that she will only find true love once she gives herself a chance and let go of the parasite on her back, and amazingly we were right, once the "Im in a (dysfunctional, totally onesided giving) relationship" aura was off, she had lots of suitors a- coming. [hmm i may sound a bit bitter he he]

ANYWAY. She made a lovely bride in white...I had a small piece of advice to her..which is, no matter how modern you are, or how upset you are , always always give your husband face - and never make him feel small. He needs to feel he is worthy to lead you and the family on the right path to jannah. Chehwaaahhh. Macam bagus kan?? Coming ffrom me whos always letering my husband..hehehehe- After that I terus felt like crying, she felt like crying, And then mom came over and mom saw her and hugged her and then mom cried and we ALL cried again...sobs sobs...we all terharu gak lah that AIDA NAK KAWIN...hehehe

Then the groom and his entourage came..I sat with Jojo behind where Aida was sitting and although I didnt know it , I was also next to the groom's mom and sister! hmm I ada ngumpat the groom ke ah? heheheh. Then the tok kadi went through some ground rules, he was pretty funny too. And then Aida's dad began the marriage process..he asked the groom something along the lines of "do you take Aida for xyz dowry" and he choked on the last part...

And I bawled!!! (insidelah, I can't bawl publicly can I) and it was a touching moment. I think he felt relieved that his daughter is finally married and to a nice guy too! So different from that other person who wasted everyone's time!

They were now husband and wife! And then they went to the stage (pelamin) where he put on the ring on her finger...officially her husband now.

Happy endings DO happen! heh heh heh!

Aida..jangan diva diva ok dengan husband...takbaik...jangan emo emo ok...always remember temper tantrums are fine - if you are three.

(although kalau tak jalan gak, a good temper tantrum followed by a burst of loud crying always works ha ha)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Wedding 1 (Updated)

I wonder if any of my relatives from my dad's side reads this blog? Takdalah, it's just that I want to tell you about the wedding of my cousin that I attended...karang tersenget lak kang..hehehe

it was a very nice wedding indeed. Actually the wedding itself took place the week before, at ParkRoyal. This cousin is the youngest daughter of my eldest uncle and his second wife. They had 2 children, the boy got married to a Hungarian last June at the age of 30 - a long awaited wedding to which we were all not invited. Wakakakah. They got married in London where they have been staying for donkey years. I nak kata donkey years tapi he arrived when WE were there, and we were quite close to him then masa dia beringus dulu. We went home, and he stayed on and worked there and now I don't think he's ever coming back lar. Wife dia pun Hungarian blonde, very nice and very humble lady. My cousin yang boy ni spitting image of his dad when my uncle was younger.. handsome. The one who got married at ParkRoyal was his sister. He only has the one "full" sister from my uncle , and two half siblings ie his mom's kids from previous marriage- but actually, hang on a minute, that's wrong right? he doesn't have one sister...Under muslim laws if you share the same father, you are full siblings and not half half adek beradek actually, Zul has hmm 4 elder sisters, 1 elder brother and 2 younger sisters!~ hambik kau! The wedding kat UK, garden concept...ada gown gown...ada wine wine..ada dress dress...bapak i tersembol gak lah matanye...heheheh

to be continued...


So anyway....the wedding.

I arrived separately from husband. I was the first one to arrive actually. BECAUSE i arrived separately ha ha. I was waiting at the entrance of the ballroom when I got the message to come down to the lobby because the entire family, all (most)dressed in maroon, were waiting there. Husband came late but at least datang. Eventually we got to sit down - I sat with the uncles and aunties..and my parents. They gave little cakes which I polished off (Lapar lar)

The wedding followed the usual formula....the doa, the prayer, the salawat, the sitting on the dais..EXCEPT! when the parents were called up they didn't spray air renjis, they took pictures instead and framed it there and then. My cousin's dress was so nice, gold and flares out like a ball gown. Another thing different about the wedding was the short film they film starring my cousin and her husband (then fiance lah kan) talking about their love, when they met, why they love each other..which was very sweet actually but corny sikit lah hahaha..the uncles pun muka selamba je tengok he he..Alah uncle when you were young lagi dashyat kan hehe..

After dinner,. the couple went back to the stage and sat down..and the song AkuCintaPadamu (Shila Majid's I love you) came on..and sound system was so good that I thought it was the real thing..Guess WAS the real thing! Shila Majid was there and she came up on stage to sing to the couple and with the couple and she made the groom sing the part of Aku cintapada mu...corny giler but nice! And tone lari etc no one cared he he. It turned out that she and the groom's mom were friends. Hmm sapa among my friends yang can take up singing ye..can sing at the kids' wedding ha ha.

The speech by the dad was nice...talked about his son and how the daughter in law has won over the family..ended up with a joke about a mouse who congratulated his brother the lion on his wedding and having other animals laugh at him for thinking he and the lion were brothers to which he replied sadly "brother, before I got married, i WAS a lion" hehehehe

I liked that.

