My kids tengah periksa at this moment.

Not that you would know it, looking at them.

Yesterday I came home, to find someone on the WII, someone on the computer researching fairies pixies and no one had had their bath.

I started my lecture and eventually 2 of them sat down to do their notes and revise. I had asked them to do NOTES and study off the notes, rather than worry about the textbooks etc.

After a while one daughter showed me her notes. Wah- macam Hallmark card! Got picture, got leaves, got colour colour...

I said "THIS IS NOT NOTES!" I mean, I was quick to praise her for her diligence of course,. but seriously??? The day before the exam you do notes and your notes got KALER KALER? I told her this is the type of notes you do when you have a month before the exams, not when you have like 2 hours to bedtime and tomorrow is the exam.

And then Jojo came up crying...hooo hoooo hooo...tak tau mana letak kertas ART...and tomorrow exam ART...laaa where's that paper? Don't know.. now crying, don't know whether to bring paper, or potato, or glue or what tomorrow...hoohooo

So I called Ibraheem, SOS!! Please tell Johan what he has to bring tomorrow...nasib baik lah budak tu pun ikut bapak dia, punya lah organised (ni anak DadofSix) and can rescue Jojo...heheheheh

Today I bet if I go back they'd be outside playing badminton or something..tak panic LANGSUNG


i know patutnya i shldn't worry coz my son's only in standard 2 but the thing is, if he doesn't do well, he won't be in the top class anymore and I worry because even in the top class pun cikgu selalu mc la, join activities la and what not, what more if class bawah.bla tanya semua ok, semua tahu.adoi..hopefully they will do well in their exams.its one thing to be intelligent but its another thing whether they answer the exam questions correctly or not.
Your children pandai2 la kak shila.no need to worry.its all in their 'colorful' heads!hehehe
Shila, BJ and I met up for drinks after work tadi. At the end of the meeting, we spoke about you - the cik busy sokmo. We've missed you lah. So bila nak jumpa for lunch, chat and drinks?
Cik Puan Kamil said…
Samalah dengan budak2 kat rumah ni Superwoman oiii..... ! I hari tu punya nak gertak my son panggil bangal yang potong rumput tu suruh dia ambik my son jadi assistant dia.

Meraung je lebih pastu tak ingat punya.... Penat je bangla tu terkulat2 kat situ .... Mission tak menjadi
Alamak putri....maybe shd go talk to the teachers...kesian gak kalau 8 years old dah pressure..tapi my kids memang pandai...pandai temberang hehe
Mdm TT- must make it soon...cant have my 2 favourite girls dating without me~!
Anonymous said…
you should let your kids color color for notes, becoz research shows it helps!
Anonymous...I definitely will encourage it...not the night before though...

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