Monday, October 04, 2010

Itu ini, this and that

Another mad weekend but not so much, as was demam.....

Saturday had a reunion with people from the previous previous previous work place...nice that we still keep in touch...the bond between the gals is strong..probably because the boss was such a -er - character. (think: Devil wears Prada) . I am very sentimental about that job because it was my first, after coming back from the UK. The lady boss was very nice, yet very fussy and very good at making people love her and think bad thoughts about her at the same time. She was the type of boss who , when she called, would strike such fear and anxiety into normally strong people's hearts. She was not that much older than most of her staff, yet when she came in everyone quaked. Not that many can call her by her first name, and she ordered us about to do the most ridiculous things..! And we all did it! Such a pity she did not join politics...she would be the Prime Minister by now ha ha - Jokes aside, I was quite traumatised actually and only in recent years have I felt free of that same feeling of apprehension when I hear her name! I quit because I found myself NOT wanting to go into work and dreading every day. We were car pooling and husband found me not wanting to go to work ,maaaacam budak darjah satu.

Actually, I quit the second job because of that too. The work got sooooooo monotonous that I was dreading going in and husband said ENOUGH lah. I could see due diligences upon due diligences lined up ahead ....Life is too short to be at a place where you SO do not enjoy yourself. I had a reunion with THOSE girls as well- we are still close. Women don't find work places, I guess, they find a social network.

Semalam I was sooooo unwell..felt like my head would explode. And yet had to go to house no 1, and house no 2 and house no 3. While being cranky. and ill. So much so that i was not very nice to Husband, merajuk dengan dia sbb I thought he was very bossy. There was this indian chap who came to the house wanting to cut the grass and I said ok and tibatiba husband said NO and he was very firm about it and turned the guy away. He said he wants to let the usual boy do it . Well I took offence since I had allready said OK. Don't I get to make decisions as well??? And off I went thinking that he doesn't value my opinion bla bla bla and senget lah sampai malam and sedeh lah jugak ...merajuk and tak nak lah kawan..tapi dia buat tak tau je so last last I explained lah why I was merajuk (maaacam dia perasan) . And he said actually that Indian guy had come three times allready and he had allready said NO so when I said ok he was very iritated with that guy. Laaa couldn't he not tell me this BEFORE I got all emo?? Had I known I would have kicked this kid's bum off my premises myself. The cheek of the guy!

Yesterday also husband said we (me?) have been extravagant...husband said I should STOP looking at airasia and MAS and telling him about how cheap it is to go to this place or that place...and he knows Tokyo is just launched recently by Airasia but we should be saving...there's so much to pay for...and so on and so forth...ok ok ok saya menurut perintah dear. (Alaaaaaaaahhhh! travel is my secret vice camana?) Look look only maaah...cannot hurt what...and have I really been extravagant(thinks of the secret skin care and the gadget that I just bought and my new Tedbaker glasses- errrr)

Anyway we are fine now..we never fight for long...cause I will him with my mind to say sorry first ha ha ha and if he doesn't I will have to say sorry - apa apa lah as long as I get back my bolster ha ha ha- have to make peace somehow kan!

On the kids front. well, Johan was a happy bunny yesterday since one of the houses we went to was my brother's and he met his best friend and cousin Yasser,. and immediately proceeded to tear the house down. My son is such a senonoh belia kind of kid, until he sees another boy and then he would just be an 8 year old boy. That's why I don't mind having other kids around..encourages his boyness to come out ! Love him to bits, my johan. Everyone came along except for Kaklong who has to study for her URKSSSS - PMR!! Ya allah, give her the success that she deserves, and give her the best results she can possibly get, amin. She was telling me her class had a "blessing" ceremony where they all say whatever grievances they have against each other so that they are free from whatever grouses they had during the year..awwww...that's one of the great things about this school- they are soo touchy feely.

OH OH OH!! Im going to see MAHER ZAIN by the way dont lah jeleeeesss. Ok for those who are not aware..youare not aware lah. for those who are, this guy had NO press publicity yet all the 2500 tickets were sold out. of course, Im taking a client and friend and also her friend. and her friend's daughter. (man, i gotta get some solid work to pay for all these entertaining maaannn! No wonder husband thinks I'm extravagant he he) . The office where I picked up the tickets was so crowded.!

Ok then gotta sign off before my medicine addled brain go off tangent again!


LifeBloom said...

Am going too SHils!!! Solo molo on my birthday ...14th Oct..:D Se you there if thats yr date ya!

Superwomanwannabe said...

yay!! Im going on that day too!! sebab friday dah PENUH lah!! see you there! what a birthday pressie! eh zura call me ok !

Royalshoppingarcade said...

alaaaaaaaaaa..i am soo late!sure best!blog abt it kak mai and of course you too kak shila.

Superwomanwannabe said...

putri..tulah you tertinggal keretapi hehehehe as mrsnordin would say (UPDATE YOUR BLOG WOMAN) - sure will blog abt it

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