Monday, November 29, 2010

What we did this weekend.

What a crazy weekend! The one thing we did NOT do was have a lie in..a delicious lie in , while the rain pours outside..sigh....maybe next weekend pulak. This weekend I did what I most hated in the world to do- be amongst CROWDS.

On Saturday a friend called me for a date, she wanted to give me something. So out I went at half past 8 to meet her, then we went for breakfast at a warung...I had nasi dagang and she had nasi kerabu. Not bad, that warung at Wangsa maju, flies infested but ramai orang!

Then we went home, I had promised the kids a trip to Petrosains. Off we went (about ONE HOUR behind schedule because as usual they waited until I got home and started jadi SARJAN baru nak bertaburan lari) and we arrived at KLCC in due time...headed terrruuuuuuus to...bukan Petrosains, but TGV ....sebab on the way the 4 girls said eh jom tengok Tangl*ed! I am a sucker for (a) cartoon and (b) romantic stories so memang lah saya sokong 100% nak tengok wayang Tangled tu....tengok tengok ada ticket! Tak pernah I queue sebelum ni and terus dapat..

So after appeasing the girls (I had 3 with me) we went to Petrosains to appease the boys (also 3) .. unfortunately!! Kalau beli ticket now, we could only go in at 4. Hmm movie ends 4.20 . So how? So cannot lah! The boys had a back up plan which was ....Kino!! (The other plan was Petrosains kedai souvenir - small space - er no no)

So off we trundled (which means in my head, jalan ramai ramai in an disorganised manner) to Kino.....and they had fun reading and buying books, despite my suggestions to get new books, they wanted the books that they had been reading, and in some cases, almost finishing pun...Oh well...sekali sekala....

Then off we went to Kampung Pulau Pinang ha ha.. Good food except they forgot Sara's ORDER which was so kesian kat dia, dia makan lah adek dia punya leftover...(adek Johan bukan adek Sophia) . I hope i didn't put my friend off having kids. Ever.

Tangled was great!! The kids enjoyed it! Hubby wanted to come but only called me when the movie was over so tak payah ler....Then found out my 2nd brother yang LAMA MENGHILANG diri tu, was also in KLCC so I marched over there to where he is, smacked him one for not coming to visit his youngest brother in that big house...alowwwwnnnnnee (kesian nye ada kaklong scary camni) and then they all came to the house for dinner and then I zonked out at 9 and I didn't even see them go!

That was my Saturday......


Sunday ..began with husband being excited about going to MAHA and waking everyone up. Ok lah kitorang bangun pun subuh tauuuu tapi takdalah nak terus mandi siap kan...but he was very keen to go visit this agriculture show yang dengarnye ada pets and petting zoo and some animals. I was very excited to go anywhere with him actually physically present so I woke the kids up too. About 2 HOURS later we got going ...only to find the car swerving to the HOSPITAL because he has to discharge some patients. My kids never minded going to the hospital because they always have a ball of a time at the MYnews shop, beli air lah, makan lah, magazine lah..tunggu bapaknye 20 minit je tapi spend RM50. This time around I made them bring their own money..but actually I can't lah make them pay for their cream puff and their milo and their juice etc. As we were munching away dad came back and off we went for MAHA....

Tengok tengok JAM teruk at Serdang! The UPM toll was chocka! We followed the road signs to Maha show and amazingly for the first time, the signs were right! And the sign to turn was not placed AT the very junction that they want us to turn into! Kan, selalunye nampak sign dah too late to turn. Anyway it was a craaaaaaaaaaaawllll to get into the parking area. Husband pulak, chose the furthest parking spot. One thing about hubby he hates it when I moan about parking being too far. I hate walking he knows THAT. But he thinks he is being heroic or else he is weak if he tries to find a parking spot nearer to the entrance..So we walked laaa jauh ...nasib baik ada tram. Tu pun he masam kena naik tram..but jauh siyut....(to borrow my cousin brother's term)

MAHA2010 ni, you don't know where to start first. The tram offloaded us at this area, a lot of people were crowding around. there were also some stalls, selling kueh to broadband. At the other side I could also see some other stalls selling plants. Where to go first?? Toilet, of course! But there were 4 rows deep of people waiting to go in to the TOILET so that was out. I had nooo idea where to start. U know, I have No initiative. I MUST have instructions. So the idea of them placing lots of random stalls and exhibitions and say- good luck and have fun! - not very happy with that. I found out eventually (by taking the map) that there were some halls which you have to walk (mooan moan)...husband asked me what was wrong as I was very quiet as we walked up in the humid air and my non pespiration absorbing headscarf...I was quiet because I was thinking..if I can't take the heat HERE, how on earth am I going to tahan in Mekah?? Ramainye...humid nye...I hate crowds... What if I moan and moan and cannot stop?? Waaa..

