Tuesday, December 28, 2010

kota bahru

Am back from KB. Pix in husband's camera and otherwise posted in FB . It was good, the weather held for the 3 days we were there. My Japanese friend was impressed and said finally she felt she was in another country ha ha. The tour guide was so good, Farez. He picked us up, sent us to the chalet, sent us to the Wedding (Mily and Rushydan) and organised a few choice tour spots for us. The trouble is we had kids so the tour activities had to be modified a little bit from Jalan ke Pasar Katijah, ke swimming at PCB etc, tengok ikan keli, tengok beruk, makan tepi sungai...simple things that to us KLites..are very jakunifying. (menjakunkan)

The Pasir Belanda resort is Aplus plus plus over the plus lagi kau.. it was a very good choice. It was quiet, green, set in the middle of kampung, but got hot water aircond and tv and tea coffee making facilities boleh tak ha ha.

Ok lah i ni ada kerja sebenarnya...so sat lagi sambung ok...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Obsession with As

PMR results came out yesterday. I was officially "on leave" as I wanted to sort out certain school stuff. Like books and uniforms and also there was Nadine's PMR results to be taken!! She had smsed me from Yemen to say TEXT ME AS SOON AS YOU GET IT MUMMY!! or something like that...I went at 11.30 - rasa berdebar debar macam I pulak exam heh! Semua gather in the conference room.

I was just in time to hear the announcement that the excellent students who scored was first Amira (8A) then Nadine (7A) and another girl with 6 A . The rest were 6As and below. The school didn't have berpuluh orang score all As because the school only had about 18 kids taking PMR! Parents ada yang disappointed, ada yang redha.

I was soo over the moon for Nadine. The dad siap texted everyone, ok, all members of the family even yang lama tak contact dapat sms from dad. I was mega ecstatic because she didn't attend tuition until like mid last year and I never saw her study. We called her immediately! She was upset! Because her B was in Pendidikan Islam and Arab! The 2 subjects she always scored in he he. And budak ADni dapat B in pendidikan islam meh?? And also Amirah got more than her! So the teacher told me to ask for a revision of her 2 papers, as once an Adni student asked and got his grade bumped up from C to A. Ye ke. Ok je lah.

Then as the day went by I read there were many many scorers of 8As in the land, and suddenly Nadine's achievement felt average!..although I was very proud of her (we ALL are) it didn't seem special with so many getting perfect score ..half of certain schools scored 8As. Until Dad of Six pointed out that (a) she is in private school which traditionally gets marked down, and (b) she has not had the advantage of aggressive revision programmes that normal schools carry out to ensure that their kids dapat all As. And Adni has never been aggressive. They prefer a holistically well developed child. Kalau 19 A tapi tak reti borak dengan orang tua, how? Or don't know how to think out of the box, how?

And come to think of it. I totally agree. That is why punkan we made the financially painful decision to send them there.. We want them to be able to develop other skills, character, and values. I also stress that they must understand and LEARN for the sake of learning and not for the sake of passing exams. I did the latter and really , I remember very little about what the heck I learn. However, even in Adni , they don't actually seem to be "learning"- more rote learning which I so want to avoid, but does anyone really love learning, at that age? Only those deprived of education will really appreciate it , but the kids where school is a must, susah nak tanam semangat cintakan ilmu. I don't want to stress on academic excellence... On the other hand, if our children do not do well , they will not have many options available to them...their choices will be limited.So kena gak emphasis the academic excellence! How ye.

Now it hits us that Nadine is growing up and we need to determine her future soon! We have decided that she should also take the GSCEs (Cambridge) as well as the SPM. SPM sebab nak dia be within the system ,and I know she can do well. GSCEs to give her more choices later...Her sisters pun lah , insyallah kalau ada ongkos nya, kita give both chances. Or do you think we are putting additional pressure on them. Ikut Sara and Sophia depa nak English medium je, ie NO SPM and PMR langsung.

Ok lah better get back to work! Have a good weekend all! We'll figure out this soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

what we've been up to

Quick one:

1. Had Gill and Russ and their 2 kids over for dinner last week. Gill was my flatmate at Uni all those years ago. I wanted to try staying independently and away from my mom's cousin with whom I had been staying for a whole year. Gill remembers meeting me for the first time as I entered the flat and cheerily said HII IM SHILA and there I was with my scarf and there they were all drunk on cider and giggling away- all four minahsallehs. I had a nice time there nonetheless, and became close to two of them in particular , gill and helen. Then I heard Gill and husband had come down to Malaysia to teach and they stayed for 8 years and apart from once or twice, we didn't really make the effort to meet. Tu lah, kan, once dah within reach you take it for granted. Then they moved to Oz and they missed Malaysia and they are spending their Xmas hols here, so we met up for dinner. Simple nasi putih and lauk pauk affair. They missed Msia but I said the Msia you miss is probably not the Msia most people here know ha ha since they are expats kan. But they don't really relate to Aussies or England anymore they said !

