Saturday, December 31, 2011

Update on moving!

I am waiting for the kids to get up and am still on the pc..

mak and abah coming soon to help us move. YIKES!!!!

Aiyoo actually I would much rather they come later....after we have moved...kesian they all karang pening tengok the way i move which is as follows:

1. going to take all the crockery and cutlery and the cups and saucers over this morning and stuff in the kitchen. Don't like the kitchen. want to change can or not.

2. going to campak all clothes that we want to the car so we can put in the closet. Closet door needs to be cleaned/painted- how did it get smudged so much nih?? Bukak pintu closet dengan apa dulu?

3. er..thats it for today.

4. Tomorrow the moving man is coming!I managed to get the husband's OK in the end!! Tak tau lah dia nak marah I for wasting money...but it's now RM2800! so much cheaper than before (still mahal lah though but think of the convenience!)

OH! maybe going to buy furniture - 3beds and 1 double bed..cepat lar gajiiiii masuk lah cepaaatttt IKEA is calliing meeee

Yes, guys you heard me, IKEA!! That mass produced, cheap quality products you say??? Ikea is ok lah! I wish I have the imagination, patience and taste to go and search for unique furniture shops but frankly I dah PENAT, I am NOT a browser, I suka I terus beli no need to think two thousand times. Maybe i will regret later but actually jarang what since I allready liked it in the first place! That was the way it was with the house come to think of it. Viewed like a gazillion houses, then saw this house, immediately fell in lahve, and bought it. the end.

And iKea is not so bad you know! I was looking at the price and the reviews of EKTORP furniture, and the review is quite good! (a) slip covers make it easy to clean and (b) 2 years of use by a family with 2 small kids , and the review said it was still good!

So maybe I will go get an Ektorp in green. Read the review :

And why do I need another settee set you ask?? because the current settee will go up - to the ahem- tv room. with the Wii and the AC Ryan(the thing that hubbs download so many movies into and then can watch) and the Astro. The good thing is , the TV room ni ada slidiing door, so we can shut it and the kids, out! and the kids can study in the middle "study area" ha ha

Wei kalau ikut hati memang banyak pakai duit nih..

SO! Jangan ikut hati..masuk dulu...and try to use what we can ek? ek? ek?? (see beruntung nya husband I )

Tapi, dia yang kata have to have new settee set and to go buy the beds! So how??saya menurut perintah jelahhhh

Byeeee am now finally getting off my buns and going OUT!

18 years married!

I'm coming up to my 19th anniversary.

Hang on, is that right? Salaahhh tuu

I got married on 7th Jan 1994- 1995 is year 1, bla bla (counting in my head and on my hands.......) ok , so 2012 I have successfully been married for 18 years !! and going INTO my 19th!

Wow, adek adek yang baru kawin tu sure did you DO THAT?? sometimes I feel my husband's relatives/friends probably thought - how is he staying married to her that long??

Well, the other day I asked do you feel? Happy? Also we are coming into mid 40s this year! Jawapan nya ialah yes happy as we have 5 adorable (hah!) kids, finally have a house, finally they are in Islamic school, only thing to do is to go for Haj (bilaaaaaalah)

We still love each other, thank god. We still spend a lot of time together behind locked doors if you know what i mean nudge nudge wink wink hahahahahahah,except nowadays its more to chat than anything ha ha! we still talk a lot and I still call him a lot during the day (habits , you know, they die hard)

I get worried lah jugak about the younger gals out there who are half my size and age. Come on, which wife tak risau husband dia kena sambar? But then the husband oso, so senang to be "sambar"ed? Although come to think about it , some girls out there are determined. I have just spoken to someone who is going out with a married man with very very very SMALL children and she said she just wants to share and won't hurt anyone. HELLO What ABOUT those small children?? And i told her, why do you DO this to YOURSELF? you deserve someone better, why settle for this SCHMUCK?? I wish his WIFE would realise what a schmuck he IS and hit him with a frying pan. I mean, I know my friend is lonely..but then she does deserve a better life. And she will hurt people ..and love when you do not have the support of loving in laws- aint easy. Tak caya tanya Rita Rudaini..hehehe

Personally, I pun find it amazing that we have gotten this far in life! I thought I would be easily bored...but I supposed he has kept me on tenterhooks gak ..what with the waiting, and the chasing him..I guess if he was a romantic person and goes overboard sure I boring cepat...

