Thursday, December 16, 2010


In another 3 weeks my daughter will be home with us!

She's having a fantastic time over there..pi jalan sini lah, sana lah, go see the Red Sea lah, go to see historical buildings lah., Aden lah. Taiz lah, macam macam. Pi Yemeni wedding lah tol.. kalauu call tak pernah bunyi sad, selalu bunyi excited ha ha.

today her voice is gone. She has missed class again. sebb demam..kecian.

Kitorang? we are a mess of course. We miss her loads hahahaha! takda sapa nak nag kan, in the morning. Eldest now is Sara although most sensible is Dahlia.

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Nadine said...

I've got my voice back!!! Yay! tapi still coughing.
Don't worry mommy i'll be back verry soon. Plus it wasn't a wedding, it was an after wedding party/majlis thing. Very different from Malaysia but interesting. Women only. No men. At all. They really dress up. I was glad to have the experience.

Yeah i can imagine that Dahlia is the most sensible.

And why is it "we miss her loads hahahaha!"??

Mommy, remember to call straight away after you get the results. No matter what time it is in Yemen! And don't tell anyone else before me! except maybe for Daddy. Tell Daddy this if he's the one taking it.

Call soon :) Love, KakLong.

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