Aida's wedding

My dearest cousin Aida is married!

I was able to watch her go from being single, to being someone's wife on Friday, despite it being a work day and a Friday! I arrived and she was allready in the bridal room, with her friends all around her. I had to give her a big hug, it was such a big thing to me that Aida is getting married, after knowing what she went through and the kind of person she had pinned her hopes on and what that nogoodloser did to her (im obviously not over this ha ha) We told her time and time again that she will only find true love once she gives herself a chance and let go of the parasite on her back, and amazingly we were right, once the "Im in a (dysfunctional, totally onesided giving) relationship" aura was off, she had lots of suitors a- coming. [hmm i may sound a bit bitter he he]

ANYWAY. She made a lovely bride in white...I had a small piece of advice to her..which is, no matter how modern you are, or how upset you are , always always give your husband face - and never make him feel small. He needs to feel he is worthy to lead you and the family on the right path to jannah. Chehwaaahhh. Macam bagus kan?? Coming ffrom me whos always letering my husband..hehehehe- After that I terus felt like crying, she felt like crying, And then mom came over and mom saw her and hugged her and then mom cried and we ALL cried again...sobs sobs...we all terharu gak lah that AIDA NAK KAWIN...hehehe

Then the groom and his entourage came..I sat with Jojo behind where Aida was sitting and although I didnt know it , I was also next to the groom's mom and sister! hmm I ada ngumpat the groom ke ah? heheheh. Then the tok kadi went through some ground rules, he was pretty funny too. And then Aida's dad began the marriage process..he asked the groom something along the lines of "do you take Aida for xyz dowry" and he choked on the last part...

And I bawled!!! (insidelah, I can't bawl publicly can I) and it was a touching moment. I think he felt relieved that his daughter is finally married and to a nice guy too! So different from that other person who wasted everyone's time!

They were now husband and wife! And then they went to the stage (pelamin) where he put on the ring on her finger...officially her husband now.

Happy endings DO happen! heh heh heh!

Aida..jangan diva diva ok dengan husband...takbaik...jangan emo emo ok...always remember temper tantrums are fine - if you are three.

(although kalau tak jalan gak, a good temper tantrum followed by a burst of loud crying always works ha ha)


MrsNordin said…
I don't really know her but I've heard her stories from you. And like you, when I saw her on Saturday, I pun rasa macam nak nangis. And I did shed a tear or two because I could see how happy she was.

Ahh... just like what you always said, "You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince charming, J.."
I cry too at akad nikah esp for fathers who really loves their daughters give them touching.I think it also reminds me that my father didn't give me away at my wedding;he passed away when I was 16.
then in Johor, the bride has to read this very long taklik I think.I was choking with sadness when I read them.emo kan?what to do, the words stung me hard;all about the wife's responsibility and the husbands too.sedih.anyway, I love weddings esp kalau the pengantin cantik & groom segak.hahaha..bias!
Mrs N- yeahh and she kissed the King of Toads so she deserved a real Prince..hehehe - Thank you so much for coming over - meant a lot to her,and to me!
Putri..sedihnya I ...

I know what you mean..the ceramah thanking mak and abah adn promising to do good to the husband..aiyoo if ada masa aida kawin sure banjir lah gombak tu...
jana said…
masa nak ambil gambar family dengan pengantin,maklong saya (your makngah)sibuk panggil anak-beranaknya berkumpul untuk ambil gambar nama yang utama dia panggil ialah Aida,sedangkan sipengantin itu sebenarnya ialah Aida sendiri yang memang dah tersedia duduk atas pelamin dengan khairul,Paklong sayalah orang yang paling kuat tergelak,dah biasa apa-apa pun nama aida dulu yang dipanggilkan sampai terbawa-bawa masa itu,saya tersenyum tengok mereka sangat bahagia.

And masa buka hadiah dia menjerit-jerit panggil saya,kak jana tengok Mrs.Nordin bagi hadiah ini,and tiba-tiba semua orang tanya siapa Mrs.Nordin :).
yes Kak Shila,
i ni ratu air mata, anything touching sure berjujuran lah air gombak would have burst its banks.heheh

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