Apasecrets nak pass to younger generations ? I guess it's- go with the flow. never go with your heart. Sometimes you want to show you are mad, or you are upset.just hold your tongue. Marriage is work and negotiations... you have to understand your partner and his moods and his likes!

And always keep the laughter coming !

Ok lah this is a menyampah syok sendiri Ibetter stop! :) Just to share that I ni dah TUA...!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm overreacting?? I'm overreacting??!!!!

Yes, we are moving house.

I am chasing myself out of this house by this weekend. If you come to my house you will go- huh? nak pindah ke? Sebab there's no sign of moving at ALL. The things are still nicely in their drawers. I mentioned it to mymaid who then decided to take all the glasses and cups and put TOGETHER in ONE BIG PAIL. On TOP OF EACH OTHER. With no newspaper in between . SHRIEEEKKKK. what happens if it breaks????

So I called this mover , recommended by dear May. He came, looked at the whirlwind that is now my house, and said ok, he will email me. RM4.300. My husband freaked out, and said I CAN BUY A WHOLE NEW SET OF FURNITURE FOR THAT! (he can too, he knows the shops better than me). I have been trying to persuade him to pleaseeeeeeeeee do someone's appendix and charge him at the proper rate so I can have the movers take away my headache....I have been waking up with a headache for several days. I have a small frown fixed to my forehead. I have been up since 5.10 am every morning (well anyway have to pray right) and by 8 I am ready to TITUN. (Sleep). So for the past several nights I have been turning down (TURNING DOWN!!!) invites to Ombak rindu or karaoke .

Yesterday went to the new house. Looking good. Floor has been laid, and looks JUST like wood . Now can clean kitchen and rooms. Planning to move the plates and glasses (if tak pecah lah!) today. In fact, I think we can move the clothes as well. Inside the closets and cabinets, old owner still has some stuff. And old owner has left huge fridge in kitchen. Which is fine, except what do I do with MY huge fridge (well, not as huge). I have a thousand and one things in my mind:

1. Baju- what clothes do we take ? What do we do with old clothes? What do we do with old clothes that people (aunties) have given to me that I can safely say will not come back into fashion anytime soon? Do I give them back ? Is it ok to give it to others?

2. Books and papers- WARGHHHH.I am vomitting blood just thinking about it.

3. Old computer-?

4. Tables- we have 3 tables. One is as old as Sophia. And the leather chair that used to be white and now is not only NOT white, also has holes??

Carpets, cabinets, ???

Ok I am now going to lie down, as I have a headache again...hehehehhe

Honey, can i PLEASE call the movers????!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The weekend!

My brother no 3 was warded this weekend- emergency appendix. Drama lah sikit because he had extreme tummy pain, and then was trying to get husband all Saturday night, husband of all days had put his phone on silent, and only got the call on Sunday am, when we found out he had checked himself in Tawakal- (?) and husband then went to get him out of that and into Pcmc, and we all came later. We arrived at 11.40, was told that they started operating on my brother at around 11.30, so we waited..and waited....and waited....he finally came to the room again at 1.40 ish! Awat lama na? Husband said the gas man had to cabut to do an epidural so my brother's operation was slightly delayed. Yang I boring nye, when I went to ask the receptionist at the ward (or were they nurses) they looked so tak interested to help, giving me answers like "jap lagi dia habis lah tu" - hello, obviously lah kan . Can't lah pick up the phone and call OT and ask if he's actually been operated on or what. Or maybe they can't do that he he. Anyway I asked because I really wanted to be in the room when my brother comes back , and at the same time the kids were hungry so had to go grab lunch.

Brother came back groggy and we let him sleep. Eventually he came to, and discovered his room was a mess of kids and biscuits and vitagen and the tv was blaring with shrek on. He asked for his wife, who was attending a wedding (seriously) and came much later. I have to say , if it was me, I would probably be by his side from minute 1 but then that's clingy me, my sister in law cool sikit, tak yah kecoh. Plus there was 3 year old Jood and 2 months old Noah to consider, a bit difficult to be clingy when you have kids who cling to you(been there done that!)

The whole shebang (ie my brother no 2and family, and mom and dad) came later, and then my brother no 4 and his new wife and new inlaws allcame to visit. In the middle of that myhusband suggested we (as in our family sans brothers etc) go to Kuantan for a short break. Urks! Mom and dad were not too happy (adek kau macammana??) but I guess husband should know better (since he was the attending surgeon and will have to go see my brother the next day) - anyway maybe he had sea withdrawal symptom that we all suffer from , from time to time. So i said yes lah.