Good wedding. left really late because the cousins and I were camwhoring..totally shameless that this was NOT our event and we were just guests at the groom's side he he- again BIASALAH TU

Byee ! Next update is Aida's wedding!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My kids tengah periksa at this moment.

Not that you would know it, looking at them.

Yesterday I came home, to find someone on the WII, someone on the computer researching fairies pixies and no one had had their bath.

I started my lecture and eventually 2 of them sat down to do their notes and revise. I had asked them to do NOTES and study off the notes, rather than worry about the textbooks etc.

After a while one daughter showed me her notes. Wah- macam Hallmark card! Got picture, got leaves, got colour colour...

I said "THIS IS NOT NOTES!" I mean, I was quick to praise her for her diligence of course,. but seriously??? The day before the exam you do notes and your notes got KALER KALER? I told her this is the type of notes you do when you have a month before the exams, not when you have like 2 hours to bedtime and tomorrow is the exam.

And then Jojo came up crying...hooo hoooo hooo...tak tau mana letak kertas ART...and tomorrow exam ART...laaa where's that paper? Don't know.. now crying, don't know whether to bring paper, or potato, or glue or what tomorrow...hoohooo

So I called Ibraheem, SOS!! Please tell Johan what he has to bring tomorrow...nasib baik lah budak tu pun ikut bapak dia, punya lah organised (ni anak DadofSix) and can rescue Jojo...heheheheh

Today I bet if I go back they'd be outside playing badminton or something..tak panic LANGSUNG

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maher Zain - the show


We were shown our seats . which was smack in the middle, although quite far to the back lah. Mula mula we were shown to the other side ..and had to step over so many toes..sorry! hehehe....

Stage was dark, they had Maher Zain's songs playing etc and people were still streaming in after 8 , justifying our reputation as very bad timekeepers. I sat with my friend's daughter and my other 2 friends sat together at the other side (for some reason although i bought all four tickets together, they split us up two by two). There was this makcik duduk sebelah I , I asked her if she was a fan she said Not so much. (Tapi later masa show start dia terlebeh excited heheh)

By 8.30 the stage was STILL dark!! We were all wondering when it was going to start...we guessed that the delay had something to do with the fact that the VIP were not there yet. Aiyoo can't they be on time??? Isn't it embarrassing to keep other people waiting? Huh? Huh, hubby? (eh terselit pulak)


And finally!the MCs came out...Fitri TV3 and Wardina. Both very articulate...but sometimes competing sapa nak cakap...who was to speak first. Oh my gawd first they thanked the sponsors at least a gazillion time! But I guess they were supposed to do that. Fitri cracked the joke "if maherzain were to wear a headscarf he would look like you" which the audience laughed at...Wardina pun pura pura upset lah. ha ha. Wardina looked lovely in her champagne colour flowing flowing material. They worked well together (they should, they present MHI every morning don't they) and they also talked about choices that we make- some made the choice to see Adam and we made the choice of Maher.. he he.[ I was texting someone who was at Adam's concert and she said Adam was also late...masuk je malaysia tukar nama- Adam Lambat! hahahahaha! ]


I digress..sorry.. After that they called out the fantastic Nasyid team Inteam ..whose vocal prowess was so amazing tht I thought it was actually mimed..Inteam spoke about something spiritual etc I can't remember sorry. They sang 2 songs . One was Urdu song ! They were pretty cute too. (ish tak sedar diri mak orang nih ye- just an objective observation...he he!)

Then FitriWardina came out again, talked a bit about how Maher really loves Malaysia , and how Maher went to see the Raudhatus Sakina's centres for unwed moms...etc.


Then they invited AISHAH out!! wooott! Aishah has been my favourite singer ever since she sang the very meaningful song that start out with :Masih tiada ikatan...walau telah lama berpasangan....(I dedicated this to the boyfriend long ago - it must have worked cause he quickly merisik after that he he so I have a lot to thank Aishah for) Anyway this Aishah was now in muslimah dressing and the MCs mentioned that she sewed all the beads on her outfit and it took her 15 hours! Muslimah but NOT dowdy hokeh!

And she did not disappoint, her voice prowess was still amazing. She sings alternative muslim songs now and her song about her child brought tears to my eyes..serious.!


Then the band members of MaherZain people came out...audience so dah excited..tapi stage masih gelap lagiiiii.....ada clip about Raudhatussakina work..they work with unmarried mothers...and try to change them so that they are not such slaves to their stupidity, to their basic insticts, to their family abandoning them...etc .[Hmmm... I wonder if there is a house for GATAL BOYS THAT MAKE GIRLS PREGNANT,. Ada tak?? I rasa you must treat both sides of the problem betul tak. How about with "IF THE GIRL SAYS NO SHE MEANS NO, IDIOT" campaign and the "YES YOU CAN GET PREGNANT FROM THE FIRST TIME" campaign? And I think it's no longer the time to treat this JUST spiritually, you must make it first priority to FIND THE FATHER lepas tu I suggest a register of fathers of children born out of wedlock , and this record is going to be on your CV forever and affect you in your career. How about JAIL sentence ? I mean,I'm sure those raging hormones would be quickly cooled! ]

oopps digress again!


