Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi ! Mak was here


So lama tak update.

Mak and abah were here last week. They brought a lot of beef, (funny, it looked a lot, but now it's almost gone! Forgot my family is so huge) And mak cooked nasi minyak yummmmmmmm... and have forgotten my diet. We called brother in law (it was his birthday after all) and his family. Then we went to Mak Mas' house that very night at midnight to return to Mak mas the bajukurung I borrowed from her for her son's wedding. Not that I don't have a bajukurung in purple, just that I didn't have a baju kurung in purple that FIT me. Tu yang kena pinjam tu. And the sad thing is, my auntie is makcik size lah kan..and now I can wear her clothes. And it was so comfy. Sigh sigh sigh

Anyway. That was on a Monday or Tuesday. 22nd anyway. Then the next day my inlaws went for hospital check up. It was only because of hospital checks that they are here for so long otherwise mak would worry about her cats. She said nanti matiii tak bagi makan. I said (under my breath) tapi kalau mati takyah lah risau dah hahahaha..ish im so bad. Actually you know Im such a softie

It was nice to have them around. My kids kena kerah semayang sorang sorang. The way they kerah us. STILL. Husband lak suddenly sibuk. Ye ke...suspiscious betul sebok masa mak ada nih..tak nak kena leter ke?? My son came down one night, (I was downstairs) with tears in his eyes. I tau dia kat atas tu kena "train" how to pray by the nenek. She was watching and correcting. He came down and he asked long are they going to be here???

Kurang asam betol...I said as long as they want. And he said "She's torturing meeeeee!" And I said she is just doing what she did to your father and she is right to teach you. He did not like that. since mommy and daddy so soft kan. Leter sekali dua je...pas tu naik tangan. Hahahahah.

Anyway now that they've left I miss them. My mother in law and I spent hours (2 to be exact) in the kitchen chatting..she told me the Pak Ghani behind their house in Muar was the one who named Mak Z and Mak B- and also she told me of the antics that her sister got up to. He he he...everyone is young once...

I just feel sorry that the son , was not able to be around. Penting sangat ke orang kena tembak tu yang...hehehehehe..


Royalshoppingarcade said...

i love it too when my MIL shares her tale in the kitchen with me.the bond is there as mothers kan.biasala anak laki mana suka kena leter.hehe..

Lan0stZz said...

pak ghani? sapekah? did he name the 1st "S" name or "Z" name for mummy?

Anonymous said...

Lana-theZah part!!Sebab his wife wasZahrah!

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