Clingon aka post merapu

Ada tak any petua how not to be clingy to husband?

I have been married about 17 years (this January yay!) and I still think of him alll the time. Like ALL the time. Like, if I meet my friends for lunch etc his name is guaranteed to come up. I joke that he actually comes to all my functions in spirit.

And I call him all the time. Ok lah that's not quite true, but let's put it this way ok- if I get through the day without calling him he's going to ask me if I was allright. I am MUCH better nowadays, I only call him like twice at the very most ha ha. Sometimes it's inane things like I miss you, half the time it's "please call Pakcik bas, dia tak ambik anak kita harini". I don't keep as many numbers as he does (ok excuse je tu nak call) - most of the time it's where are you?

And this is not because he is mega cute or mega rich or what. We knew each other since Uni days kan...odds are that we probably will get bored with each other. But I haven't. I do check if he's bored (and that by the way ladies, sound sooo pathetic when you actually ask the question- are you bored with me yang?) hahahahha so don't do it! But he said I am his entertainer (yah me, born comic) . Apparently he said he looks forward to seing me at the end of the day.

I just reread this post- eer yucksss!! Im sure my kids are reaching for the bucket allready ha ha. Anyway they always ask why we lock the door all the time. I tell them...Nothing's going on kids, we just want to sit and chat without you guys barging in all the time hahahahah! Yes we do speak very softly so you can't hear us. And it's not ALL the time.

You know Giuliana and Bill? I love watching them.. I know, part of me think OH SHALLOW nye aku...but it's fun the way they interact...he's so accommodating to her and she's such a whiner. Kind of remind me of us really. hahaha

Eh what is the point ni ha? Oh yeah I want to be less clingy and more independent. Ok I am allready v independent. But I want him to not know how obsessed I am with him, can tak. So dia tak da lah ego sangat. I mean, there is this lady at his hospital who is an Indonesian lady yang kaya raya rayaaaaaa..pakai Omega Constellation watch and nice suits. And tak pakai tudung , rambut blow and short bob, and slim and pakai pants suit and sometimes skirt pendek and look young and also so trendy the mendy. I envy her style..and half of me think laki aku tengok Makcik stylo ni kat office dia, sekali balik tengok makcik frumpy kat rumah sure tak best kan? heheheheh. Plus makcik frumpy yang macam clingy. Not from the I think he's going to cheat on me angle, but rather from I want him to admire me angle.

So ...any ideas?? Hahhaha sorry lah post merapu.


Lose weight. Pick up a hobby he likes. Take up golfing (yuck). Throw all your clothes out that have elastic waistband (awww! Must I???) and the bland colours.
- ME
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha..he likes you clingy, so why change? pun boleh pakai Omega, just make him pay for it..jgn cakap kat Jab I yg hasut tau!

Learn to love yourself first. As a result your loved ones will inevitably love and admire you more.
And you will get rid of your insecurities once and for all. So, start loving yourself ok!
thats good advice madam tai tai...although do you think its insecurities?
Jah...hahahahah will do that (one day!) in the meantime I am concentrating on losing a biiiiiiiiiit of weight.
YES definitely insecurities about yourself. are such a beautiful lady ok. So quit beating yourself down. If you are not happy about your body, then do something about it. At the end of the day, it is YOU who are not happy, I'm pretty certain everyone else tak kisah. I certainly tak kisah because you are still a wonderful,lovely and funny friend whatever size you are. Being in your company is so much fun.
LifeBloom said…
I am the last one to komen apa2x - so I cerita ajer kat sini..I have a friend well actually two friends yang sejak dari dulu pakwe keliling pinggang and now their husbands CLING to them..and I feel that they have a good kinda mariage - healthy fights, cepat make up, husband tolong kat rumah etc. And my frens ni biasa ajer la - tak la lawa sangat, biasa jer, tak dela kurus sgt ..the common thread I found in them is that they are super confident in themselves. And they dont sweat the small stuff. I have seen men hensem, kaya pander to them and they all boleh buat tak tau saja...they got married to the substantial men, men who love them and their families and who can also get along with their friends and their hubs are great providers and fathers to boot. And they support their wives in whatever they wanna do...
aha, so that's why u went and see that 11k watch?
i think its gr8 that you think abt wanting to look gr8 for your hubby,that alone dah dpt pahala, i mean, you bukan nak mencantikkan diri utk org lain but totally for ur beloved hubby.that is soo sweet.anyway, i know u want the complete package;beauty w brains and bubbliness kan? u r already a wonderful person but u want to be that wonderful person in that wonderful body.
I so get you!
and u know what.u can if you really want to!
go kak shila, go kak shila!
Awww madam tai tai..that is so sweet. I love you too!Maybe I can get you to be the personal trainer macam you do to Alya ? he he he
Zura..tu bukan confident namanye..tu JAMPI! heheheh no lah I was only kidding!! I get what you mean girl!! Yeah some people are annoying the way they look so selamba but mak oi mamat kiyut kiyut go after them kan
RSA- that 11k watch tu my husband yang go shopping! He he.. I think sejak pakai tudung , rasa frumpy sikit lah kan and its totally not the tudung fault but mine ! I sendiri tak suka rasa frumpy and makcik makcik adn Im afraid my wardrobe is full of the makcik stuff. so come on come and visit me allready! hehehehe
Anonymous said…
Shila, u dah perfect dahhh...dari zaman A level lagi I always rasa baikkkknyaaa budakkk niiii.... u're sooo sweetttt, kind, humble and brilliant...sebab tu hidup u diberkati dapat husband baik dan berada dan dapat anak yg ramai....
kak shila,
when I get new stocks, will come avisiting!

came across your blog while blog hopping. and i must say, i can so relate to what you are writing in this post. :)
anonymous...baru lah nak comment..sebab terkejut dapat comment you hahahahaha....thanks very much ,dont know about brilliant kekekekeeh. but you are right, we are blessed.
hehehe missintepreted...the funny thing is I cant help it..>!

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