Friday, November 05, 2010

Penunggu Airport (or, "Nadine's gone hu hu" )

If there is one thing I want Nadine to be, its safe. Safe and sound. Never mind lah not happy ke, homesick ke, although of course I hope she is happy and is NOT homesick (well...maybe a little bit) but on the whole she is in Yemen and I want her to be safe!

We sent her yesterday. Yarabbi mak cik tu relax lah pasal packing..leeeepak je. She thinks I've overdone it with the medicine etc. I have packed as if she is going into a warzone ha ha. She's got ubat for everything that I can think of- Pil chiketek on included, and her dad bought some antibiotics ! I even gave her detergent although I'm quite sure she has never washed anything in her life. And we have taken some travel insurance as well! On the food stuff she's not lacking either, although initially I only gave her some 3 in 1 milo and some snack bars. Then Mr Dad of Six whose no 2 was also going, told me that he had bought Brahim (you know the one, they're basically cooked Malaysian dishes in packets), tuna in tins, nesvita etc. Alamak I didn't get lah! So I pun went to get..after all the kids wont get breakfast in Yemen, only the other 2 meals they will need to eat SOMETHING . Now my daughter can eat brahim for approximately 2 weeks if she pandai stretch it.

Husband came back only at 2 pm, by the time he came back I was freaking out, as I had to swing by Bangi to pick up some specially ordered Kueh Tart. I mean, they ARE going to celebrate Raya at least got kueh. Darn it I should also pack some DODOL and BAHULU..apa lah I nih!

Got to the airport , huffing and puffing, only to find parents loitering around and news that the flight had been delayed from 6 to 8 pm!! Managed to eat and solat before we got called to go to the departure area. Then the organiser, Sara, (this English revert who runs the Arabic Language centre) gathered everyone in a circle and we all read a doa for their safety. sad.. masa ni lah orang berair mata. My daughter however was happy as a bunny~! he he

Once we saw her off, we went to lepak at Bro in law's place in sepang...they took us for dinner at Auntie Aini- a really nice place! macam dalam kampung gitu...and the food s' good too! Western for the kids and local for us! Steaming hot ikan jenahak asam ..yumms!

Then at half past 9 balik ke airport again!! Mom and dad were waiting allready, having just checked in..they were all dressed for ireland,. As usual mom has this perpertually worried face on, I had to tell her to relaxxxx.....she would have to check out at Frankfurt airport and re-check in for Cork!

Finally bababababaabaiii at half past...phew! Glad that they both went off safely....

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tiara324542 said...

I brimmed tears at the sight of her going... :( I really will miss her! But I'm not going to go all around telling people I love her,and I miss her and all that mushy stuff. Hee hee! ;)

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