The Spaceboy is a husband

The Wedding of the Year! Did you catch it?? I was half entertaining the idea of going over to see the nikah, after all, he DID invite us (albeit not specifically he he)..but takda keje lah. Although...he did work for hubbs a long time ago. he he!

Anyway! Wasn't it grand?? I liked the 2 of them together, they looked so good together. But I thought they were too animated for a couple that was going to end their bachelorhood days. My mom once told me off for smiling too much at my own wedding! Had to make sure looked demure..control macho lah katakan..heheh! Ni sengeh sikit lah PUNYA besar! She was beaming and grinning away!

But then again, if I bagged the Astronaut negara I pun tersengeh kot..hehehe- some more instant datin kan.

At first I thought, kawin je lah senyap senyap, nak announce satu dunia kenapa...then I realised, his going to space was such an achievement for us, that I guess we should make his wedding cost just as much! He he he

I like the wedding actually, it looked really natural and not OVER. It did feel like a family wedding. At times I felt like the couple was performing ikut script and looked wooden, but then again, don't all couples who have to sit up there on the dais and be watched by the guests, actually perform? By the time you get up there, you've allready endured the drama about clothes, setting, food etc - the amount of organisation would have been enormous and the last thing I would feel like doing would be to give my husband or wife loving glances (although I think she did send some his way- wondering if he managed any loving gazes her way?) . I caught him ordering her- SEMBAH! oh dear oh dear, baru kawin dah boleh perintah ke. But she continued smiling and obeyed. Definitely wifely type. Kalau I dah JELING dah he he.

And here we were thinking he was batting for the other side kan, kawin gak year dapat baby ok DrSheikh! I wonder how long is he going to continue this job as a former spaceman ye? I know he did a great deed , going over for the country, enduring what he had to endure, etc, but after 3 years, what ye? Back to being an ortho doc?

SATU JE NAK KOMEN! I baru tahu the lady MC (who dated the Astronaut no 2) cant' speak English well! Apa hal perspection???? Cringe...but the good t hing is, it was over fast! heheheh...I lagi suka si Fitri tu...

Ok then bye bye!


MrsNordin said…
Point I agree: They do look beautiful together. She acted like a pro - stealing glances and all. And she's a natural at it. Better than Siti Nurhaliza lah. :)

Point I disagree: It didn't feel like a family wedding at all. It was more of a show. All those delegates (some of who didn't even know him!) and the whole bunch of royalties... aiyo, too much lah!

But I guess, being the first Malaysian in space, he deserved such grandeur. But I didn't like the cake. So tacky!
hahahah BJ- i should clarify that it felt like one of MY Family's wedding! the night before ada my cousin Ili's wedding and sama lah grand nye ...tu yang rasa macam family wedding! heheheheh but of course, he look sso strained and posing.

I'm glad she enjoyed the day though--!
Cake AND baju!!! space suit kot!
Anonymous said…
OMG! She did say 'perspection'! I thought i was imagining it!

Yes, i wish the bride hadn't grinned so much...nampak cam galak sangat..

Yes, the cake and the bride's potong cake baju looked...err...weird...

All in all it was good entertainment although my hubby mintak 10kali suruh tukar channel..

Cik Kiah
hi cik kiah..kan?? macam suuuka sangat!! and i perasan beberapa kali she turned to say something to him he buat dono je..heheh i think we know who wears the pants in THIS marriage- wonder if he has a big ego?

And say thanks to your husband for the patience!
Ezza Aziz said…
akak pun rasa macam pengantin tu terlebih lebih pulak laa...senyum boleh but not sengih..senyum kena tutup mulut..bukan bukak mulut sampai nampak semua gigi...or may be akak ni old school kot!

or may be dia confius kot antara senyum or sengih....

apa apa pun semuga perkahwinan ini
hingga ke akhir hayat.....
I actually liked it that the bride acted happy and animated. Iyalah...hari perkahwinan dia, why wouldn't she be happy? I just don't understand why in the Malay culture we believe it is better that brides and grooms should look solemn and sad macam perkahwinan tu is the end of the world for them or if they were forced to marry without their consent. All weddings should be a happy event and why not for the two people who the wedding is meant for.

