K teganu

Yesterday was a plane train automobile day. I am too old for this kind of living he he. Got up at 3 and by 4 cab was here. by half four we're off to the land of Keropoklekor.At nearly 6 arrived at LCCT. Checked in, only had one laptop and a bag of documents, and then after prayers, had breakfast- nasi lemak dimsum and coffee for ENAMBELAS RINGGIT ok. And then went to wait to board. Got sms from client asking me status. Since client felt it was ok to sms me at 6 am I felt it was ok to CALL said client. He wanted an update. I set a meeting this coming Tuesday.

Finally allowed to go in. Plane quite full. Had to walk to the very very the last spot for the plane. Took my time instead of competing with the kiasu people- you are not going to get there any earlier , mate! On plane, had 2 guys next to me. One was actually v friendly, and was going there to submit tender docs.

Got picked up by clients that im meeting, who then got down to the most important part of the day- BREAKFAST. Hahahah they took me for nasi dagang, right in front of their office. I was yakking away and before you know it it was 11 and they then took me to buy some keropok lekor (fish crackers?) a local delicacy not to be missed in Terengganu. I couldn't get a lot because I didn't think I was going to be shopping so I didn't bring any extra bags! As it was the keropok I got was squashed between the docs and my telekung. Boy I need more time!

Then rushed to the airport . Rushed through check in praying that they would not notice how my bag was heavy suddenly. Then ...delay ! From 1.10 to 4 p.m, we waited for the plane to be fixed..something about leakages?? Anyway...glad to be flying home finally.Although I did make 2 new friends, one a litigation lawyer and one was a director of the Cooperatives commission who gave me some good business ideas. Tried to work but pc died and handphone died so gave up.

Arrived in KL LCCT airport. Darn the way out was sooo far and SOO HOT. NO aircond kan, whine whine. Told you Im too spoiled and too old for AirAsi*a. Then bought a Sky bus ticket (as the cabs queue was long) and took a bus to KLSentral. Met this banker from Kuching who was here to meet friends and we had fun watching the driver try not to fall ASLEEP. Boy he was yawning from LCCT all the way to town.

In KL Sentral at last, then what?? limited battery meant could not call hubby and he did not reply to my question whether or not he was picking me up. Decided to get the LRT and amazingly was not so sardine like...then got his sms saying he was on the way to KLSentral...borrowed total stranger's handphone (very nice woman,thank you Ng!) and got a shelling for not calling him earlier . Then went home in a cab...then crashed out

Today again im up at 3 plus. Im n ot that busy, Im just totally bad at time management! Right?? I have BNI meeting in about 1 hour. Signing at 9 adn another one at 10.30. YIKES help! And at night cousin getting married as well as my japanese class.

Ok then see you guys later...Im off to take a shower.


LifeBloom said…
Am eating meehoon and reading my daily staple..SWW News :D..Today "suratkhabar" awal..:D.
BTW- SO SO true...we are NOT made for Air AsXa..am going to Tanah Bawah2x in Nov with the same co only bigger plane...heard banyak cerita horrer...bracing for the onslaught of sakit pinggang and belakang...must bring lotsa bekal...:P
I thought you have been 'quarantined' sampai Nadine habis PMR? Ish..ish..ish.. :-)
hi Zura....you lah my loyal "reader"
ha ha- thank you...yah i think my precious bum is too tired for AirAs** hehehehe..EH bestnye you go to Tanah Bawah!!Nak ikut.....!
madam tai tai....

yeah ikut hati i dah balik by 2 dah...
MrsNordin said…
You boleh jadi Superman lah macam ni, terbang sana sini. So busy!!

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