Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Divali with my new friends

My friends at BNI have invited me over to their deepavali do! Waah I feel very the one Malaysia because for a long time I have only ever gone to like 2 houses for deevali... Now I have more than 2~!

The guys at the BNI are very interesting people. There's Colin who owns Jadibatek gallery, smack in the middle of KL near Beryl chocs where you can actually learn to draw batek there and have classes and bring it back.I went to the gallery...its big ! And I don't know why he's in BNI it looks so successful as it is! The other day he brought about 10 pieces of batik material to the meeting, (he was presenting) and I bought SIX!!

Then there's TG who is the locking specialist who supplied unreplaceable uncopiable locks to UIA and reduced the illegal residents by 90% ha ha. He's really sweet and attended to my mom when she got burgled! Dua je locks I beli but he was so attentive and fast!

Then there's Angie, who everytime she comes to the meeting, would be swathed in jewelry..she is the jewelry shop owner! She is very interesting cause she would tell you about the properties of certain metal, or which is cheap this month, she does all sorts of stones and is now repairing my wedding ring which has dropped a diamond !

There's also the very cheeky Rajiv..he's young although he's such a internet
savvy guy..he brings traffic to your blog or facebook or twitter etc..he advertises at your blog and make sure you get money out of the blog or fb or whatever. very useful if you are a business owner! Of course he works hand in hand with the Website specialist, Jon!

I also really like Mr Muru...he's so soft spoken but very savvy...he owns Kapoor Lamp shade and of course he sells lamps and lightings, He will attend to your order of one or 2 lamps, but he's also supplying personalised customised lighting and chandeliers for mosques! He was asking us to look around for those who want to clean their chandeliers- he supplies hotels as well ! Anyone wanting to refurnish their house I will direct you to this man!

Then there's Dr Fauziah...she is very the famous allready lah in Melawati..very flamboyant website her forte is whitening and cosmetic dentistry . Natalie from pun went to her to cantik kan her gigi.

Thats only haf of them..ada pest exterminator....ada Smarthomes guy (one remote for all!) ada wireless cctv guy (can put in after house is built !) and ada travel agent and events coordinator, ada corporate gift guy...etc etc!

Tu yang I dont mind waking up every Friday morning to meet up with these people, Their drive to promote their business is amazing...and they are genuinely good in what they do (if they are not there would be complaints allready from others) . The best thing is, they are nice!

Happy Deevali guys!!

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Royalshoppingarcade said...

kak shila,
i checked out dr fauziah's website.i'm now more than ever determined nak get my teeth done.kena kumpul duit.
but i have email my aunts, mum , sisters, friends to view her blog.boleh get commission la like this.hahaha..

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