Then FitriWardina came out and got ready to call in Maher...and before they called in the Man, some ceramah (begging actually) about NO FILMING Please and no flash photography..i thought it was a bit much to hear wardina going If you love Maher you would not do x y and z. And basically appealing to our better nature lah..Not that it worked, since the minute the Man came out A LOT OF PEOPLE started to take video and flash photos! Bugged me no end because I'm such a rule follower.

Then..jeng jeng jeng!!! THE MAN CAME WALKING OUT !!


Whoot..! He started to sing and sorry I dont know this arabic song...and when he ended he smiled at us and he said tonight he wanted us to have FUN. Children who came with parents, relax he said because he wants them to have fun!! He was dressed in the usual cream colour jacket and the cap. Tak panas ke anda Maher?? Weren't you hot? (weren't you hot, not you were hot ok)

AND MAHER WAS FANTASTIC (BUT) summarise the next hmm...hour, he quickly sang 10 songs one after the other..interspersed by requests turned desperate appeal for us to show him some love by clapping our hands and also singing along. Unfortunately he is in Malaysia, his audience included ustazah and ustaz and there were not that many clapping going on. the lady next to me were of course excited, as was I (I felt bad for him) and we were clapping away but then after a while kita pun rasa malu sbb orang lain dah tak tepuk ha ha. Maher did say I'm not convinced! Clap your hands until they're bleeding or something to that effect...heh heh

The voice control were ok, but I think singing 10 songs straight took the toll ( I saw newsreport say he was only supposed to sing 5) ...and I think it would have been better if he had taken a break in between and given us some commentary on the songs he chose...after all this is muslim songs praising god and telling us to not despair etc., cannot sing that kind of song and the only thing you say in between is clap your hands..right?? or am I too old he he he . He looked like he wanted to interact more but I think the darn VIPs were distracting him, cause they must have been what he saw from the stage kan..he couldn't even go down as there were dumb guys blocking his path with their camera. Yang kelakar sekali for me was when he said everyone must clap and he said "You the one who's filming, must also clap" hahahahahha..sapa lah mamat tu..sure kena "eject" dengan the bouncer sebab baruuu tadi wardinafitri kata NO filiming.

All in all an ok show...but could be friends said his pitching lari....I tak perasan. I loved his song Barakallah and Insyallah.. He said he loved Malaysia...what's not to love, we were so lovely to him too he he he


I balik so lambat.12 .30 kot..dah lak tu pagi pukul 5 kena bangun..penat penat...but once in a lifetime experience he he!

Maher Zain- on the way

We had tickets to MaherZain concert last Thursday. 'I had never heard of this guy, then this friend of mine said hey there's this alternative muslim singer singing inspirational songs, and she gave me the cd. (or did I buy, cant remember). Anyway she kept me constantly updated on his activities, often calling me to tell me he would be in the states, he was now in australia etc. and then one day she said to check out his fb, and lo and behold, he was coming over! So i bought tickets and was surprised to find out they were all sold out within the week that they were advertised in FB! I mean, I didn't even see any advert in the papers or anything

ANYWAY! so Thursday finally came. I had a meeting in kajang and rushed home to get another friend. My bad luck of all days , there was a massive JAM on the road, at 4.30 pm?? It was because a CAR had CAUGHT FIRE , how inconsiderate kan he he. The jam was caused by the cars slowing down (or parking tepi terus!) to watch this car blazing like a bonfire.

My friend was waiting at Adni school - school came out the same time I arrived and all my kids saw me and all jumped in the car, with the exeption of Sara and Yaya who had their media class that day On the way home i got a call from Makcik Bus saying Yaya is crying because she DIDN'T have her media class that day and she saw me pulling out of the school car park and I have to go and get her . I told her sorry lah ...boleh tak you balik lah with the van...I was almost home..Nangis dia ..sedeyyynya...

Anyway lepas asar we left for Shah Alam, thank god for Duke highway is what I say because we got there in about 40 mins. We then had to find friend navigated and we made it to ....the stadium malawati. ceh, ingat kan pandai..heheheh

Finally after circling Shah Alam a few times, we landed at MBSA. Trying to find the car park took us around two more times. We joked that God did not want us to go see Maher. He he. Our other friend kept calling to check where we were. In the end she waited for us at SACCMall . We on the other hand, kept passing this lady who was waiting by the stairs of MBSA for her husband, We asked her once to direct us to the car park, the second time we passed her, she stopped us to tell us more earnestly how EASY it was (since we were just THERE!!) and she must have thought us such MORONS to have NOT seen the entrance. I told her if she noticed us passing her for the 3rd time, could she please ignore us?? he he he.