Tapi tulah God is great -suddenly he said Kuantan was no go, because he just found out that he was also on call in HKL , and since there's no telling what HKL might bring, better not risk a trip out of KL. Sebab nak gak cuti, we went to CyberviewResort instead. (Just to get away)- which was ok lah, boleh lah berangan kita cuti.. they had 3 pools,and if you squint and imagine hard enough, can pretend you are actually in a river, or a waterfall . The restaurants were good (that night we went for dinner, they had special xmas celebrations and gave us all party hats - we were the only table who put them on and started to blow on the party horns etc..after a while the other tables followed!- all the while Dahlia was shaking her head going- please stop mummy- my mother in law's cucu betul!)
The next day the kids swam, pas tu after we checked out we all spent an hour in their karaoke room. All in all a good, compact break.

Back to my brother- he was looking good when we visited him that afternoon . Could get up and go to the toilet himself. Was worrying about the cost (it cost a leg and an arm even with the surgeon and anaesthetist not charging him anything) but that can wait later! I told him to stay another day at the hospital sbb otherwise his boy will want him to carry him! Betol tak? Might as well lah rest kat hospital..

Ok lah that was the weekend was your weekend?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A serious note!

You know, I was at Parkson KLCC yesterday. And I saw a lovely well coiffed lady attendant - who was a boy. Actually I saw several. Fully made up and wearing heels. But you know they are men. There's also one at Secret Recipe Taman Melawati- her(his?) eyelashes are to die for! And at the supermarket semalam, this butch girl served me, her boobs severely tied, hair very short, and obviously a girl.

My point? We are used to seeing girls dressed as men, and boys who act like girls, they are nolonger in "hiding" nor are they condemned. They appear in society and are accepted. In terms of human rights, well and good. In terms of Islam? Well.

Do we take a stand or not then? Do we say eh, it's wrong lah, you should not look like a girl when you are indeed a boy and let me help you get back on the right path?

Well, most of us don't. Because it's not cool. And it's their business lah, not ours.

Then, why are we so upset about the gay Dr in Dublin??

We have created this society where he can explore his other nature freely and unchecked, and without fear. There are blogs for gay guys, and I have several lovely obviously gay friends who tell me they are openly abnormal..and I love them but I do wonder whether we should try to bring THEM to the right path. They are all v religious tho. Some Haji dah. They obviously have made peace with themselves.

MY POINT?? (i keep deviating). Is...I dont know whether as a muslim we should once and for all, take a stand, keep to it, and really really work to bring everyone back to the right path. OUrselves included.

Instead of now, when I think we are being hypocrites.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The weeks that were....

In the time I didn't blog..

1. my brother's reception happened.

it went well, but mom was not too happy because we did get the feeling that everything was formulaeic and we couldn't really change it to what we like, if it deviates from that formula. You know, flower girls leading , then sit at the pelamin, then call for VIP, VIP must sit at designated place, bla bla...anyway mom wanted to change certain things and was told better not. Yeah, better for whom. So in the end although the wedding did go very well, there WAS that feeling of being bullied. And mom said they didn't reserve any food for the family to take home. she was so mad about that because she didn't eat yet! The organisers said they had put aside food for the family to take home but mom couldn't see it and most likely their workers took it.


2. Renovation started at the House. Having seen the house and having seen the actual QUOTATION, we pared down our very ambitious renovation plans quite considerably and now its down to just painting the house ha ha ha! Actually we are still going ahead, but we need to take time with it. I'm targetting leaving this house by end of this month..don't know if I can actually do it.

3. The firm went to Langkawi for a retreat. I've been to Langkawi before but boy I have never been to THIS langkawi. The boss dragged (heheh) us to boattrips down the Kilim geopark river, we saw eagles swooping down the river to take the food offered, we went islandhopping to Bras Basah island where I spent lovely long minutes just floating in the sea, and we got our food stolen by monkeys! We went to Dayang Bunting and huffed and puffed to the green green lake and the boys swam in the lake , while i kept muttering prayers to protect us from whatever unseen forces there are. I am verrrrrry respectful of these things. We ate at all the choice restaurants, big or small, and the best thing was, everyone got along. No one was a diva- well, even if they were no one gave them the time of day.. and everyone had fun!

Now , back at feels like a dream!! Im proposing a more frequent company get together- even if its just to lake garden. Because then people get along.

