Monday, December 20, 2010

what we've been up to

Quick one:

1. Had Gill and Russ and their 2 kids over for dinner last week. Gill was my flatmate at Uni all those years ago. I wanted to try staying independently and away from my mom's cousin with whom I had been staying for a whole year. Gill remembers meeting me for the first time as I entered the flat and cheerily said HII IM SHILA and there I was with my scarf and there they were all drunk on cider and giggling away- all four minahsallehs. I had a nice time there nonetheless, and became close to two of them in particular , gill and helen. Then I heard Gill and husband had come down to Malaysia to teach and they stayed for 8 years and apart from once or twice, we didn't really make the effort to meet. Tu lah, kan, once dah within reach you take it for granted. Then they moved to Oz and they missed Malaysia and they are spending their Xmas hols here, so we met up for dinner. Simple nasi putih and lauk pauk affair. They missed Msia but I said the Msia you miss is probably not the Msia most people here know ha ha since they are expats kan. But they don't really relate to Aussies or England anymore they said !

2. Then had M and family for dinner- that was nice, we had a nice chat and ate and ate..sorry lah M simple je nasi ayam. We know the family and would look forward to chinese new year do ha ha. And M dulu tak sesebok sekarang, so we could go and have a makan makan. or minum minum.

3. Then my cousin, Amily got married. Thursday was the doa selamat, Saturday was the akad nikah, and Sunday was the reception at MKayangan. Doa Selamat, we went dah habis (biasalah) and makan makan je lah sempat. Saturday the Akad Nikah went well....Amily looked so sweet and I cannot believe she is someone's wife hu hu hu! And then we spent some time helping auntie assemble the door gifts - which was a tissue/pencil/make up cloth bag and to be filled with 1. cake 2.two mentos 3. one choc. There was an assembly line of sorts involving our children and cousins and even aunties, doing this. And to top it all my auntie the bride's mom wants us to separate light and dark colours because the dark was for the men, the light for the women. Since this was the same day as the dinner with M, I was anxious to go off and start dinner! Tapi the heart cannot reach lah (tak sampai hati ) to leave them ..hehehehe

4. The wedding on Sunday...we were the MC...we went to the rehearsal at 10. We stopped by the office to print the script only to find that the printer failed to print. then we went anyway to the rehearsal, and then the bride and groom were sorting cake etc etc out and not practising and Im freaking out because the wedding was at 12.45 hello.....and then we managed to get the rehearsal going and we shot out of there around 11. cause I had to buy my baju kurung cause I didnt have anything in silver at all and husband suggested I wear my work clothes which is grey. Ha ha. So off we went to Ampang Park and within 2 minutes I got my baju kurung and was about to go off but then my husband lak hilang so I had to wait and by the time we left AP it was close to 11.30 and we went to the office to print again (the modem was not on that was why) and I had to redraft sikit and then we rushed home, both of us promising not to mandi, as we don't have time. Kids were ready by the time we reached home tapi i thought i could quickly shower while husband looked for his baju melayu. And then husband lak mandi - the problem is this is Nadine's dad so maaaacam nadine. So finally got out of the house 12.30 and freak out cause the agenda that I was holding said "pengantin turun 12.45" as in the bride and groom scheduled to go into the hall in exactly 15 mins. And then there were cars ahead of us which were obviously enjoying the Sunday because they were so slow and husband refused to overtake so in the end I closed my eyes, thought of God and gave up.

Arrived and rushed while husband parked the car. Phew!nasib baik Malaysians being Malaysians the timing lari as the Imam nak makan dulu so finally started about 1.10. And then Dr MC made the whole thing memorable by announcing the pengantin was coming in accompanied by PALUAN KAMPUNG hahahahah instead of paluan kompang so everyone outside laughed and he was cool as anything (if it was me I would have pengsan there and then) and it went well...and then we mingled with the MANY MANY MANY guests and had fun meeting my sedaro dari rombau ni haaa tak kona ko anak pakcik kasim kau! he he he. It was fun.

5. Went home, had arranged for dinner with mom's siblings, felt bad cause we never go and see them so invited them out for dinner. and before that had a quick nap and the next thing i knew the girls were screaming at us to wake up (ok slight exaggeration) and it was 9.30 pm and everyone was AT the dinner except for us. So we rushed again hi hi hi- managed to have about one hour with them. thanks for waiting ....

All in all a good night , a good week but god today I demam. ! BUT! Malam ni my friend from England yang kawin orang Canada and datang tanah tumpahdaranya (dia malaysian) and nak jumpa so husband kata ajak ke rumah groaaan ..and I am looking forward tapi tak larat sikiiiit je he he.

Byeee to work I go.

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aida yurani said...

I like the remarks made by Sophia when I called at 920pm "Aunty Aida, I think mommy and daddy accidently went to bed!" Hehehe. If Bangpol and kak Intan tak datang, we leave you both sambung tido, but they show up, so both aunty yot & uncle wahid kata call kaklong. But it was a good dinner, balik rumah smlm, terus tido kekenyangan.

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