Ok we parked, and very near the lift. It was half 6. Show was to start at 8 ha ha. So early! But, there were allready girls arriving, semuanya taking pictures with Maher's poster. We started searching for a cab to go to SACC Mall..sekali tengok hehehehe,...depan je..! It was actually JUST next to the MBSA building so we walked he he. Beriya je berangan nak tahan cab

One of myfriends nak buka posa we all makan kat ResipeRahsia cake house..ramai nye orang,crowded dah ! On the way back (it was nearly 8 ) LAAGI ramai, we ended up huffing and puffing up the stairs to where our seats were, the 3rd floor , instead of taking the lift, where loads of other fan were congregating.

There was just enough time to pray Maghrib so off we went. The good thing was, the suraU was not so crowded. The bad thing was , we had to walk quite far to reach the surau he he. Aiyoo regret habis pakai 2 inches heel man

Dah maghrib tu actually was about 5 mins away from Isyak...but because the show started at 8 we decided to pray after the show.....and that , I think , was not a good idea.!

To be continued....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Accidental Purchase

Yesterday I went to one BNI (Business Networking) meeting at Royale Bintang kat Damansara. I was substituting some one who was away on holiday. As a substitute, you basically go and represent that person, you read her 60seconds presentation for her and you eat her breakfast that she has paid for ha ha. I don't even know this person, but it's good to go visit another "chapter" (group) because (a) you get to meet more people to network with (I allready met 2) and (b) you get to see how other chapters handle their meeting.

So anyway because I was substituting for someone kan, kira tanggungjawab lah I had to make sure I was not late..I think I got up around THREE AM (baik buat sembahyang tahjud kan..I really Should go and memorise the ayat ayat) and then tak leh tidor. Slept macam ayam until about 5 and then got ready. Lepas je subuh terus cabut .. yelah I was supposed to be there at 6.30. I arrived there at 6.25. Only the president was there. I helped her set the meeting table up! Her members came sauntering in about 15mins later. I nearly got lost even though I was allready at the curve because i couldn't SEE the blooming hotel tu kat mana. Light lah the sign ke apa ke.

Anyway once there, wah got hotel breakfast lah kan. We were apparently allowed to have buffet breakfast just like guests. So apa lagi , MAKAN LAH. I had the omellete with mushrooms, I had a croissant and I had the coffee and orange juice. Actually nak lagi ambik banyak (got sausages lah, pancakes lah etc) but since I was a guest, I tak berani lah kan tunjuk perangai melantak I nih.

I did meet a lot of people. I also watched the 10 minute sales presentation the member did , (every week one member gets a chance to promote lebeh lebeh business dia)- he sells water filter etc. He also sells this thing called the Vegetable detoxifyer or as he called it, the Ozonator. The ozonator oxyginates your food etc. He said our chicken now get slaughtered at 30 days old and do we know what stuff they inject or feed the hens? And our vegetables are sprayed with insecticides , and our food is now enhanced to make them look fresh (eg fish) and how you can inject chemicals into egg yolks to make them look yellower, this is done because battery hens dont get to run around and therefore don't produce yellow egg yolks. EWW.

But then he showed the ozonator, which he had left switched on for the last 30 mins. He had put the ozonator thingy (its like a metal ball radiating ozone - ye ke??) INTO the bekas and he had dumped a chicken thigh in it. Ie, he "cleaned" the chicken piece lah. The container was bubbling away (as the ozonator introduced er..bubbles) and there was this SCUM that was left stuck to the container...which the ayam produced ..EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

He said outside selling for RM1700 but today he was selling for RM680.

So I bought it. No more hormone pumped chicken for me!! I was going to ozonate all the antibiotics/growth hormones out of all chicken/meat and all boric acid from the fish!

And I told husband, and I was very excited

And he said- oh you fell for it ye....

And basically he is now making me return it lah..he totally is NOT a believer in this. If you want to see him really annoyed, you shoud show him those MAGNETIC BRACELETS, or those AMULETS. He is against this completely. i am looking to sell. I CAN return lah, but since this is a BNI member and he even let me take the thing home (he pushed it to me) without payment (I paid him 100bucks though) I feel shy lah. Sister in law said ok tapi tengok lah...

But actually....I think its good...He he

After the meeting, I was so tempted to go to IKEA or the Curve..I very rarely venture there due to the CROWDS...but this was 10 am ona weekday and the place was virtually empty..nantilah I take leave JUST to go visit the Curve. Ha ha! Balik office around 12 ..sbb I stopped by to the Siam massage place...for days I had hurt my back and I still remember the way it seized up last 2 months, kenalah urut. The lady told me I was snoring away..hahahahha what do you expect, I got up at 3 maaahhh!!

