zee chairs.

So. how was your day. I spent today thinking I really should be more organised....bersilat semacam kat office, handling little little things that can really drain you. when lunch came I jumped at the chance to get away.

And also...I bought 9 chairs. They had been nicely stacked outside the Persian restaurant. And they were the chairs that looked like weaved rattan but were in fact harder wearing..I was passing the PRestaurant and saw the "For Sale" sign stuck on the chairs....and immediately said "SOLD!"" . Siap bayar RM100 lagi ...It cost about RM110 per chair and the guy we were with (owner of B Kopitiam) said that that was very cheap for new chairs. The story was that the owner of Persian restaurant bought a lot and had some spare and wanted to get rid of them quick since the security people were on her back.

Sooo I took them...kesian lah makcik PR tu..nanti kena marah lak dengan the security guard... after all doing a good deed. Never mind that I don't have anywhere to put them..never mind that I didn't have the cash. Dadof6 said he'd take - er.,,whether or not he said he'd take it is dependent on whether he has told KitchenGuardian or not he he. Anyway I sort of did NOT tell my husband , and tried not to pass the restaurant ..managed to do it for 2 days until one day had a casual meeting at Sec Recipe, a couple of shops down the Persianrestaurant ..and the waiters at the PR, actually ran to catch me, to make SURE that I don't lari or run away and also to make sure that I TAKE THE DAMN CHAIRS!

I had to tell husband lah since he was picking me up ! So I said , honey, you'll never guess what I bought, ha ha farnie story, you know. He was not that amused especially when those guys tried to shove 9 chairs into the poor Estima! They managed to do it! And I owe the woman some RM480...nanti lah auntie ok...

So now, we are trying NOT to pass the restaurant again..so far lunch has been at the restaurant BEFORE that restaurant...Padan lah muka aku nih.. so so gullible.


PS but the chairs are nice and husbnd did like it ...
MrsNordin said…
Ok lah tu.. If you really liked it, there should not be any regret regardless of what people say.

~ your word of wisdom for this morning ~ :)
jana said…
nak tegur asyik tak jadi je,saya tengok awak asyik bercakap je dengan saudara mara and auntie-auntie,langsung lidah kelu nak tegur Ngeee.lain kali janji saya tegur ok ,bilalah nak jumpa tu,cukur jambul anak Aida kot :),InsyaAllah
KG said…
nak tgk kerusi baru!
postla the pictuers of the chairs.and for RM110 mmg really ok pricenya esp if its sturdy,new and wood.
yg ioniser or what was the name utk buat ur food less ozone or something like that dah berjaya jual?
u shld really have a blog for things u nak get rid of.you'd be surprised at how easy things would get sold that way.hehe..pandainya I ni bagi nasihat kat org kan?hahahah..jgn maraaaaaaaaaaaaaah
hey, u can actually sell some to your network friends.mana tahu kan, mmg they are looking for chairs jugak.u never know!

no lah I dah beli...and dah pakai dah pun....but that blog abt unwanted stuff is good! Nak buat lah !
Mrs N- tak pa lah kan...timing je lari...
Jana..saya tak bagi bagi lagi present awak tuuu (rasa bersalahnyaaa)- nanti kita dating dating ok .

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