4. We heard about that gay doctor student who married a mat salleh. EWWWW. Spoke to a friend who said well life is too short..Apakah??? I agreed . It is too short- to waste on doing sins. Just doakan yangbaik baik for him lah I think. Takyah lah call him names or yang kelakarnya , file police report against him in the name of Malays. Kita ni jaga diri sendiri as well..No point getting very angry over this when we promote a society of permissiveness. Its like pancaindera...everytime artists pose sexily they kutuk ...but in the same paper you can find photo spread of artists, they are all posing sexily or wearing short short stuff and this MUST be at the encouragement of the paper! So? Hypocrite lah nih..

5. Husband came home from golf with Uncle Yaya singing praises for the golf club and seriously considering buying it for RM120k. Er........bukan I taknak, but not on priority list...even if we have the spare cash (and we don't ) and if we are talking about appreciation of value, how about that diamond ring ? heheheh..

No lah, not when the kids are still growing and need so many things.

Ok then guys! Bye for now!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

House is ours finally!

We got our house!! Yay!

We would have gotten it sooner, but then Petronas lost the owner's discharge document which was needed to present the transfer at the land office, so we had to wait while the other side's lawyer sort out Petronas, the land office and Ambank (who is managing Petronas' loans)and finally last Friday I personally went to collect the cheque from RHB Islamic Bank ! Monday we went to bank it in to the lawyer's account(not our money hoo hoo) and asked the owner (through the lawyers) whether or not we can get the keys before he gets the money in his hands (give to the lawyer ok what) . I ni anxious because nak renovate uncle oii......Finally we heard that we can get the keys. The next day we were talking about taking it...but petang tak lagi take. Sekali the owner sent an sms -He wasn't too pleased that we took our time to get it though.. he he. I got an sms (cc only) that he sent to his lawyers complaining that the buyers have not taken the keys although both husband and wife have my number. What can I say..he's 70 plus and he is a very proper arab descendant from don'tlah cin cai with him. Therefore....In the middle of his operation my husband got a frantic call from his wife to say "HONEY GO TAKE THE KEYS NOWWWWW!" hehe..

Finally husband took the the next day tu I went straight in with the was so funny. I wanted to change stuff, they said NO NEED! There I was with my parents looking over the house. My parents gave ideas ...and I pun had so many ideas...but the contractor tak agree! I wanted to change the toilet, they said still good! I wanted to change the sliding door, they said no it will ruin the tiles and these are old fashioned tiles...difficult to get and very thick slabs ni! I wanted to change the kitchen they said cabinet ni kuat lagi...and so on and so forth!!

In the end I concurred, and told them to do the bare minimum so that I can move in by the end of this month. You heard me..end of this month! We figured the bare minimum would be painting the house, washing the floors, changing guest toilet downstairs etc.

Then we had a look at the quotation - yikes! To shellac my windows and gates etc and paint etc is going to cost me RM28k..and the total reno (bare minimum plus one toilet) is almost 60 k.

TERUS PADAM NIAT NAK RENOVATE hahahahahahaha!! Suddenly we were all saying - eh ok lagi what the house..hhihihihi..tapi nak gak kena baikkan apa yangrosak right...

So in the end we decided to only paint the outside, and change the flooring. And that guest toilet..has to be updated lar....and hope they dont ask for the cash upfront!

Itulah sebahagian daripada cerita rumah I ..insyallah nanti I can invite you guys over k!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My brother's married!

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everyone's ok ...cuti sekolah pi mana? Can you believe its allready December ? My kids are allready moaning about how it's only 25 days to school ...moan moan....and also how bored they are at home.......

walhal it's been quite busy jugak lah. 2 weeks ago we went to Seremban to marry off my brother. That was such an adventure because 1. i was in charge of hantaran , 2. husband finished work at 6 and 3. we had to be in seremban by 7. So . imagine lar how fast we drove and how masam my muka is with husband because on the day my brother kawin pun want to work so hard ke . Anyway we got there safely and in time, amazingly and everything went well. Shah actually booked a room for us at the Allson Klana and we sombongly said eh takpa lah we balik (the next day was the sanding) and come back. Tapi in the end, kitorang boom jugak at the room...siap order room service lagi(which I forgot I have not paid shah back!Yikes!) The next morning we all went home kejap to get fresh clothes (as , we didnt pack to stay) and came back again at 1 to witness the ceremony . I as usual stopped at Mazz Melawati , pushed open their doors and said "you all ada baju kaler biru tak?? Do you have something in blue I can wear to a wedding in one hour's time??" Thank goodness they did!