TODAY , I'm looking forward to MAHER ZAINN~!!!!

And happy birthday MAIZURAAA!!! Mwah mwah!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

About the accident

By now I think most of us have read about the MASSIVE BUS ACCIDENT In the Malacca NS border..the pics are there in FB....gory gory pics that will NEVER see the light of day on mainstream media...with decapitated corpse and headless victims..actually these are the pictures that SHOULD make the we all know that :

(a) we are mortal

(b) we are fragile

(3.1) we can die at ANY time

(4) it aint gonna be pretty.

Moral of the story is : Wear nice underwear.

No of course its not, moral of the story is...sentiasa be ready for death. But that is too macabre- what then, should we take away from this?? Never take the bus?? No , I think my friend Putri got it right ..YELL , SHOUT and VOICE OUT to the driver if you don't like the way he is driving, or if his constant YAWNING is bothering you , or if the way he keeps scratching his ear and then looking at his nails to avoid sleeping, SCARES the HECK out of you. TELL THE GUY!

But then kan Putri, this is Malaysia, we are Malaysians , who never speak up (not one of the subjects taught in school what) so we need another way to tell the driver this. Perhaps we can have a HONK on the side. Anytime we feel the driver is driving dangerously, we can PRESS THIS HONK and ONLY HE CAN HEAR IT.. Because it would of course be totally unkind to wake other sleeping passengers we should fit the driver with an ELECTRICAL THING to make sure he will either be JOLTED Awake, or he cannot sleep.

Of course, at the root of it is the company. Company cannot lah keep sending drivers out if they are (a) just back from another trip (b) have not eaten (c) are on medication (d) etc . I mean, is it worth it?? However, the sad thing is the driver of THIS Bus seem to be clean with no previous record of speeding etc. But, no record does not mean never speed. Kan kan kan??

The strangest thing is, the blinking road is STRAIGHT- You are on the blinking HIGHWAY. There are no slow lorries to overtake (like in the olden days when we used to travel to Tg Malim via the old road, kejap kejap nak overtake and my dad would drive in the face of a HUGE ON COMING LORRY - ok!!) now, there is no excuse of that, you are safely on a road where everyone DRIVES IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Apa ke hal tiba tiba you want to GO TO THE OTHER LANE?? want to jazz it up or what??? Thinking that you are a S plated bus or what?? Trying to take over that annoying S plated car , that could be it. Quote from the Star today: "Checks at the accident scene also showed 20m skid marks belonging to the ill-fated bus before it crashed into the guardrail.

Kong said his officers were also baffled over what caused the accident as it occured along a straight stretch."

Agaknya supernatural causes?? you think?? What else???I mean, there is just NO excuse for an accident on the highway when you think about it!!

And yet we hear about the buses and we hear about the accidents and we hear about the pile up...And they become fodder for me, material for me to rehash to Husband when he thinks 160kmper hour is ok . I may be sleeping ok daddy but my internal speedometre knows when the car is more than 130kmph and I will WAKE UP and then you will HEAR THESE STATISTICS...

Takziah, kepada keluarga mangsa....condolences....and its not an easy fact to accept so I won't say bersabar...but on the other hand...bersabar...takdir Allah SWT...

And for the rest of us...we never know when its OUR time.

So wear nice underwear.

The Spaceboy is a husband

The Wedding of the Year! Did you catch it?? I was half entertaining the idea of going over to see the nikah, after all, he DID invite us (albeit not specifically he he)..but takda keje lah. Although...he did work for hubbs a long time ago. he he!

Anyway! Wasn't it grand?? I liked the 2 of them together, they looked so good together. But I thought they were too animated for a couple that was going to end their bachelorhood days. My mom once told me off for smiling too much at my own wedding! Had to make sure looked demure..control macho lah katakan..heheh! Ni sengeh sikit lah PUNYA besar! She was beaming and grinning away!

But then again, if I bagged the Astronaut negara I pun tersengeh kot..hehehe- some more instant datin kan.

At first I thought, kawin je lah senyap senyap, nak announce satu dunia kenapa...then I realised, his going to space was such an achievement for us, that I guess we should make his wedding cost just as much! He he he

I like the wedding actually, it looked really natural and not OVER. It did feel like a family wedding. At times I felt like the couple was performing ikut script and looked wooden, but then again, don't all couples who have to sit up there on the dais and be watched by the guests, actually perform? By the time you get up there, you've allready endured the drama about clothes, setting, food etc - the amount of organisation would have been enormous and the last thing I would feel like doing would be to give my husband or wife loving glances (although I think she did send some his way- wondering if he managed any loving gazes her way?) . I caught him ordering her- SEMBAH! oh dear oh dear, baru kawin dah boleh perintah ke. But she continued smiling and obeyed. Definitely wifely type. Kalau I dah JELING dah he he.

