my facebook status if only i dont have clients as friends...

These are some of the status that I am so tempted to put up on Facebook, but now cannot cause kena maintain cool:

1. Am soooo sleepy.

2. I want to eat milo, can?

3. I hate my clients

4. Husband , if you say 6 pm, do you mean - in europe?

5. I am so lazy today.

6. Am feeling fat.



How do you know that none of your clients follow your blog???? Aha!
my thoughts exactly madam ttnm!
Anonymous said…
The clients yang banyak songel are definitely not reading!!
LifeBloom said…
U shud tag people with this - haha
aida yurani said…
Yeah, you sure tak ur clients tak follow ur blog? My friends who are silent readers are regulars following your blog tau! Hehehe

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