Monday, December 06, 2010

Sara was 13!!

Sara turned 13 last Saturday!!

The day itself went by without any celebration on our side, since I was away attending a workshop and husband was working. Husband reached home first and there was a bit of a confusion as to whether we were going to meet outside ke or me to come home first, or what. In the end I decided to go home first lah ---which was a big mistake because once dah sampai rumah the tiredness of the whole day caught up with me and I SLEPT until Maghrib - a tearful Sara with a small voice woke me up sebab janji nak bawak keluar tapi mummy mengdengkur je!!

So anyway malam we took her to her restaurant of choice. Not fair to ask these kids cause they don't exactly read food blogs right so they don't know where the good restaurants are. Sara chose Marche the place we had been to once with the Adom clan (that was fun) as well as the Sudin clan! Amazingly we got a table with a huge banner saying Happy Birthday at the back! It was so appropriate! Dinner was good, anak I memang pandai bab bab pilih food nih, although not too many choices. Marche punya concept macam buffet, you choose what you want to eat, and then they mark it on your passport and then you pay sendiri sendiri ..kalau nak makan ramai ramai it is a good way to avoid the awkwardness of who is going to take up the tab. Senyum lah sikit si Sara....Sophia tak berapa sehat tapi so she was a bit sleepy...Daya of course was alert as anything and "got" the system immediately.

And the next day...took her for lunch at Delicious 2 residency. One friend je yang boleh datang, the rest ada plans lain yang tiba tiba je crop up, cish tak boleh buat janji tol..

- sambung

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Nadine! said...

To Sara:

I got you a present!!!

hehehe wont tell what it is! u'll just have to wait. >:) -evil smile-

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