Anyway that was the wedding. My dad reports that my brother and his ahem wife are now inseparable, this from a couple who called each other "awak" and "saya" and didn't actually date very much and so not PDA (unlike us) - now sit together also HOLD HANDS dad is giggling.

Talking of my dad I better go and visit's been a week since I haven't gone which in my dad's calculator means a year. This weekend is the reception on our side. ..tomorrow night ada rehearsal....I am also having a nasyid guy come . And the hall wants its moolah allready. Aiyoohh. I of course have NOT bought my girls' clothes...and they are not girls anymore they are young ladies...the other day the eldest 2 went to KLCC and shopped for about 6 hours...I left them there against my better judgment and after weeks of nagging. (Yes you did Nag me, girls) .. the first time I left Nadine there some Pak Nigerian tried to pick her up-.....eee risau ler ada girls ni

Anyway I will catch you guys later ok...subuh time!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

hahai !!

Oh blog ...I have left you for too long.... I should say " I did NOT have any relations with that FB!"

Well, the maid left. And we went to KK. Which was fantabuloso. The trip to go tu a bit hairy, with my husband deciding to singgah at his brother's house with just one hour to go to flight time, my parents coming along with us, my in laws having gone to their other son's house first and my brother coming from work (I was going with my in laws and my brother )

And then my brother in law deciding to bring his 2 daughters to the airport and one of them had an unfortunate accident at the airport requiring both sets of moms (mine and my husband's) to go to the toilet and bathe the poor baby, and my mother in law going round the airport to search for clothes to fit an 8 year old (she found it). And by this time I was allready sweating blood because we were cutting it too close to boarding but left it in the hands of God ..My father told me- well, if you missed your flight then it was not meant to be! Tu dia! My brother in law said its only a local flight to KK why was I so flustered???? Ye never know if the gate was going to be a looong way away (and it was !)

Finally breathed a sigh of relief when we sat down in the plane, only to find it too cold, and asked for blankets, secure in the knowledge that this is MALAYSIA AIRLINES and therefore sure got one...then told that there were NO Blankets due to a planefull of KIDS all of whom needed a blardie blanket. And the person next to husband would not shut up and looked like he was going to talk to ME too until I started to pick a fight with husband about why he made us late and how he should just acknowledge that I had a reason to be mad and just say sorry damn it so I can cuddle for warmth! The man next to him quickly shut up after seing us hissing away in our squabble and so did the man next to ME, and the next 2 hours were spent in blissful silence and warmth (he said sorry.)

Earlier on we sent the maid home, we were at the immigration dept with her and had to do her check out memo, she was fasting and looked sorry for herself, I was quite abrupt with her, all her coats and handbags were virtually empty but later my next door neighbour gave me RM300 that my maid had hurriedly thrown to her maid, with a message to send it to her later (the money was made of a bunch of RM10 and RM50 and RM1 notes with some coins) - and now my bracelet etc (not that I have many) are gone so although we should not tuduh orang it's very suspiscious.

Anyway the holiday was good, KK first, we stayed a night at ManjaHotel which was quite 4 star from the inside although outside takda apa lah..(set in a row of shops actually) . The next morning set off to Kundasang , a long windy trip up and totally worth it as we discovered that G Kinabalu was just next to us as we climbed up. The resort, Pine Resort was nice and er- alpine-y. Ala ala swiss cottage gitu. We didn't do much except pig out and sleep and we managed to go to Poring and Ranau ("run now"??) and saw Rafflesia the flower (at RM20 per person!)

Now ready for another holiday! Came home to see a new life, a new maid who was actually NOT trained at all, as she had never, before she came to my house, tried ironing. And she can't cook (or at least we cannot eat what she cooked) and she only cooked herbs and ulams etc and she very rarely eat meat in her diet. So now I have to cook and being v bad at Malay cooking I have managed to pecah kan the santan , and my husband is consequently grumpy (i told you men are basic creatures) and want me to go and supervise her cooking (He thinks she messed it up despite me telling him I cooked) and so for the past few days it's either been pizza or mummy masak .

