Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hilang hilang

This has been a funny week- and it's only Wednesday!

On Sunday I took the kids out to KLCC sans the dad. I picked up a "dokoh" which I had managed to break. I don't wear jewelry normally but I remember buying this for a fancy dinner and of course since I am an elephant when it comes to jewelry, I managed to putus kan the chain. Thank goodness Ang Eng was willing to repair for free, and I went to get it back from the store.
" (yeah i didn't know this was called Dokoh either)

Then of course lah I might as well drop in to Arzu right.. A friend had told me that they sell the serkups (whats that in English?) that you wear to cover your hair under the scarves only for RM50 for FOUR~! Wow! I memang was looking for it pun. I had decided to go back to wearing those square scarves I used to wear at Uni, instead of the oh so comfortable styles nowadays which you can just put on. (which is convenient but apparently makes me look like the makcik potong rumput . ) and those scarves are sometimes transparent and those serkups are perfect.

So any way then we headed towards ISe*tan, my Arzu bag in hand (and the dokoh bag in that) and the kids wanted to see toys and I was looking at Jojo's tshirt at the Miki section bla bla bla, the end is that , I balik je rumah every plastic bag ada except the one containing the serkup and the dokoh. Carik lah dalam kereta, outside, etc etc TAKDA- the next day I went back to the shop- tak da..I was positive that it was at the MIki tshirt counter when I was looking at the tshirts. And takda.

So kira..takda rezeki lah kan? Ok lah, redha...

Then this morning pulak! My gelang takda. Freak out because I know it has a loose clasp and I know also that I had been meaning to take it off to keep it in a safe place. It must have fallen off. Freak out no 1 because it was a 40th birthday present and freak out no 2 is , the night before I was at a lot of places so there could be a 1001 places it could have fallen off and of course I was kicking myself for not actually taking it OFF . I spent a good part of the morning calling the places I was at including Mak B's place where we had the fantastic get together (as always! with loaads of food). Semua kata sorry tak da

Again, I prayed ..if really it is my rezeki, let me find it. The giver was not too happy but philosophical about it and definitely against the idea of me scouring the roadside at maghrib to look for it.

I came home, and guess what. My maid said she found it. I was sooo happy. But you know where she found it? in a sachet, in my drawer, in my room. My maid said she didnt know where else to look , so she opened my drawer and rummaged through and she opened everybox and lo and behold, she found it!Rupanye I had kept it after all! Of course she said she found it lying outside but actually NOW i remember it was INSIDE the box. Which meant she had opened it.

I was happy she found it (i gave her 10 bucks!) but I think it was SOOO not right that she felt ok with opening my drawers! I really don't know how to react or feel, but I told her I don't quite like her feeling so free to rummage through my stuff like that! Even though I was happy that she found it!> This was like the other day when she cleaned up my closet. I felt glad that the closet was clean but i didnt like that she felt it was ok to do it! I mean, she straightened up my inner clothes, she opened all the cupboard- who does that?? I think from now on I will open her closet lah! Can or not??

Anyway that is the story lah this past 2 days. Ashik terhilang barang je. Must go put head back straight back on...


Anonymous said...

Don't even let her into your room. Its pantang orang Melayu, ada banyak baiknya. Kita kemas bilik kita sndiri and tak sempat kemas pun tak apa. Its just my two cents...

Superwomanwannabe said...

yes i agree . semalas malas mana jangan biar dia masuk. ok will implement.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

entah2 dia yg ambik(tak baiknya I tuduh your maid but my mum had experienced all these before)and bila tgk u frantic abt it calling here and there, might as well dia buat konon dia yg jumpa so she would be on your good books.
byk kali dah my mum kena camni and last2 baru realized it was the maid all along!my 2 cents.
though i memang try to pk baik abt the maids, but most often than not, mmg diaorg the culprit!

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