Once we got in (to the aircond) MAHA was actually fun! Hall A and Hall D je we managed to visit. With 5 kids in tow pulak today, we couldn't walk too far. Sara was wearing her riding boots so they were hurting her feet so half the time she went barefoot. We had mega fun in Hall A where they sold a lot of things...they sold fish (and we borongggggggg-- ikan kerapu, ikan bawalmas, sotong besar besar (which I have grilled and squeezed lemon over) ) and also kerang , shells yang you tak pernah nampak kat pasar (lagi lah I, yang tak pergi pasar ) - yang tak pernah jumpa kat Giant pun. I beli pes tempoyak dari Pahang untuk buat ikan patin masak lemak tempoyak- thought I was so clever until husband tanya- kenapa tak beli je tempoyak? ErkS?? a-ah yek???

Seronok nye membeli!! Hall A is where you will learn (and buy) about Boer goats, fish , produce etc...made me very proud of our Agriculture Ministry!

The one thing that I was immensely glad about was that we finally OPENED our tabung haji account!! Yayyyy!!! There was a stall by Tabung Haji can you believe it!! Yelah MAHA tu pun MAHA KUASA....HE knows kitaorang ni tak pernah sempat buat ....niat je HE put the stall depan mata! Walaupun hanya RM2 sorang..I'm so happy satu family dah bukak..padahal the HQ tu so lah the dekat..tak pernah ada masa to go. And once we sat down to apply, ramai lak datang... Now I have to find a way to go to Haj earlier than 2035 (boy I would be 60) .

Satu je complain...Hall D had this huge huge food court. Tempat makan depa too big. and not enough chairs and tables. No one would give up their table for the poor lady with 5 children (husband got stuck watching roticanai exhibition) I had to hang around one table where a chinese couple was enjoying their food and instead of waiting like a hawk for them to finish (tempted to do that), I asked them if they minded that I wait there...sorry lah so rude. There was another couple also eating. So we started talking and they were there to buy orchids and yeah they're tired too and yes RM18 for the bawal IS cheap.

And a lot of people came to sit and got shooed away by me except lah this Indian guy who was limping (one leg shorter than the other) and I first told him I had booked the table then I felt like a total heel , so I told him to sit down because Sophia Yana and Yaya and husband were still queing up for the nasi ayam anyway (strange tau, stall lain kosong, the nasi ayam stall PANJANG line dia) ...he sat down , then his friend who was with him, didn't dare to sit , and instead put his plate on the RUBBISH BIN!!! (u know, the tall green one) that was behind us, and tried to eat standing up. ADA KE??? So I told him to don't be so ridiculous,. duduk je lah!! And they sat very apologetically (WHY LAH???) Maybe they were immigrants. Or cleaner. Who cares lah,duduk lah je I kesian you tu ada disability. Sara and JOhan were with me , but dah tertidur dah. Sara dah miserable sebab kaki sakit.

So since its 1.22am now, I better wrap up this drama minggu ini, basically, we decided to call it a day even though we wanted to see so much was starting to rain... we walked back in the rain to the car...not without stopping to buy 5 baloons , 3 of them spongebob, ..beli lagi kan??? Husband walked back (hero kan) with 3 bags of ikan dan lain lain ....taknak tunggu I take the car around to him...

The kids zonked out in the car (me too) . I was flat out BUT!! Apparently we had been invited to visit a friend's do for his daughter we went (at 9 pm) and just got back....sigh

TOmorrow can I have the day off boss?? (Or rather today) he he he..

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Royalshoppingarcade said...

gosh.nasib baik i tak pegi maha on saturday.of coz i couldn't go on sunday coz i had the clearance partykan.btw, if u are in cheras area, dtg je la tapi let me know, kena kmas rumah for u to datang.but seriously, the few that came yesterday was so surprised w the price I slashed.and u can still get the slashed price too.let me know.
penatnya dgr ur trip to MAHA.bawak children mmg penat and w those my kids are all back.penat nya and that is without the CROWDS.hehe

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