Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maher Zain - the show


We were shown our seats . which was smack in the middle, although quite far to the back lah. Mula mula we were shown to the other side ..and had to step over so many toes..sorry! hehehe....

Stage was dark, they had Maher Zain's songs playing etc and people were still streaming in after 8 , justifying our reputation as very bad timekeepers. I sat with my friend's daughter and my other 2 friends sat together at the other side (for some reason although i bought all four tickets together, they split us up two by two). There was this makcik duduk sebelah I , I asked her if she was a fan she said Not so much. (Tapi later masa show start dia terlebeh excited heheh)

By 8.30 the stage was STILL dark!! We were all wondering when it was going to start...we guessed that the delay had something to do with the fact that the VIP were not there yet. Aiyoo can't they be on time??? Isn't it embarrassing to keep other people waiting? Huh? Huh, hubby? (eh terselit pulak)


And finally!the MCs came out...Fitri TV3 and Wardina. Both very articulate...but sometimes competing sapa nak cakap...who was to speak first. Oh my gawd first they thanked the sponsors at least a gazillion time! But I guess they were supposed to do that. Fitri cracked the joke "if maherzain were to wear a headscarf he would look like you" which the audience laughed at...Wardina pun pura pura upset lah. ha ha. Wardina looked lovely in her champagne colour flowing flowing material. They worked well together (they should, they present MHI every morning don't they) and they also talked about choices that we make- some made the choice to see Adam and we made the choice of Maher.. he he.[ I was texting someone who was at Adam's concert and she said Adam was also late...masuk je malaysia tukar nama- Adam Lambat! hahahahaha! ]


I digress..sorry.. After that they called out the fantastic Nasyid team Inteam ..whose vocal prowess was so amazing tht I thought it was actually mimed..Inteam spoke about something spiritual etc I can't remember sorry. They sang 2 songs . One was Urdu song ! They were pretty cute too. (ish tak sedar diri mak orang nih ye- just an objective observation...he he!)

Then FitriWardina came out again, talked a bit about how Maher really loves Malaysia , and how Maher went to see the Raudhatus Sakina's centres for unwed moms...etc.


Then they invited AISHAH out!! wooott! Aishah has been my favourite singer ever since she sang the very meaningful song that start out with :Masih tiada ikatan...walau telah lama berpasangan....(I dedicated this to the boyfriend long ago - it must have worked cause he quickly merisik after that he he so I have a lot to thank Aishah for) Anyway this Aishah was now in muslimah dressing and the MCs mentioned that she sewed all the beads on her outfit and it took her 15 hours! Muslimah but NOT dowdy hokeh!

And she did not disappoint, her voice prowess was still amazing. She sings alternative muslim songs now and her song about her child brought tears to my eyes..serious.!


Then the band members of MaherZain people came out...audience so dah excited..tapi stage masih gelap lagiiiii.....ada clip about Raudhatussakina work..they work with unmarried mothers...and try to change them so that they are not such slaves to their stupidity, to their basic insticts, to their family abandoning them...etc .[Hmmm... I wonder if there is a house for GATAL BOYS THAT MAKE GIRLS PREGNANT,. Ada tak?? I rasa you must treat both sides of the problem betul tak. How about with "IF THE GIRL SAYS NO SHE MEANS NO, IDIOT" campaign and the "YES YOU CAN GET PREGNANT FROM THE FIRST TIME" campaign? And I think it's no longer the time to treat this JUST spiritually, you must make it first priority to FIND THE FATHER lepas tu I suggest a register of fathers of children born out of wedlock , and this record is going to be on your CV forever and affect you in your career. How about JAIL sentence ? I mean,I'm sure those raging hormones would be quickly cooled! ]

oopps digress again!


Then FitriWardina came out and got ready to call in Maher...and before they called in the Man, some ceramah (begging actually) about NO FILMING Please and no flash photography..i thought it was a bit much to hear wardina going If you love Maher you would not do x y and z. And basically appealing to our better nature lah..Not that it worked, since the minute the Man came out A LOT OF PEOPLE started to take video and flash photos! Bugged me no end because I'm such a rule follower.

