Whine Whine moan moan moan

Oh dear. it has just dawned on me that my baby whom I delivered in the cool season of er- August, in that kampung hospital in Chelmsford- is going to be sitting for her PMR.

To be continued...mummy has to go to Putrajaya for signing...

UPdate: ok back . Drove like mad mad mad to get to PJ in half an hour. Sampai sampai directors tengah relax relax makan , siap ajak I makan sekali..terimakaseh!! Ayam goreng style padang (yang ada bumbu bumbu tu - apa namanye?) and tertel daging lembu - MY FAVOURITE! anyway lepas tu berkajang kajang sign documents, lepas tu balik and of course lah dari PUtrajaya I nak cepat so I ikut signs to KLCC - hampeh betol ..sapa lah malaun yang buat road signs should be shot...ya lah you can get to KLCC- if you dont mind spending an hour and thru Sg Besi, the Mines and segalanya. The way it just boldly says "KLCC" , it's as if it s' near kan???

Anyway back to the most important thing- my daughter's PMR----- This is the exam she has to take in Senior year (Ie when she is 15) . She seems to be fine ...no pressure whatsoever...in fact as at this moment she is with her friend visiting a teacher who has been hospitalised. Semalam she slept in my room the whole night.

Update 2: sorry lah this post is not finishing nampaknye is it?? I went for Japanese class yesterday. I'm a bit frustrated because cikgu takdalah encourage kitorang nak borak..plus kelas ni sedikit boring. orang nye macam straight je and takdalah joke joke..i think i nak go back to the previous cikgu lah adalah nak suruh kita berbual. Apa gunanya kalau tak practise kan..nak practise dengan adek I manyak sangat komen dia, ni tak betul lah, intonasi lain lah, pic lari lah....maleh terus! One thing though... I balik pukul 9.30 malam and terus feel demam...today macam sakit kepala! moan moan moan whine whine whine...


Good luck, Nadine!!
All the best Nadine!!!
its all the running around and eating.weekend je open hse not 1 but thousands, itu yg body kita pun give up.my hubby 1 week demam.baru ni nampak ok sikit,itu pun still tidoooooooooooooooo je..and dia baru 34.you at the age of 0 apa lagi kan.hehehe..must rest ok...but its easier said than done utk mothers.bila masanya nak rest ye tak?
ur nadine will be fine.all As,insyaAllah.
i think you are right lah putri...body terus give up kan...i was sooo cranky semalam...

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