And here we were thinking he was batting for the other side kan, kawin gak year dapat baby ok DrSheikh! I wonder how long is he going to continue this job as a former spaceman ye? I know he did a great deed , going over for the country, enduring what he had to endure, etc, but after 3 years, what ye? Back to being an ortho doc?

SATU JE NAK KOMEN! I baru tahu the lady MC (who dated the Astronaut no 2) cant' speak English well! Apa hal perspection???? Cringe...but the good t hing is, it was over fast! heheheh...I lagi suka si Fitri tu...

Ok then bye bye!

Friday, October 08, 2010

K teganu

Yesterday was a plane train automobile day. I am too old for this kind of living he he. Got up at 3 and by 4 cab was here. by half four we're off to the land of Keropoklekor.At nearly 6 arrived at LCCT. Checked in, only had one laptop and a bag of documents, and then after prayers, had breakfast- nasi lemak dimsum and coffee for ENAMBELAS RINGGIT ok. And then went to wait to board. Got sms from client asking me status. Since client felt it was ok to sms me at 6 am I felt it was ok to CALL said client. He wanted an update. I set a meeting this coming Tuesday.

Finally allowed to go in. Plane quite full. Had to walk to the very very the last spot for the plane. Took my time instead of competing with the kiasu people- you are not going to get there any earlier , mate! On plane, had 2 guys next to me. One was actually v friendly, and was going there to submit tender docs.

Got picked up by clients that im meeting, who then got down to the most important part of the day- BREAKFAST. Hahahah they took me for nasi dagang, right in front of their office. I was yakking away and before you know it it was 11 and they then took me to buy some keropok lekor (fish crackers?) a local delicacy not to be missed in Terengganu. I couldn't get a lot because I didn't think I was going to be shopping so I didn't bring any extra bags! As it was the keropok I got was squashed between the docs and my telekung. Boy I need more time!

Then rushed to the airport . Rushed through check in praying that they would not notice how my bag was heavy suddenly. Then ...delay ! From 1.10 to 4 p.m, we waited for the plane to be fixed..something about leakages?? Anyway...glad to be flying home finally.Although I did make 2 new friends, one a litigation lawyer and one was a director of the Cooperatives commission who gave me some good business ideas. Tried to work but pc died and handphone died so gave up.

Arrived in KL LCCT airport. Darn the way out was sooo far and SOO HOT. NO aircond kan, whine whine. Told you Im too spoiled and too old for AirAsi*a. Then bought a Sky bus ticket (as the cabs queue was long) and took a bus to KLSentral. Met this banker from Kuching who was here to meet friends and we had fun watching the driver try not to fall ASLEEP. Boy he was yawning from LCCT all the way to town.

In KL Sentral at last, then what?? limited battery meant could not call hubby and he did not reply to my question whether or not he was picking me up. Decided to get the LRT and amazingly was not so sardine like...then got his sms saying he was on the way to KLSentral...borrowed total stranger's handphone (very nice woman,thank you Ng!) and got a shelling for not calling him earlier . Then went home in a cab...then crashed out

Today again im up at 3 plus. Im n ot that busy, Im just totally bad at time management! Right?? I have BNI meeting in about 1 hour. Signing at 9 adn another one at 10.30. YIKES help! And at night cousin getting married as well as my japanese class.

Ok then see you guys later...Im off to take a shower.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


What a boring belia post the last p ost was ek???

Hmm no idea.. am in a boringbelia mood/

kenot sleep////

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Missing my brothers.

Last weekend I went to see my brother, Sa*iful. I am very close to my brothers. I'm not close in the sense that I see them every weekend. Or even every other weekend. I'm not close in the sense that we go for dinners and celebrate each other's birthday (that could be because my dad thinks birthdays are a western invention designed to corrupt the minds of people, which, between you and me, I secretly think is just an excuse to let him watch Golf on Astro rather than go out to dinner) . I'm not even close in the sense that I talk to them every day. Boy, doesn't sound like I'm that close to them huh?

But I know if I call them they will try to come or do what I have asked (decreed, rather) from them. I know if I need money I can ask them and if I need ANY favour they'll try to help. I know that they know they can count on me to do the same. And yes you still owe me money Mr Brother no x and x. And yes we ALL owe mom money kan, tak malu tol. I know that they can babysit my brood (I love that they can and have!) I owe Saiful (and AIda! and Zu and Epa! And Atie! ) many many dinners yet to be repaid for the way they entertained my kids when husband and I gallavanted to the States, and to Japan, and to Phuket (although Johan came along in the form of a 4 month foetus - he counts this as his trip abroad ha ha) .

