Hurt feelings everywhere

I have decided that I am totally useless at handling feelings. And today was a feeling day. It never rains but it pours they say.

1. Hurt feelings between good friends (not me ok) who used to be equal at work and now one thinks the other one talks down at her and thinks that the other one is perasan she is so good. Probably right too about the attitude but I think this must be a common problem when friends get promoted eh? Am torn between telling off friend A for being such a bossy boot and slapping friend B for being such a sensitive person.

2. Hurt my daughter's feelings today , when I came home to find out that three solats were missed ...and later she told me everyday I am telling her how disappointed I am with her. First, I said sorry for hurting her feelings, and second I said, while I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, what did she expect, balloons?? I have high expectations of my Islamic school educated children about meeting her's not easy ...and if they don't meet the standard, I would be upset. ..but the disappointment is with the behaviour and not the person. You are also NOT compared to anyone else in the family, ok. You are special but you are NOT going to get away with computer games and WII the entire holiday and expect me not to say anything about it. Why can't they self monitor?

3. Hubbs very distracted today. Came to get me like at 9 pm and then won't talk to me, instead , busy fiddling with the handphone...I asked many times what went wrong and what happened but he said it was ok. This from the man who told me yesterday that I was the calm oasis in his life!! And now, evasive. Oh well, I will leave him to it...I'm sure he will open up when he feels ready to do so....Though I wonder what it is....?? I think he is too penat lar...

Hope tomorrow brings more sunshine!!


Anonymous said…
I brought macarons....Is that sunshine? LOL
LifeBloom said…
Shila - there will be days like this kan..but then it will pass and when everyone has had time to reflect - all will suss itself out. To me important to tell it all out - even if hurts. Cant stand bottling it all in..i am sanguine personified. You bring the sun with you wherever you are need to wait for some (atau u can be a "dian membakar diri menerangi suasana"..hehe)

P/s Ms Anon..can we have also some sunshine..aka macarons..:D
MrsNordin said…
Oh... shian dia...

Part 1: Why people change as they move up the career ladder?

Part 2: It's a mother's duty to keep on nagging the kids to do whatever they are supposed to do until they do it without being told. So daughter(s), if you don't want to be picked at, follow mum's orders!

Part 3: Check the phone! I'm gonna do the same with Nordin's BB!
Anonymous..thanks very much... it certainly made my day
Zura- should not bottle it up...unless lah if tell become more gunung berapi ek?
i agree to all you guys out there who are always young at for husbands, yg baik pun terjebak, so yes, check the hps, men would be men, tapi perempuan kat luar tu yg tak reti2 la nak respect laki org.
as for children kan kak shila, mmg kena set time to do this time to do that kata expert la, kita ni kesian, so tak la set time, tapi they simply don't know what to do with the time hehe..jgnkan kids, kita pun kadang2 tak manage time better, but tiba2 satu hari,magically, good things happen and you will forget the fact that you even wrote this down..ahhhhh the bliss of being a mum.NOT.hahhaa..
chill.just one of those days kan.
bukan period ke?:)
u are other people's macaroon.hahaha..mushy?you bet!

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