Monday, October 11, 2010

About the accident

By now I think most of us have read about the MASSIVE BUS ACCIDENT In the Malacca NS border..the pics are there in FB....gory gory pics that will NEVER see the light of day on mainstream media...with decapitated corpse and headless victims..actually these are the pictures that SHOULD make the we all know that :

(a) we are mortal

(b) we are fragile

(3.1) we can die at ANY time

(4) it aint gonna be pretty.

Moral of the story is : Wear nice underwear.

No of course its not, moral of the story is...sentiasa be ready for death. But that is too macabre- what then, should we take away from this?? Never take the bus?? No , I think my friend Putri got it right ..YELL , SHOUT and VOICE OUT to the driver if you don't like the way he is driving, or if his constant YAWNING is bothering you , or if the way he keeps scratching his ear and then looking at his nails to avoid sleeping, SCARES the HECK out of you. TELL THE GUY!

But then kan Putri, this is Malaysia, we are Malaysians , who never speak up (not one of the subjects taught in school what) so we need another way to tell the driver this. Perhaps we can have a HONK on the side. Anytime we feel the driver is driving dangerously, we can PRESS THIS HONK and ONLY HE CAN HEAR IT.. Because it would of course be totally unkind to wake other sleeping passengers we should fit the driver with an ELECTRICAL THING to make sure he will either be JOLTED Awake, or he cannot sleep.

Of course, at the root of it is the company. Company cannot lah keep sending drivers out if they are (a) just back from another trip (b) have not eaten (c) are on medication (d) etc . I mean, is it worth it?? However, the sad thing is the driver of THIS Bus seem to be clean with no previous record of speeding etc. But, no record does not mean never speed. Kan kan kan??

The strangest thing is, the blinking road is STRAIGHT- You are on the blinking HIGHWAY. There are no slow lorries to overtake (like in the olden days when we used to travel to Tg Malim via the old road, kejap kejap nak overtake and my dad would drive in the face of a HUGE ON COMING LORRY - ok!!) now, there is no excuse of that, you are safely on a road where everyone DRIVES IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Apa ke hal tiba tiba you want to GO TO THE OTHER LANE?? want to jazz it up or what??? Thinking that you are a S plated bus or what?? Trying to take over that annoying S plated car , that could be it. Quote from the Star today: "Checks at the accident scene also showed 20m skid marks belonging to the ill-fated bus before it crashed into the guardrail.

Kong said his officers were also baffled over what caused the accident as it occured along a straight stretch."

Agaknya supernatural causes?? you think?? What else???I mean, there is just NO excuse for an accident on the highway when you think about it!!

And yet we hear about the buses and we hear about the accidents and we hear about the pile up...And they become fodder for me, material for me to rehash to Husband when he thinks 160kmper hour is ok . I may be sleeping ok daddy but my internal speedometre knows when the car is more than 130kmph and I will WAKE UP and then you will HEAR THESE STATISTICS...

Takziah, kepada keluarga mangsa....condolences....and its not an easy fact to accept so I won't say bersabar...but on the other hand...bersabar...takdir Allah SWT...

And for the rest of us...we never know when its OUR time.

So wear nice underwear.


MrsNordin said...

Nordin is driving down to JB this morning. I worry for him. I hope he wears nice underwear... hee hee!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

Kak Shila,
I too cannot sleep whenever hubby drives outstation together.I would somehow be alert even in my dreams I can see myself saying to hubby slow down pls,then if he suddenly breaks I will shout ALLAHUAKBAR.takutnya.we now always try to baca doa naik kenderaan(the task is thrust upon my eldest..hehe..i sendiri tak hapal lagi)and keep keep reminding hubby tolong la drive slower.the thing is, i pun drive laju, but mulut ni non-stop baca ayat kursi ke istighfar coz I want to drive fast (bukan over speed limit but I hate road hogs on the right lane-my aunty is one of them!hahahahha).i know ajal is di tangan tuhan tapi taknak la meninggal dlm keadaan macam tu.
I think maybe too ada supernatural causes, mana kita tahu..hanya Allah yg tahu.
Let's all be cautious pls.
ps:glam la letak my name dlm ur post.hahahahha...

KG said...

nice underwear...i shall remember tt...kang lain pulak ceritanya!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Tell Nordin speeding boleh tahanlagi, tapi Nordin should NOT sleep at the wheel, so you should not be kacauing him before he goes ok! he heheheh

Superwomanwannabe said...

Putri this case, memang malang tak berbau sbb myvi tu terkena hempap dengan bas dari the OTHER lane

So i rasa...can speed as long as you follo the slow lane -ie orang dari opp lane kalau termasuk your lane pun dia akan kena yang paling dekat dia je if you slo lane you jauh lah kiranye...

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