And another thing as I watched the wedding (sekejap aje because I got bored) I hoped one day should I be rich enough to do a grand wedding for my kids I'd probably do it at home in an airconditioned tent. The guests at the astronaut's wedding looked so bored last night, similarly to to all guests at grand weddings at hotels or conference centres. I would like the guests to my kids' weddings to be more cheerful and to be able to mingle around in the crowd. Tak duduk terboring menunggu bila lah nak makan ni! I second what the astronaut from India said. He said our weddings are so different from the ones in Indian where their receptions would be lively, interactive and with lots of noise.

Bring back joget lambak!!
about the sembah tu, mestila kak shila, he has to inform the wifey,kan murka sultan2 tu susah lak..
all in all, i think astronaut doesn't really enjoy being in the limelite THAT way, i think he'd much prefer a private,intimate,sweet wedding.this is too much of a protocol.sian I tgk.but on the other hand, the wife, loved the limelite, waving at everyone macam celebrity, i terlupa kejap it was a wedding.hehe..tapi i agree with madam tai2 kena la senyum tapi takyahla galak sgt.hahaha..
lovely couple nonetheless.
tapi i can see the family (dr sheikh)has to uphold a certain amt of expectations la..nak buat camna..dah terkenal..
yes, cake cutting baju awful, bernard chandran yg design..(i guess she has no say since its all sponsored ke?)
masa bila mc pompuan tu cakap perspection?she meant perspiration ke?i missed that part.
Hi Gina!

Yeah.,.my daughters semua akan buat KAT RUMAH - boleh joget lambak!! Buat kat hotel ni macam show kan..tu yang boleh jadi HARAM macam lah my dad the Ustaz cakap....sebab membazir and menunjuk 2...tapi asalkan bahagia....
Anonymous said…
I heard it was a marriage of convenience?

LifeBloom said…
Am happy for Astroboy and Astrogal..but tak suka heboh2x buat siaran langsung aspect of it...the hantaran boys were SO leng chai...ingatkan sedara Astroboy turns out they were all finalist of MASKULIN magazine's men of the year...haiya...kita semua tumpang gembira and semoga Allah SWT mengurniakan rezeki and barokah yang melimpah!
Anonymous said…
Govt event gamaknya? MOSTI's budget - errrr taxpayer's money?
(Wahh, cabulnya mulut ku)
All paid and sponsored, kot.
Bukan calang2 urusetia dan belanjawan utk event gitu2 kan?
Event negara jadiknya.

On otjer note, betul la tu, kena la happy, her wedding day anyway, but not sengih, just demure - (tiba2 teringat ke'demure'an Lady D - senyum, manis, malu2, tunduk2, sesekali angkat muka ke atas & senyum2 lagi - nampak mulus gitu utk seorang pengantin)
RSA- ada masa dia interview orang Russia tu..alah i rasa orang tu pun tak pahamm..ada chan terimpresed habis dengan our new vocab ha hahaha!!
FTM- ya ka?? I wont be surprised...tapi she loves him. THATS for sure!!

Anonymous- haa tol..happy takpa, tapi ala ala royalty kind of happy heheheh sebab you pun raja sehari kan...although kalau i lah raja ada chan I pun waving left right and back to front to all my friends yang datang pedulik APA I orang datang heheheheh...*(which was why I got told off) ..demure and elegant and shy gitu....

However I think she isvery pretty when she smiles..she was really really RADIANT. kalau tengok hari biasa normalje..
Zura- haaa I pun tak tau !! Apa , ada competition nak masuk that "show"?? takpa lah I think this maybe was not their idea...adalah dalang dibelakang

apa apa pun .i doakan kebahagiaan depa....
the principal said…
kalau ada LIKE button, i nak like comment "kalau tengok hari biasa normalje.."

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