2. Then had M and family for dinner- that was nice, we had a nice chat and ate and ate..sorry lah M simple je nasi ayam. We know the family and would look forward to chinese new year do ha ha. And M dulu tak sesebok sekarang, so we could go and have a makan makan. or minum minum.

3. Then my cousin, Amily got married. Thursday was the doa selamat, Saturday was the akad nikah, and Sunday was the reception at MKayangan. Doa Selamat, we went dah habis (biasalah) and makan makan je lah sempat. Saturday the Akad Nikah went well....Amily looked so sweet and I cannot believe she is someone's wife hu hu hu! And then we spent some time helping auntie assemble the door gifts - which was a tissue/pencil/make up cloth bag and to be filled with 1. cake 2.two mentos 3. one choc. There was an assembly line of sorts involving our children and cousins and even aunties, doing this. And to top it all my auntie the bride's mom wants us to separate light and dark colours because the dark was for the men, the light for the women. Since this was the same day as the dinner with M, I was anxious to go off and start dinner! Tapi the heart cannot reach lah (tak sampai hati ) to leave them ..hehehehe

4. The wedding on Sunday...we were the MC...we went to the rehearsal at 10. We stopped by the office to print the script only to find that the printer failed to print. then we went anyway to the rehearsal, and then the bride and groom were sorting cake etc etc out and not practising and Im freaking out because the wedding was at 12.45 hello.....and then we managed to get the rehearsal going and we shot out of there around 11. cause I had to buy my baju kurung cause I didnt have anything in silver at all and husband suggested I wear my work clothes which is grey. Ha ha. So off we went to Ampang Park and within 2 minutes I got my baju kurung and was about to go off but then my husband lak hilang so I had to wait and by the time we left AP it was close to 11.30 and we went to the office to print again (the modem was not on that was why) and I had to redraft sikit and then we rushed home, both of us promising not to mandi, as we don't have time. Kids were ready by the time we reached home tapi i thought i could quickly shower while husband looked for his baju melayu. And then husband lak mandi - the problem is this is Nadine's dad so maaaacam nadine. So finally got out of the house 12.30 and freak out cause the agenda that I was holding said "pengantin turun 12.45" as in the bride and groom scheduled to go into the hall in exactly 15 mins. And then there were cars ahead of us which were obviously enjoying the Sunday because they were so slow and husband refused to overtake so in the end I closed my eyes, thought of God and gave up.

Arrived and rushed while husband parked the car. Phew!nasib baik Malaysians being Malaysians the timing lari as the Imam nak makan dulu so finally started about 1.10. And then Dr MC made the whole thing memorable by announcing the pengantin was coming in accompanied by PALUAN KAMPUNG hahahahah instead of paluan kompang so everyone outside laughed and he was cool as anything (if it was me I would have pengsan there and then) and it went well...and then we mingled with the MANY MANY MANY guests and had fun meeting my sedaro dari rombau ni haaa tak kona ko anak pakcik kasim kau! he he he. It was fun.

5. Went home, had arranged for dinner with mom's siblings, felt bad cause we never go and see them so invited them out for dinner. and before that had a quick nap and the next thing i knew the girls were screaming at us to wake up (ok slight exaggeration) and it was 9.30 pm and everyone was AT the dinner except for us. So we rushed again hi hi hi- managed to have about one hour with them. thanks for waiting ....

All in all a good night , a good week but god today I demam. ! BUT! Malam ni my friend from England yang kawin orang Canada and datang tanah tumpahdaranya (dia malaysian) and nak jumpa so husband kata ajak ke rumah groaaan ..and I am looking forward tapi tak larat sikiiiit je he he.

Byeee then..off to work I go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


In another 3 weeks my daughter will be home with us!

She's having a fantastic time over there..pi jalan sini lah, sana lah, go see the Red Sea lah, go to see historical buildings lah., Aden lah. Taiz lah, macam macam. Pi Yemeni wedding lah ...best tol.. kalauu call tak pernah bunyi sad, selalu bunyi excited ha ha.

today her voice is gone. She has missed class again. sebb demam..kecian.

Kitorang? we are a mess of course. We miss her loads hahahaha! takda sapa nak nag kan, in the morning. Eldest now is Sara although most sensible is Dahlia.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hilang hilang

This has been a funny week- and it's only Wednesday!