And because the maid is new (and lurus bin bendul) and blur , kids have to be more independent eg find their own blardie socks lah instead of expecting it nicely to be folded and kept in their drawer. The maid also hangs everything she can, eg teeshirts and nighties are on hangers when we normally fold them...small stuff like that. ME, I see it positively, at least I don't have to tend to the laundry or mop!! RIght??? But after this 2 years are up I am not taking any more maid lah. Dahlah tu....

Ok take care y'all

Thursday, November 03, 2011

jalan lagi

There! I told her allready!- I told my maid that today she's going home, so pack your bags lady!

ehe actually i went and told her I have had to buy another ticket because you have to go back today instead of 19th. So pack your bags. So she solemnly nodded and everyone (ie my mom in law and my other maid) nodded - all sagely blaming the imigration and this PATI process.

I was upstairs then talkng to mom in law and as expected the maid came up too suddenly, and then started to apologise for all the things she did, and started to scrunch up her face to cry. My mother in law of course forgave her on my behalf and she also "gave" my maid some rempah rempah and ikan bilis to take home. Then she said the maid asked for it, but when I said you did?? to the maid , mom in law quickly said - but i bought it for her, I'm giving her as a present...mak mak you are too soft!

As for me, muka I sadin dalam tin. sebab like no feeling. I have no feeling when she cries because I have seen it many times and I know she can turn it on and off. She did not appear surprised at all so I think she knows about it somehow. I am going to deduct her salary for having to buy her another ticket, having to send her to the airport--eee i feel so mean...!

So the plan is, to go to the imigration today with hubs and maid, to sort out the paperwork for new maid, and then to send old maid home,. then to go back home to get the kids , and then to go to bro in law's house to get my parents in law (who will be leaving soon to run errands, see doctor and then go to my bro in law's place) and then go to airport to leave for kk yayyyyy!!

Am looking forward to the trip. Hopefully it will be nice.

Ooops I have to factor in going to see my mom and dad before I go , because I never leave home wihtout their blessing...I called my own sister in law to ask her if she wanted to come over for dinner at our house, and she can also meet her parents before we fly off to KK for the Hari raya...after all I thought if I would want to do that with my parents ,definitely she would too. She said her kids have exams, so they need to revise. her kids are 9 and 6 hahahahaha- oh well...! I laughed about it with mom in law and she was resigned to it..apa lah/ Any ideas how to tell my sister in law that she has her priorities a biiiiiiiiiit wrong? Or maybe she is the one that's correct and we , who take our kids off to holiday during the exam years with nary a thought, are the ones who are wrong! I would definitely put seeing mommy and babah over my kids' exam though (unless SPM or PMR!)

But then different strokes as they say.. so cannot comment ler...

Anyway wish us well ok..will try to blog from there. After this I have bargained with God after the airplane wheel incident, that I will not go anywhere before I go to Umrah hahahah

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maid lagi.

You know the agent who didnt do the permit for my maid? I called him again i am ashamed to say. and he gave me another maid. He's so smug you feel like hitting him with a frying pan but i guess its better the devil you know huh.

I gave him a scolding (in my own gentle way which is not scary at all) about not doing the permit for me and taking my money- he blames the moratorium. Come to think of it if without a permit pun this bibik has been waltzing around , go to Jalan Tar, go to Giant, the other day want to go to Johor (after refusing to come with us to Kluang over Raya pleading not well , stayed home and smsed me can she follow her friend to Johor ARE YOU KIDDING ME??) Apa lagi lah if she has permit..she would have gone everywhere else . Ni pun sometimes when I come home early she is not at home ok. She is gallavanting to shop lah, go visit other maids lah. She is the maid every other majikan dread, I'm sure!

Anyway the reason I called Edi (nak sebut nama pun macam sakit hati sbb macam jilat balik you know) was to ask whether he can do magic for Ayu. Ayu was this maid that I got through the neighbour. The neighbour was a neighbour to the boss of the girl who brought ayu. (get it?) Ayu got in through her friend Siti, who used to work for En X , who used to be Auntie S sebelah's neighbour. En X works in the embassy of Indonesia.

So the person who managed Ayu's passport in Indonesia before she came, didn't know that they have to be 21 before you can do the permit, and didn't alter her age in her passport (I say think being resigned to the corruption there) so basically as she is 19, there was no way I could do her permit la. I asked Siti to find out who can help me and she got me this agent . Problem is she told me very late. And this agent charged Rm4000. And very rude. With no guarantee.

