Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Happy ending..ish

Firdaus is finally home with his family.

After 3 weeks being lost, he "surrendered" to his auntie! He was found walking outside of her house. It was a miracle that she was outside at that very same moment, because had he come the day before, no one would have been home.! It so happened that he was outside, and she asked him in. He wouldn't go in at first !

In the meantime, three other men at least as well as hubby, were in LakeGarden area looking for him, as he was spotted walking there. Hubby was in shirt and tie, coming straight from the university where he was giving his talk. As they were searching high and lo, they heard the news that Firdaus was found and had been successfully lured into the house and was now eating. Alhamdullillah.. i couldn't go but i couldn't stop feeling so choked up. so relieved and it now struck me that my brother in law was on the streets for 3 whole weeks, mealtimes came and went..what did he do when he was hungry? He must have been rejected, or shouted at, or hit, even. He was thin. he had a scar on his head, he had a beard, he was holding his right wrist as if it hurt. The doctor brother checked him out and declared no bones broken. Did anyone abuse him? There must have been people who were kind to him..his tshirt was new.

What amazing timing though, that he came home right after Idwan got married and everyone was in KL. My inlaws were allready here and they went straight to the house together with my brother in law (who lives in JB!) I was the one meng"war war" kan..sorry lah macam attention seeker kan but it was really out of love and concern for Firdaus.. i just hope no one feels embarrassed by it.

Mental illness happens in the best of families. It happens in everygeneration. And the worst thing that they can say will be - look at so and so, poor him, his family is so well off or well to do or well brought up or well anything, but no one cares about him. I do NOT want us to be the family who abandons the parent- you know the story you read in the papers where the parents have 9 children but end up in old folks home. Whatever lah the background,. families stick together.

But on the other hand..everyone busy..and what can you do with mental illness in Malaysia, very little knowledge and even more little (heh? Bantai je lah buat perkataan) support. This sms I got from ths person CW who has been very concerned about Che Daus missing, ends with him/her telling me that his/her brother is suffering from schizophrenia also and is in a good home being taken care of by a family friend.

Of course I hope there is a cure for Daus...he was the star of the family, it would be lovely if he can have a normal life. His parents hope for him to be a functional member of society, knowing how bright he is. As it is he loves to write. He writes Ayat Qursi in his beautiful handwriting...and I have a host of career for him that he can do without actually speaking! Come to think of it, speaking is way overrated anyway..! Maybe banyak dosa can be avoided if kita diam macam Che Daus!

Anyway here in this blog I would like to say a very big, KLCC Tower size thank you to everyone who has searched for him, or wished us well, or spared a prayer for his return...and a special mention to these lovely selfless individuals :

1. May Cheong Abdullah
2. Niki Cheong
3. Wan Shana

Plus Faiz, and Irman and everyone who has spent time and effort and sweat to look for him....

Im so glad there is a happy ending (of sorts)


the principal said...


i baca psl ur family looking for him in The Star

Anonymous said...


Royalshoppingarcade said...

Syukur.After Che Daus went missing, I now think more about the homeless walking and sleeping in the streets.I can now tell a different story to my children whenever they ask me about the people in the street.:( Every family has their own dark story.Sure punya.Its just the scale of it je.Syukur again and again.

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Alhamdullilah. Glad that he is okay...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thank you Putri, Cik Puan and Principal..and anonymous...thanks for all your prayers..

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