Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Accidental Purchase

Yesterday I went to one BNI (Business Networking) meeting at Royale Bintang kat Damansara. I was substituting some one who was away on holiday. As a substitute, you basically go and represent that person, you read her 60seconds presentation for her and you eat her breakfast that she has paid for ha ha. I don't even know this person, but it's good to go visit another "chapter" (group) because (a) you get to meet more people to network with (I allready met 2) and (b) you get to see how other chapters handle their meeting.

So anyway because I was substituting for someone kan, kira tanggungjawab lah I had to make sure I was not late..I think I got up around THREE AM (baik buat sembahyang tahjud kan..I really Should go and memorise the ayat ayat) and then tak leh tidor. Slept macam ayam until about 5 and then got ready. Lepas je subuh terus cabut .. yelah I was supposed to be there at 6.30. I arrived there at 6.25. Only the president was there. I helped her set the meeting table up! Her members came sauntering in about 15mins later. I nearly got lost even though I was allready at the curve because i couldn't SEE the blooming hotel tu kat mana. Light lah the sign ke apa ke.

Anyway once there, wah got hotel breakfast lah kan. We were apparently allowed to have buffet breakfast just like guests. So apa lagi , MAKAN LAH. I had the omellete with mushrooms, I had a croissant and I had the coffee and orange juice. Actually nak lagi ambik banyak (got sausages lah, pancakes lah etc) but since I was a guest, I tak berani lah kan tunjuk perangai melantak I nih.

I did meet a lot of people. I also watched the 10 minute sales presentation the member did , (every week one member gets a chance to promote lebeh lebeh business dia)- he sells water filter etc. He also sells this thing called the Vegetable detoxifyer or as he called it, the Ozonator. The ozonator oxyginates your food etc. He said our chicken now get slaughtered at 30 days old and do we know what stuff they inject or feed the hens? And our vegetables are sprayed with insecticides , and our food is now enhanced to make them look fresh (eg fish) and how you can inject chemicals into egg yolks to make them look yellower, this is done because battery hens dont get to run around and therefore don't produce yellow egg yolks. EWW.

But then he showed the ozonator, which he had left switched on for the last 30 mins. He had put the ozonator thingy (its like a metal ball radiating ozone - ye ke??) INTO the bekas and he had dumped a chicken thigh in it. Ie, he "cleaned" the chicken piece lah. The container was bubbling away (as the ozonator introduced er..bubbles) and there was this SCUM that was left stuck to the container...which the ayam produced ..EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

He said outside selling for RM1700 but today he was selling for RM680.

So I bought it. No more hormone pumped chicken for me!! I was going to ozonate all the antibiotics/growth hormones out of all chicken/meat and all boric acid from the fish!

And I told husband, and I was very excited

And he said- oh you fell for it ye....

And basically he is now making me return it lah..he totally is NOT a believer in this. If you want to see him really annoyed, you shoud show him those MAGNETIC BRACELETS, or those AMULETS. He is against this completely. i am looking to sell. I CAN return lah, but since this is a BNI member and he even let me take the thing home (he pushed it to me) without payment (I paid him 100bucks though) I feel shy lah. Sister in law said ok tapi tengok lah...

But actually....I think its good...He he

After the meeting, I was so tempted to go to IKEA or the Curve..I very rarely venture there due to the CROWDS...but this was 10 am ona weekday and the place was virtually empty..nantilah I take leave JUST to go visit the Curve. Ha ha! Balik office around 12 ..sbb I stopped by to the Siam massage place...for days I had hurt my back and I still remember the way it seized up last 2 months, kenalah urut. The lady told me I was snoring away..hahahahha what do you expect, I got up at 3 maaahhh!!

TODAY , I'm looking forward to MAHER ZAINN~!!!!

And happy birthday MAIZURAAA!!! Mwah mwah!!!


Anonymous said...

Shila, is the massage place at the curve? how much does it cost? I badly need a massage. What do you think about the vacuum cleaner that costs about 7K and uses water to clean the house? My brother has it, macam bagus je..


LifeBloom said...

Aww - Thanks Shils!! Been humming Maher's tunes ALL day...hehe.See ya there!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

For Kak Jah,
i think kak shila ada la that vacuum cleaner.i think she bought it for less than 7k ..betul tak kak shila?i think u bought it fr a door to door salesman.betul tak?heheh..i remember i think u bought sometime last year..hehe..shld i be reading something else other than ur blog?hehhehehe...:)
mana update on maher zain..cepat la..ehehhe

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