Then..jeng jeng jeng!!! THE MAN CAME WALKING OUT !!


Whoot..! He started to sing and sorry I dont know this arabic song...and when he ended he smiled at us and he said tonight he wanted us to have FUN. Children who came with parents, relax he said because he wants them to have fun!! He was dressed in the usual cream colour jacket and the cap. Tak panas ke anda Maher?? Weren't you hot? (weren't you hot, not you were hot ok)

AND MAHER WAS FANTASTIC (BUT) summarise the next hmm...hour, he quickly sang 10 songs one after the other..interspersed by requests turned desperate appeal for us to show him some love by clapping our hands and also singing along. Unfortunately he is in Malaysia, his audience included ustazah and ustaz and there were not that many clapping going on. the lady next to me were of course excited, as was I (I felt bad for him) and we were clapping away but then after a while kita pun rasa malu sbb orang lain dah tak tepuk ha ha. Maher did say I'm not convinced! Clap your hands until they're bleeding or something to that effect...heh heh

The voice control were ok, but I think singing 10 songs straight took the toll ( I saw newsreport say he was only supposed to sing 5) ...and I think it would have been better if he had taken a break in between and given us some commentary on the songs he chose...after all this is muslim songs praising god and telling us to not despair etc., cannot sing that kind of song and the only thing you say in between is clap your hands..right?? or am I too old he he he . He looked like he wanted to interact more but I think the darn VIPs were distracting him, cause they must have been what he saw from the stage kan..he couldn't even go down as there were dumb guys blocking his path with their camera. Yang kelakar sekali for me was when he said everyone must clap and he said "You the one who's filming, must also clap" hahahahahha..sapa lah mamat tu..sure kena "eject" dengan the bouncer sebab baruuu tadi wardinafitri kata NO filiming.

All in all an ok show...but could be friends said his pitching lari....I tak perasan. I loved his song Barakallah and Insyallah.. He said he loved Malaysia...what's not to love, we were so lovely to him too he he he


I balik so lambat.12 .30 kot..dah lak tu pagi pukul 5 kena bangun..penat penat...but once in a lifetime experience he he!


Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,according to ustaz hasrizal of, maher zain was extremely tired.that's y he sang with wrong pitching and all :)and that ustaz took a video of him performing and his seat was quite near the front, so I'm guessing it was him that Maher zain had asked to clap.hahah..penatnya dgr ur rendition of the events that took place kat maher zain concert.:) I like the Adam LAMBAT thingy.sungguh creative.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Putri! First commenter adn its nearly 3 am! buat apa lah tu agaknye...anyway yeah we all kesian kat dia, nampak penat pun, and macam kureng berseri seri- my friend comment agaknya dia banyak na activity masa kat kl ni kot hectic sangat. i tak perasan pitching lari sangat sbb I suka 3 lagu kot yang lain I tak dengar sangat. Ohhh ustaz hazrizal ke..haa, dia clap ke tak>> hehehe

Lan0stZz said...

Adam Lambat!! muahahaha itu lawak ok kaklong. jeles u dpt tiket maher zain. wanted to watch too but it was too late coz all tickets were gone. tq for sharing your experience :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

no problem..panjang sangat ke?? enjoyed it a lot !

LifeBloom said...

Shils - great commentary...wah sempat menyempat pi RahsiaResipi lagik...His pitching memang lari ke laut...was a tad disappointed. But he made a good effort and he so leng chai hehe. I think all the touring and singing took its toll. Voice ni tak leh strained sangat...mesti direhatkan. I met him at close encounters masa tengah kat lift. Wahhh like real with a trumpeted "sediakan laluan!!2x" heralding YM Maher Zain's arrival...:D

All in all a good birthday outing :D

Sorry tak buzz you - sakit perut nak rush balik..cannot do No. 2 at foreign WCs...hehe.

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