Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Ul Adha break

Ok ok . we are in Kuantan..hi hi hi...

Apa nak parents are in Ireland, my in laws are in Kluang and too far to go to for one night, so either we spend our day with our many relatives in KL, or we stay home , or we go somewhere. Husband of course had many patients to check on until I reminded him that he ALWAYS has patients and he has to choose lah what to do with them. So he chose to let his colleague who was on duty to handle his patients for the time he is away (yeah , honey, all of 40 minutes I'm sure) - Im sure she will do fine...I actually didn't know whether we were really going, until quite late, due to his schedule suddenly clearing up.

Anyways. So of course lah we chose to head to Kuantan...the nearest decent beach right? And we have decided that the best cleanest hotel there is the Hyatt. Have been to many , and Hyatt has the best room, the best view, the best beach and the best service. Siap spa lagi.

So I hangkut my baby brother, who now that my dad was not around to order him around, is at a bit of a loss. Gedebuk gedebak by the time we left, it was 9. Ada ke?? We fetched Shah first.

Oh my gawd the traffic was terrrrrible!! It was basically a crawl from KL to Bentong !! We stopped at Selesa Hillhomes JUST to go to the toilet!! I took over the driving from then on as husband suddenly felt tired..he doesnt feel tired until he actually sits down, then the exhaustion takes over!So he was asleep all the way to Maran , then we changed again.

We finally arrived at the Hotel at 1.30 am. Giler kerja. Had to prove to the receptionist that husband is actually a gomen doctor (to qualify for the gomen rate which is RM100 cheaper than the normal rate! ) Kids were sleeping and groggily settled into the rooms. Shah had his own bed, Sophia had her own bed, and the rest crammed into my bed ha ha.

Subuh bangun and dengan excited nye reminded everyone nak pi semayang raya at the Masjid Kuantan.

the next thing I knew it was NINE AM. The nearest we got to Hari Raya prayers was to watch it on telly. Huhuhu! And everyone got their baju melayu lak tu. Everyone rushed to breakfast before they close at 10 am, all tak mandi . And hoo hooo takda rendang...semua berhari raya with mushroom omelettes, congee, etc. Husband "tala" croissants. And then said tak berapa sedap. After the SIXTH croissants. Ha ha ha

And then we all HIT THE SEA! Sungguh menggoda the laut. I have not gone into the sea for absolutely ages - selalunya tengok je. But the beach was clean and the waves didn't look too bad- er NOT! The waves were huge - Kuantan Five 0. Ha ha. We had fun lah until about 1 pm and then everyone headed to the pool, except me and Shah and we headed to the chairs and then we fell asleep and then we realised that it was 3 pm and we had better go up - only to find that everyone else had also gone up from the pool . We all had KFC for lunch- nasib baik lah extend one more night. kalau tak terkocoh kocoh nak kena check out.

Eh boring lak baca this diary ye?? Ok ok sat lagi kita discuss pasal Prince William nak kawin dengan Kate ok.

Now we are heading towards Adi's house - hubby's friend who he has not seen. We plan to squeeze a visit to NONI if she is in...but tengok time permits or not.

Esok kena kluar at 5 am!! Semua orang kerja!!Boss I garang hooo he he



Royalshoppingarcade said...

beach dpn hayat mmg dangerous.always with huge waves.i love hyatt too but too expensive without the gomen rate.hehehe...
glad u had a good raya haji was so so.nasib baik sempat solat raya.

Superwomanwannabe said...

the laut kan, halau kitorang. Around 1 pm smua orang nak keluar tapi macam malas...sekali the waves hit us and kept on hitting us adn pushed us to the I told the sea that I got the message hokay!! and we all went out. he he

ok lah gomen rate- 330. tapi itu before the tax..i think this is a never to be repeated experience.. he he

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