Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maher Zain- on the way

We had tickets to MaherZain concert last Thursday. 'I had never heard of this guy, then this friend of mine said hey there's this alternative muslim singer singing inspirational songs, and she gave me the cd. (or did I buy, cant remember). Anyway she kept me constantly updated on his activities, often calling me to tell me he would be in the states, he was now in australia etc. and then one day she said to check out his fb, and lo and behold, he was coming over! So i bought tickets and was surprised to find out they were all sold out within the week that they were advertised in FB! I mean, I didn't even see any advert in the papers or anything

ANYWAY! so Thursday finally came. I had a meeting in kajang and rushed home to get another friend. My bad luck of all days , there was a massive JAM on the road, at 4.30 pm?? It was because a CAR had CAUGHT FIRE , how inconsiderate kan he he. The jam was caused by the cars slowing down (or parking tepi terus!) to watch this car blazing like a bonfire.

My friend was waiting at Adni school - school came out the same time I arrived and all my kids saw me and all jumped in the car, with the exeption of Sara and Yaya who had their media class that day On the way home i got a call from Makcik Bus saying Yaya is crying because she DIDN'T have her media class that day and she saw me pulling out of the school car park and I have to go and get her . I told her sorry lah ...boleh tak you balik lah with the van...I was almost home..Nangis dia ..sedeyyynya...

Anyway lepas asar we left for Shah Alam, thank god for Duke highway is what I say because we got there in about 40 mins. We then had to find friend navigated and we made it to ....the stadium malawati. ceh, ingat kan pandai..heheheh

Finally after circling Shah Alam a few times, we landed at MBSA. Trying to find the car park took us around two more times. We joked that God did not want us to go see Maher. He he. Our other friend kept calling to check where we were. In the end she waited for us at SACCMall . We on the other hand, kept passing this lady who was waiting by the stairs of MBSA for her husband, We asked her once to direct us to the car park, the second time we passed her, she stopped us to tell us more earnestly how EASY it was (since we were just THERE!!) and she must have thought us such MORONS to have NOT seen the entrance. I told her if she noticed us passing her for the 3rd time, could she please ignore us?? he he he.

Ok we parked, and very near the lift. It was half 6. Show was to start at 8 ha ha. So early! But, there were allready girls arriving, semuanya taking pictures with Maher's poster. We started searching for a cab to go to SACC Mall..sekali tengok hehehehe,...depan je..! It was actually JUST next to the MBSA building so we walked he he. Beriya je berangan nak tahan cab

One of myfriends nak buka posa we all makan kat ResipeRahsia cake house..ramai nye orang,crowded dah ! On the way back (it was nearly 8 ) LAAGI ramai, we ended up huffing and puffing up the stairs to where our seats were, the 3rd floor , instead of taking the lift, where loads of other fan were congregating.

There was just enough time to pray Maghrib so off we went. The good thing was, the suraU was not so crowded. The bad thing was , we had to walk quite far to reach the surau he he. Aiyoo regret habis pakai 2 inches heel man

Dah maghrib tu actually was about 5 mins away from Isyak...but because the show started at 8 we decided to pray after the show.....and that , I think , was not a good idea.!

To be continued....

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