I know, if mom or dad is annoyed, or even if I am annoyed, I can just pick up the phone , and tell them. I can whack their head, theoretically, if I think they are being bossy/annoying/rude etc. I can say, "Hoit, Pol, can you see Mom and Dad more or not??? You kan first boy, no matter how much I do she will still wait for that attention/hadiah/money from you and she appreciates it like GILER can you please do this?? Otherwise mom is going to think that you are being controlled by your wife who by the way we all love and adore (and not because of this blog he he) but also who must be careful that she is not blamed by Mom and Dad for you not coming over - busy giler ke? Kalah CEO ni! PI BALIK JUMPA MOMMY!"

Mom and dad love to visit him though, and if they don't go visit my parents, my parents would drive to see him. AND THEY DON'T SEE ME PUN sob sob. Their excuse is that I'm forever BUSY.

Then there's that Brother no 3 who at this moment can do no wrong simply because he is away in Ireland and not around to DO any wrong. Mom and Dad are flying over to see them next month and help them out with the babysitting situation - they are both doctors with a 2 year old boy Jood and there is no nursery care that they can reasonably afford which fit into their busy schedules so the alternative is to have someone come over from Malaysia. I would do it except I'm needed at the office ha ha.. I am tempted to say (and have said to Mom) how do OTHER Parents with jobs as doctors do it?? Takkan mommy nak kena pergi kot?? For FIVE MONTHS!!???" but on the other hand, they are really in need regardless of the fact that other couples may have successfully overcome it, and anyway it's good for mom and dad to get away for a while but ADEK TAKE CARE OF MOM and DO NOT MAKE HER DO A LOT OF WORK OK??? I do not want her to be a second bibik, whether or not intentionally or not, although knowing my mom she will voluntarily do all the stuff. My sister in law no 3 is not a slouch in the housecleaning dept and quite rajin, but still , she's a busy intern, so I suspect mom may try to over do things. I'm getting used to having my brother no 3 married with a wife and a son, and a young wife , quite dependent on him like I was on hubby(and sadly , still am- forever) ha ha ha- she is lovely and I seriously hope she doesn't mind being expected to take second place when dad is around.

The closeness I claim to have with my brothers lie in my belief that I can say anything to them anytime. Of course, I have to say that I'm a lot more reticent with my brothers now that they are married, but I still think we should be able to communicate , say, if mom and dad thinks they are not home enough or things like that or if they are being annoying or they have offended relatives etc or their behaviours are basically NOT appropriate etc etc, THAT's my measurement of how close we are. I know this is not applicable for every family. Some treat each other very formally. Some don't talk to each other much, except for Raya. Some would confide in friends rather than family. Some don't even know the insides of their brother/sisters' house. Some terkecik hati (offended) over something that happened eons ago that probably had been forgotten by the offender ...some tak cakap langsung and hold conversations in their head (one way)

To them my gut reaction is : WHY LAAA you waste so much emotion and time???? GO LAH TELL YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HOW YOU FEEL!! If they are younger than you, KETUK KEPALA depa sikit, (theoretically lah) . WHY ARE YOU WALKING ON EGGSHELLS with YOUR OWN FAMILY?? Ask for apology if they are wrong, offer an apology if You are wrong, listen to their stories, tell them yours. Act as if they are your friend lah. Tell them what you think, and get it OFF YOUR CHEST! They are still people, and maybe they will realise that YOU ARE TOO! And that they should treat YOU with respect just as they treat their colleagues, or friends.! Tak yah laaaa keep in the heart. tell je. Whether or not they agree or whether or not they will react negatively etc- WHO CARES???? In a few short years, you are going to DIE and then WHO'S going to look after your KIDS??? hehehehhee.

So be nice to your family - ! Although sometimes, its a lost cause....but DON'T give up!! Try je!!! BELASAH je!!

And having said that...I will now call my brother.....heheheh

Monday, October 04, 2010

Itu ini, this and that

Another mad weekend but not so much, as was demam.....

Saturday had a reunion with people from the previous previous previous work place...nice that we still keep in touch...the bond between the gals is strong..probably because the boss was such a -er - character. (think: Devil wears Prada) . I am very sentimental about that job because it was my first, after coming back from the UK. The lady boss was very nice, yet very fussy and very good at making people love her and think bad thoughts about her at the same time. She was the type of boss who , when she called, would strike such fear and anxiety into normally strong people's hearts. She was not that much older than most of her staff, yet when she came in everyone quaked. Not that many can call her by her first name, and she ordered us about to do the most ridiculous things..! And we all did it! Such a pity she did not join politics...she would be the Prime Minister by now ha ha - Jokes aside, I was quite traumatised actually and only in recent years have I felt free of that same feeling of apprehension when I hear her name! I quit because I found myself NOT wanting to go into work and dreading every day. We were car pooling and husband found me not wanting to go to work ,maaaacam budak darjah satu.

Actually, I quit the second job because of that too. The work got sooooooo monotonous that I was dreading going in and husband said ENOUGH lah. I could see due diligences upon due diligences lined up ahead ....Life is too short to be at a place where you SO do not enjoy yourself. I had a reunion with THOSE girls as well- we are still close. Women don't find work places, I guess, they find a social network.