On Sunday I took the kids out to KLCC sans the dad. I picked up a "dokoh" which I had managed to break. I don't wear jewelry normally but I remember buying this for a fancy dinner and of course since I am an elephant when it comes to jewelry, I managed to putus kan the chain. Thank goodness Ang Eng was willing to repair for free, and I went to get it back from the store.
" (yeah i didn't know this was called Dokoh either)

Then of course lah I might as well drop in to Arzu right.. A friend had told me that they sell the serkups (whats that in English?) that you wear to cover your hair under the scarves only for RM50 for FOUR~! Wow! I memang was looking for it pun. I had decided to go back to wearing those square scarves I used to wear at Uni, instead of the oh so comfortable styles nowadays which you can just put on. (which is convenient but apparently makes me look like the makcik potong rumput . ) and those scarves are sometimes transparent and those serkups are perfect.

So any way then we headed towards ISe*tan, my Arzu bag in hand (and the dokoh bag in that) and the kids wanted to see toys and I was looking at Jojo's tshirt at the Miki section bla bla bla, the end is that , I balik je rumah every plastic bag ada except the one containing the serkup and the dokoh. Carik lah dalam kereta, outside, etc etc TAKDA- the next day I went back to the shop- tak da..I was positive that it was at the MIki tshirt counter when I was looking at the tshirts. And takda.

So kira..takda rezeki lah kan? Ok lah, redha...

Then this morning pulak! My gelang takda. Freak out because I know it has a loose clasp and I know also that I had been meaning to take it off to keep it in a safe place. It must have fallen off. Freak out no 1 because it was a 40th birthday present and freak out no 2 is , the night before I was at a lot of places so there could be a 1001 places it could have fallen off and of course I was kicking myself for not actually taking it OFF . I spent a good part of the morning calling the places I was at including Mak B's place where we had the fantastic get together (as always! with loaads of food). Semua kata sorry tak da

Again, I prayed ..if really it is my rezeki, let me find it. The giver was not too happy but philosophical about it and definitely against the idea of me scouring the roadside at maghrib to look for it.

I came home, and guess what. My maid said she found it. I was sooo happy. But you know where she found it? in a sachet, in my drawer, in my room. My maid said she didnt know where else to look , so she opened my drawer and rummaged through and she opened everybox and lo and behold, she found it!Rupanye I had kept it after all! Of course she said she found it lying outside but actually NOW i remember it was INSIDE the box. Which meant she had opened it.

I was happy she found it (i gave her 10 bucks!) but I think it was SOOO not right that she felt ok with opening my drawers! I really don't know how to react or feel, but I told her I don't quite like her feeling so free to rummage through my stuff like that! Even though I was happy that she found it!> This was like the other day when she cleaned up my closet. I felt glad that the closet was clean but i didnt like that she felt it was ok to do it! I mean, she straightened up my inner clothes, she opened all the cupboard- who does that?? I think from now on I will open her closet lah! Can or not??

Anyway that is the story lah this past 2 days. Ashik terhilang barang je. Must go put head back straight back on...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Clingon aka post merapu

Ada tak any petua how not to be clingy to husband?

I have been married about 17 years (this January yay!) and I still think of him alll the time. Like ALL the time. Like, if I meet my friends for lunch etc his name is guaranteed to come up. I joke that he actually comes to all my functions in spirit.

And I call him all the time. Ok lah that's not quite true, but let's put it this way ok- if I get through the day without calling him he's going to ask me if I was allright. I am MUCH better nowadays, I only call him like twice at the very most ha ha. Sometimes it's inane things like I miss you, half the time it's "please call Pakcik bas, dia tak ambik anak kita harini". I don't keep as many numbers as he does (ok excuse je tu nak call) - most of the time it's where are you?

And this is not because he is mega cute or mega rich or what. We knew each other since Uni days kan...odds are that we probably will get bored with each other. But I haven't. I do check if he's bored (and that by the way ladies, sound sooo pathetic when you actually ask the question- are you bored with me yang?) hahahahha so don't do it! But he said I am his entertainer (yah me, born comic) . Apparently he said he looks forward to seing me at the end of the day.

I just reread this post- eer yucksss!! Im sure my kids are reaching for the bucket allready ha ha. Anyway they always ask why we lock the door all the time. I tell them...Nothing's going on kids, we just want to sit and chat without you guys barging in all the time hahahahah! Yes we do speak very softly so you can't hear us. And it's not ALL the time.

