Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penang break

Im here in the Hardrockhotel in Batuferinggi Penang. Now before you go - they're on holiday AGAIN???? we are all here thanks to a conference the husband has. He is the actual speaker so for the last 2 nights he has not been sleeping to prepare for his lecture. Ahahahhahaks baru lah nak buat kan...

We arrived yesterday. The hotel apparently used to be the Casuarina. Ok lah, very modern plasticky feel. Husband thought er...not quite "hotel" that he dah used to. Sophia pun said "er, not too sure about this hotel" . Posh nye~!

ACTION NYE~!! Eh I'm happy we got away from KL, so be grateful laaa dapat jalan. Hotel ok what...sampai sampai got statue of MJ sitting on a throne. The bellboys concierge etc all muda muda, no wearing kain songket or suits, everyone was in red tshirt and light brown khaki shorts. Ala ala Airasia gitu. On the walls got pictures of Elvis, Mamat Saxophon buta tu (sapa) and the Beatles are everywhere. By the lift, facing the beach, merata lah~!

The best thing about this place?? It's very close to the beach and all rooms have beach view ..boleh bukak sliding door luas luas and see the sea ... Tak kesah lah laut dia brown ke apa kan (toksah lah think of Pulau Redang or what)

Right now it's raining so heavily. But the kids happy dah sbb they spent 2 hours i n the pool. At first I thought about joining them. I even changed to my never before tried swimming suit..but then mana pulak nak letak hand bag? They suggested I rented a cabana..30% off - but half day is RM60. Er..too expensive lah.For a place to put my things?? Ok they give you a plate of fruits plus ice water. But RM60! I decided to go back to the room and watch the kids from upstairs while I REVIEWED THIS AGREEMENT WAAAHHH(weekend pun keje ke?? Tulah,semalam Tidor sapa suruh kan)

I'm feeling quite cash conscious... Takdalah berkira sangat tapi tak leh lah tak hengat dunia kan....?? Here everything cost lah of course. In the morning , kids went to the beach. Belum apa apa orang offered to ride a horse. 2 people RM50. Ok lah tu ... Daya and Nadine went on. Then there's the buggy guy. Oh the kids were so happy with that. Naik macam motor -ATV buggy - the very best punya fun.~!!! I had a go too and It was quite hard to control! It went everywhere. Ok ok that was me, lah the kids had noo problem. 'That was RM70. for 20 mins.

Kids want everything and Im making them spend their own raya money if they want to go to spa etc. Ha ha - am I cruel? Kejam kah aku? Biar dia tau sikit appreciate money. Susah gak ye jadi parent?? You want them to be happy but at the same time you want them to know how to save money etc. Pagi tadi Dahlia showed off lah the skills she learnt from horseriding school - ( oi takat tendang tendang kuda to make it move mummy pun boleh naik kuda need to send you to the school ha ha ha!)

Now everyone's up. After zohor we're probably going to go to town. Because I hate driving , I asked about tours. Mak its strangle the blood one~! Chekek darah. RM160 for adults and RM120 child. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY KIDS I HAVE??? I think I pergi sendiri je lah. Also I got so many tips about food- nasi kandar mi udang pasemboq ...I love pasemboq and mi udang..I told hubby he said- you tak makan pedas what. He he .

Oh yeah, husband is not around till 4. He is also away tomorrow morning. So its me and the kids!! Who is now clamouring for me to order room service! Again?? Oii kita keluar lah~!~! pengsan tol budak budak nih~!

PS - I sent the agreement via email oready. Thank you free wifi~


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

BJ has stayed there before and she loved it. Chepul and I prefer Golden Sands. Iya lah...darah orang2 tua.

I find the activity touts annoying. Payah nak ber'leisure' kat tepi pantai without someone trying to push some activity to you every 2 mins. Rimas!

Have fun in Penang! It's been raining and grey here in KL.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam Tai Tai....I pun dah tua

I LOST MY BB!!! WAAAAHHH I think the mansion 32 lah terambik (nak kata curik tak baik tuduh kan)...cause we went there je , and then naik bas. ....

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila, sedih sgt dgr u hilang ur BB.
once, masa I pegi conference, masa nak leave for the airport after the conference ended, i pun naik kereta realize takde hp.I checked my bags upside down then went back to the hotel and hotel staff also searched hi and low and then my excolleague cakap pls chant nama ALlah, Ya Haq byk2 kali and masa dlm kereta tu, i sedihla tapi yakin pada Allah and half way nak sampai airport , guess what, I found my phone dlm hb.miracle?I think so.and no, i mmg dah turn my handbag upside down.
so, i think next time, zikri ya Haq, yakin and if the brg still yours, u'll get it back.
sorry to hear abt ur BB tapi hubby selalu marah i if I use my hp and letak je atas meja restaurant, mmg waiter(bukan nak tuduh, tapi can happen) can just come by and snap the phone .next time kita kena careful.:)

and I agree pasal the kids kena bayar for things they want to teach them the value of money, everytime I did that, my eldest son danish, cakap 'takpela Ibu, taknak la sweet tu!'hehehhe..but if the thing tu dia nak sgt, sanggup je nak guna duit raya dia.

jana said...
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