Semalam I was sooooo unwell..felt like my head would explode. And yet had to go to house no 1, and house no 2 and house no 3. While being cranky. and ill. So much so that i was not very nice to Husband, merajuk dengan dia sbb I thought he was very bossy. There was this indian chap who came to the house wanting to cut the grass and I said ok and tibatiba husband said NO and he was very firm about it and turned the guy away. He said he wants to let the usual boy do it . Well I took offence since I had allready said OK. Don't I get to make decisions as well??? And off I went thinking that he doesn't value my opinion bla bla bla and senget lah sampai malam and sedeh lah jugak ...merajuk and tak nak lah kawan..tapi dia buat tak tau je so last last I explained lah why I was merajuk (maaacam dia perasan) . And he said actually that Indian guy had come three times allready and he had allready said NO so when I said ok he was very iritated with that guy. Laaa couldn't he not tell me this BEFORE I got all emo?? Had I known I would have kicked this kid's bum off my premises myself. The cheek of the guy!

Yesterday also husband said we (me?) have been extravagant...husband said I should STOP looking at airasia and MAS and telling him about how cheap it is to go to this place or that place...and he knows Tokyo is just launched recently by Airasia but we should be saving...there's so much to pay for...and so on and so forth...ok ok ok saya menurut perintah dear. (Alaaaaaaaahhhh! travel is my secret vice camana?) Look look only maaah...cannot hurt what...and have I really been extravagant(thinks of the secret skin care and the gadget that I just bought and my new Tedbaker glasses- errrr)

Anyway we are fine now..we never fight for long...cause I will him with my mind to say sorry first ha ha ha and if he doesn't I will have to say sorry - apa apa lah as long as I get back my bolster ha ha ha- have to make peace somehow kan!

On the kids front. well, Johan was a happy bunny yesterday since one of the houses we went to was my brother's and he met his best friend and cousin Yasser,. and immediately proceeded to tear the house down. My son is such a senonoh belia kind of kid, until he sees another boy and then he would just be an 8 year old boy. That's why I don't mind having other kids around..encourages his boyness to come out ! Love him to bits, my johan. Everyone came along except for Kaklong who has to study for her URKSSSS - PMR!! Ya allah, give her the success that she deserves, and give her the best results she can possibly get, amin. She was telling me her class had a "blessing" ceremony where they all say whatever grievances they have against each other so that they are free from whatever grouses they had during the year..awwww...that's one of the great things about this school- they are soo touchy feely.

OH OH OH!! Im going to see MAHER ZAIN by the way dont lah jeleeeesss. Ok for those who are not aware..youare not aware lah. for those who are, this guy had NO press publicity yet all the 2500 tickets were sold out. of course, Im taking a client and friend and also her friend. and her friend's daughter. (man, i gotta get some solid work to pay for all these entertaining maaannn! No wonder husband thinks I'm extravagant he he) . The office where I picked up the tickets was so crowded.!

Ok then gotta sign off before my medicine addled brain go off tangent again!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Whine Whine moan moan moan

Oh dear. it has just dawned on me that my baby whom I delivered in the cool season of er- August, in that kampung hospital in Chelmsford- is going to be sitting for her PMR.

To be continued...mummy has to go to Putrajaya for signing...

UPdate: ok back . Drove like mad mad mad to get to PJ in half an hour. Sampai sampai directors tengah relax relax makan , siap ajak I makan sekali..terimakaseh!! Ayam goreng style padang (yang ada bumbu bumbu tu - apa namanye?) and tertel daging lembu - MY FAVOURITE! anyway lepas tu berkajang kajang sign documents, lepas tu balik and of course lah dari PUtrajaya I nak cepat so I ikut signs to KLCC - hampeh betol ..sapa lah malaun yang buat road signs should be shot...ya lah you can get to KLCC- if you dont mind spending an hour and thru Sg Besi, the Mines and segalanya. The way it just boldly says "KLCC" , it's as if it s' near kan???

Anyway back to the most important thing- my daughter's PMR----- This is the exam she has to take in Senior year (Ie when she is 15) . She seems to be fine pressure fact as at this moment she is with her friend visiting a teacher who has been hospitalised. Semalam she slept in my room the whole night.

Update 2: sorry lah this post is not finishing nampaknye is it?? I went for Japanese class yesterday. I'm a bit frustrated because cikgu takdalah encourage kitorang nak kelas ni sedikit boring. orang nye macam straight je and takdalah joke joke..i think i nak go back to the previous cikgu lah adalah nak suruh kita berbual. Apa gunanya kalau tak practise kan..nak practise dengan adek I manyak sangat komen dia, ni tak betul lah, intonasi lain lah, pic lari lah....maleh terus! One thing though... I balik pukul 9.30 malam and terus feel macam sakit kepala! moan moan moan whine whine whine...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...