Friday, December 24, 2010

Obsession with As

PMR results came out yesterday. I was officially "on leave" as I wanted to sort out certain school stuff. Like books and uniforms and also there was Nadine's PMR results to be taken!! She had smsed me from Yemen to say TEXT ME AS SOON AS YOU GET IT MUMMY!! or something like that...I went at 11.30 - rasa berdebar debar macam I pulak exam heh! Semua gather in the conference room.

I was just in time to hear the announcement that the excellent students who scored was first Amira (8A) then Nadine (7A) and another girl with 6 A . The rest were 6As and below. The school didn't have berpuluh orang score all As because the school only had about 18 kids taking PMR! Parents ada yang disappointed, ada yang redha.

I was soo over the moon for Nadine. The dad siap texted everyone, ok, all members of the family even yang lama tak contact dapat sms from dad. I was mega ecstatic because she didn't attend tuition until like mid last year and I never saw her study. We called her immediately! She was upset! Because her B was in Pendidikan Islam and Arab! The 2 subjects she always scored in he he. And budak ADni dapat B in pendidikan islam meh?? And also Amirah got more than her! So the teacher told me to ask for a revision of her 2 papers, as once an Adni student asked and got his grade bumped up from C to A. Ye ke. Ok je lah.

Then as the day went by I read there were many many scorers of 8As in the land, and suddenly Nadine's achievement felt average!..although I was very proud of her (we ALL are) it didn't seem special with so many getting perfect score ..half of certain schools scored 8As. Until Dad of Six pointed out that (a) she is in private school which traditionally gets marked down, and (b) she has not had the advantage of aggressive revision programmes that normal schools carry out to ensure that their kids dapat all As. And Adni has never been aggressive. They prefer a holistically well developed child. Kalau 19 A tapi tak reti borak dengan orang tua, how? Or don't know how to think out of the box, how?

And come to think of it. I totally agree. That is why punkan we made the financially painful decision to send them there.. We want them to be able to develop other skills, character, and values. I also stress that they must understand and LEARN for the sake of learning and not for the sake of passing exams. I did the latter and really , I remember very little about what the heck I learn. However, even in Adni , they don't actually seem to be "learning"- more rote learning which I so want to avoid, but does anyone really love learning, at that age? Only those deprived of education will really appreciate it , but the kids where school is a must, susah nak tanam semangat cintakan ilmu. I don't want to stress on academic excellence... On the other hand, if our children do not do well , they will not have many options available to them...their choices will be limited.So kena gak emphasis the academic excellence! How ye.

Now it hits us that Nadine is growing up and we need to determine her future soon! We have decided that she should also take the GSCEs (Cambridge) as well as the SPM. SPM sebab nak dia be within the system ,and I know she can do well. GSCEs to give her more choices later...Her sisters pun lah , insyallah kalau ada ongkos nya, kita give both chances. Or do you think we are putting additional pressure on them. Ikut Sara and Sophia depa nak English medium je, ie NO SPM and PMR langsung.

Ok lah better get back to work! Have a good weekend all! We'll figure out this soon!


ME said...

congratulations nadine....

Anonymous said...

Dear Shila,
Congratulations to Nadine! Like mother like daughter..very pandai one! Like you, I want my kids to enjoy schooling and life. Not to be like me, after exam, lupa everything!he!he!So we're pulling them out of govt school and into private (makin botak la kepala my husband :-))

the principal said...

congrats to Nadine & her parents.

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