Sunday, December 12, 2010

Late posts- Sara's day...'s been a whole week since the last post!! What's wrong with me?? I had a lot to talk about though, Sara's birthday lunch , and then there was Dahlia falling sick, and then there was my BNI meeting , but macam tak da mood nak bukak the pc to blog.

Sara had another party lunch the next day. We went to Delicious cafe (I'll call it "D" ok) ...for a long time it was just us the family at the table. waiting for the others to arrive! Everyone was about an hour late, and I don't think the demonstration about the water tariffs helped. I was just thinking waaah Malaysia ni kira ok lah kan in terms of freedom of speech and how clever we are to demonstrate - then I found out the protest was organised by the opposition party (now the governing body)

Anyway hoped Sara enjoyed herself at D, the live band sang her happy birthday song...and D gave her a pic to take away..Food at Delicious was great...very kenyang. Only one friend of sara could come..apa rah. Nasib baik my brother Saiful and his family, and husband's brother Epa and his family, whose daughters and mine are really close friends, could come!- In the end it was an intimate family lunch. Dah habis we all went to Jalan Inai and terus started to paint tshirts. Mula mula Yasser and Johan didn't want to sebab tak macho lah kan... but in the end they were enjoying themselves as well. They get to trace the pic on the tshirt, then applied wax ("Canting") on it and then paint it! I just picked the tshirts up semalam from the shop (You have to let it dry) - cantekk! Once they all dry they look so professional!Husband pun buat..he did a huge one with all our names on it. With 11 people concentrating and drawing it did take some time...last sekali mr doctor yang nak melukis sekali sendiri lak tu. I panicked lah sebab the shop closed at 6 but of course husband cannot be rushed....last last I and the kids duduk kat dalam kereta...sbb kalau hang around at the shop I can see the staff just waiting for us to leave allready! hehehehehe! It's my friend's shop and his auntie was so nice and attended to us personally.

So that was her day...I hope she enjoyed it!

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