Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Wedding 1 (Updated)

I wonder if any of my relatives from my dad's side reads this blog? Takdalah, it's just that I want to tell you about the wedding of my cousin that I attended...karang tersenget lak kang..hehehe

it was a very nice wedding indeed. Actually the wedding itself took place the week before, at ParkRoyal. This cousin is the youngest daughter of my eldest uncle and his second wife. They had 2 children, the boy got married to a Hungarian last June at the age of 30 - a long awaited wedding to which we were all not invited. Wakakakah. They got married in London where they have been staying for donkey years. I nak kata donkey years tapi he arrived when WE were there, and we were quite close to him then masa dia beringus dulu. We went home, and he stayed on and worked there and now I don't think he's ever coming back lar. Wife dia pun Hungarian blonde, very nice and very humble lady. My cousin yang boy ni spitting image of his dad when my uncle was younger.. handsome. The one who got married at ParkRoyal was his sister. He only has the one "full" sister from my uncle , and two half siblings ie his mom's kids from previous marriage- but actually, hang on a minute, that's wrong right? he doesn't have one sister...Under muslim laws if you share the same father, you are full siblings and not half half adek beradek actually, Zul has hmm 4 elder sisters, 1 elder brother and 2 younger sisters!~ hambik kau! The wedding kat UK, garden concept...ada gown gown...ada wine wine..ada dress dress...bapak i tersembol gak lah matanye...heheheh

to be continued...


So anyway....the wedding.

I arrived separately from husband. I was the first one to arrive actually. BECAUSE i arrived separately ha ha. I was waiting at the entrance of the ballroom when I got the message to come down to the lobby because the entire family, all (most)dressed in maroon, were waiting there. Husband came late but at least datang. Eventually we got to sit down - I sat with the uncles and aunties..and my parents. They gave little cakes which I polished off (Lapar lar)

The wedding followed the usual formula....the doa, the prayer, the salawat, the sitting on the dais..EXCEPT! when the parents were called up they didn't spray air renjis, they took pictures instead and framed it there and then. My cousin's dress was so nice, gold and flares out like a ball gown. Another thing different about the wedding was the short film they film starring my cousin and her husband (then fiance lah kan) talking about their love, when they met, why they love each other..which was very sweet actually but corny sikit lah hahaha..the uncles pun muka selamba je tengok he he..Alah uncle when you were young lagi dashyat kan hehe..

After dinner,. the couple went back to the stage and sat down..and the song AkuCintaPadamu (Shila Majid's I love you) came on..and sound system was so good that I thought it was the real thing..Guess WAS the real thing! Shila Majid was there and she came up on stage to sing to the couple and with the couple and she made the groom sing the part of Aku cintapada mu...corny giler but nice! And tone lari etc no one cared he he. It turned out that she and the groom's mom were friends. Hmm sapa among my friends yang can take up singing ye..can sing at the kids' wedding ha ha.

The speech by the dad was nice...talked about his son and how the daughter in law has won over the family..ended up with a joke about a mouse who congratulated his brother the lion on his wedding and having other animals laugh at him for thinking he and the lion were brothers to which he replied sadly "brother, before I got married, i WAS a lion" hehehehe

I liked that.

Good wedding. left really late because the cousins and I were camwhoring..totally shameless that this was NOT our event and we were just guests at the groom's side he he- again BIASALAH TU

Byee ! Next update is Aida's wedding!


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Shila, I'm no longer shocked at seeing alcohol in events hosted by Muslims. Buka aje Tatler or Prestige or any society magazines and you akan tengok macam2 ragam orang2 kita.

I'm still puzzled why drinking/consuming alcohol is fine however eating pork is still a big no-no to most Muslims. Dua2 pun haram jugak kan.

sikecik said...

setuju ngn madam tai tai....ulama pun diam aje sbb kn control..hehe

k long...cousins2 ada je yg bc..termasuk yg x dijemput ni hah..huhuh...aiman x kesah...

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak mai can sing and an ex Malaysia national choir can maybe offer her services err if she were invited to your children's wedding.if panjang umur lagi.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...