You know Giuliana and Bill? I love watching them.. I know, part of me think OH SHALLOW nye aku...but it's fun the way they interact...he's so accommodating to her and she's such a whiner. Kind of remind me of us really. hahaha

Eh what is the point ni ha? Oh yeah I want to be less clingy and more independent. Ok I am allready v independent. But I want him to not know how obsessed I am with him, can tak. So dia tak da lah ego sangat. I mean, there is this lady at his hospital who is an Indonesian lady yang kaya raya rayaaaaaa..pakai Omega Constellation watch and nice suits. And tak pakai tudung , rambut blow and short bob, and slim and pakai pants suit and sometimes skirt pendek and look young and also so trendy the mendy. I envy her style..and half of me think laki aku tengok Makcik stylo ni kat office dia, sekali balik tengok makcik frumpy kat rumah sure tak best kan? heheheheh. Plus makcik frumpy yang macam clingy. Not from the I think he's going to cheat on me angle, but rather from I want him to admire me angle.

So ...any ideas?? Hahhaha sorry lah post merapu.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Late posts- Sara's day...

Goodness..it's been a whole week since the last post!! What's wrong with me?? I had a lot to talk about though, Sara's birthday lunch , and then there was Dahlia falling sick, and then there was my BNI meeting , but macam tak da mood nak bukak the pc to blog.

Sara had another party lunch the next day. We went to Delicious cafe (I'll call it "D" ok) ...for a long time it was just us the family at the table. waiting for the others to arrive! Everyone was about an hour late, and I don't think the demonstration about the water tariffs helped. I was just thinking waaah Malaysia ni kira ok lah kan in terms of freedom of speech and how clever we are to demonstrate - then I found out the protest was organised by the opposition party (now the governing body)

Anyway hoped Sara enjoyed herself at D, the live band sang her happy birthday song...and D gave her a pic to take away..Food at Delicious was great...very kenyang. Only one friend of sara could come..apa rah. Nasib baik my brother Saiful and his family, and husband's brother Epa and his family, whose daughters and mine are really close friends, could come!- In the end it was an intimate family lunch. Dah habis we all went to Jadibatik...at Jalan Inai and terus started to paint tshirts. Mula mula Yasser and Johan didn't want to sebab tak macho lah kan... but in the end they were enjoying themselves as well. They get to trace the pic on the tshirt, then applied wax ("Canting") on it and then paint it! I just picked the tshirts up semalam from the shop (You have to let it dry) - cantekk! Once they all dry they look so professional!Husband pun buat..he did a huge one with all our names on it. With 11 people concentrating and drawing it did take some time...last sekali mr doctor yang nak melukis sekali tu..design sendiri lak tu. I panicked lah sebab the shop closed at 6 but of course husband cannot be rushed....last last I and the kids duduk kat dalam kereta...sbb kalau hang around at the shop I can see the staff just waiting for us to leave allready! hehehehehe! It's my friend's shop and his auntie was so nice and attended to us personally.

So that was her day...I hope she enjoyed it!

Monday, December 06, 2010

my facebook status if only i dont have clients as friends...

These are some of the status that I am so tempted to put up on Facebook, but now cannot cause kena maintain cool:

1. Am soooo sleepy.

2. I want to eat milo, can?

3. I hate my clients

4. Husband , if you say 6 pm, do you mean - in europe?

5. I am so lazy today.

6. Am feeling fat.


Sara was 13!!

Sara turned 13 last Saturday!!

The day itself went by without any celebration on our side, since I was away attending a workshop and husband was working. Husband reached home first and there was a bit of a confusion as to whether we were going to meet outside ke or me to come home first, or what. In the end I decided to go home first lah ---which was a big mistake because once dah sampai rumah the tiredness of the whole day caught up with me and I SLEPT until Maghrib - a tearful Sara with a small voice woke me up sebab janji nak bawak keluar tapi mummy mengdengkur je!!

So anyway malam we took her to her restaurant of choice. Not fair to ask these kids cause they don't exactly read food blogs right so they don't know where the good restaurants are. Sara chose Marche the place we had been to once with the Adom clan (that was fun) as well as the Sudin clan! Amazingly we got a table with a huge banner saying Happy Birthday at the back! It was so appropriate! Dinner was good, anak I memang pandai bab bab pilih food nih, although not too many choices. Marche punya concept macam buffet, you choose what you want to eat, and then they mark it on your passport and then you pay sendiri sendiri ..kalau nak makan ramai ramai it is a good way to avoid the awkwardness of who is going to take up the tab. Senyum lah sikit si Sara....Sophia tak berapa sehat tapi so she was a bit sleepy...Daya of course was alert as anything and "got" the system immediately.

And the next day...took her for lunch at Delicious 2 residency. One friend je yang boleh datang, the rest ada plans lain yang tiba tiba je crop up, cish tak boleh buat janji tol..

- sambung

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...