Tuesday, December 28, 2010

kota bahru

Am back from KB. Pix in husband's camera and otherwise posted in FB . It was good, the weather held for the 3 days we were there. My Japanese friend was impressed and said finally she felt she was in another country ha ha. The tour guide was so good, Farez. He picked us up, sent us to the chalet, sent us to the Wedding (Mily and Rushydan) and organised a few choice tour spots for us. The trouble is we had kids so the tour activities had to be modified a little bit from Jalan ke Pasar Katijah, ke swimming at PCB etc, tengok ikan keli, tengok beruk, makan tepi sungai...simple things that to us KLites..are very jakunifying. (menjakunkan)

The Pasir Belanda resort is Aplus plus plus over the plus lagi kau.. it was a very good choice. It was quiet, green, set in the middle of kampung, but got hot water aircond and tv and tea coffee making facilities boleh tak ha ha.

Ok lah i ni ada kerja sebenarnya...so sat lagi sambung ok...

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