So I called Edi to verify ye ke this agent can do magic. One dodgy agent should know about whether you can dodgify stuff right ? Edi said now very difficult to do things that are not kosher. Every port has biometric now. You can call yourself Tini now, and later try to come back in Malaysia under the name of Yati or something , and this time round you will find yourself stuck because when they check your thumbprint Tini will come up. And there is no way you can magic anyone under 21 to do permit unless lah you get special permission from the ketuapengarah. he said this agent is conning me- (well you should know, Edi!)

So anyway after I spoke to Edi I resolved lah to send this small girl home. And it was with regret that I send her back sbb dia ok. Rajin and very no nonsense, do work seriously. Speak english. She had been made to do bibik's work.

When I sent her back to Siti, I asked her, that money I give her for buying clothes RM100 , there was RM30 balance with the elder Bibik, which I told her to pass to you , did you get it? She said yeah, she got RM15. The elder one has pau-ed the balance.

Haiii..that basically set a chain of events for me. Earlier that day I found out the grasscutting man only charged Rm70 . The maid usually insist on paying first (she normally calls him when she thinks we are not at home, pay first and then when we come back she will ask for the money) and she has been asking for Rm120. Last month mom tried to pay directly she rushed out and said no need. This time I asked hubby to pay and hubby said the guy only asked for RM70.

When I called my mom to tell her about it she said she's been suspecting it (mom and her naturally suspiscious nature) and did I know she has been giving my groceries to the persons who sweep the roads? She thinks we have too much stuff. Hallo, I buy for you izzit??

I kept quiet and pretended nothing has changed , as I brewed over this. Maybe she has a good reason. I told the younger one on her way back and she said she knew and she said the elder bibik said that this month the guy was cheap.

YA' THINK? That basically sealed the deal. I made up my mind.

I was still cool- but the next day I changed her flight to a date earlier . And this I am not telling her and KIDS IF YOU READ THIS YOU BETTER NOT TELL HER EITHER!! I cannot have her in my house any longer.

I decided not to have any maids for a while. But then spoke to husband and he said we need one. I called Edi again. Edi charged RM8000 (which is the same as last time - dulu dia mention naik harga RM9800 tapi ni jadi Rm8000 (he will discount the levy part) . Malam tu jugak I went over to see the maids he brought over. There were 3. 1 married with 1 baby, 1 unmarried, 1 mom of 6. 1 talked too much, 1 seemed lazy. He suggested that I take the mom of 6- she is a 37 year old pleasant looking lady from Lombok whose eldest is 13 and youngest is 8. Insyallah lah ok. Edi will do the JP visa. I will have to go with him to immigration next week. There will be one month free trial. When he came to the house yesterday morning terperanjat my maid. She didnt expect me to be friends with him. I gave her the cold shoulder, asked for her passport and papers back .

When I came home yesterday, I called her to one side, and I asked her about the Rm50 thing. She said it was a new man, and she bargained like anything for him to reduce to RM70 . Yah lah because she wants a higher cut I assume. Anyway when I asked her about the RM30, she said Ayu volunteered the money to her. Really?? This new girl, who needs the cash, will volunteer to give you money?

Look, maybe you think I am overreacting. After all its onlyRM15 right. Beli lunch at Ampwalk pun cannot get. So why am I so bothered. But I am. I am sooooo mad that I dont look at her when I speak to her, IF i speak to her at all. Maybe you think I should believe her? Maybe lah I should...but hard to lah.

Boy, husband better not try lying to me - maid tipu I dah marah macam ni , husband buat entah entah incredible hulk/ hahahah!

Today the elder bibik sms me to say she finished cooking (she started at 6) can she cuti? I said NO. Sorry.

Tu lah cerita maid I....dah lah mula dengan sinetron, berakhir dengan sinetron juga...

One day I will be able to do without maid. And I will be a stay at home working mom.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some old pics

at the Peak..Hong Kong

This is the view you can see from the Peak. The Peak ni ala ala Bukit Bendera lah, except not so high. And you take a tram to go up.VERY STEEP!!!!! When you reach the Peak ada shopping mall (Where I got my crocs yang save my feet from being swollen for the next 3 years) and ada Madame don't HAVE to go ..they let you take pictures with Bruce Lee outside..he he. The first thing we did when we arrived?? Carik toilet!!!
After the Peak we wanted to try Halal Dimsum at the IslamicCentre Canteen . Menggagau cari mosque ni..dari the Peak we took the tram down, and then waited for a long time for cab cause I aint gonna walk, and then the cab driver didnt understand roman letters and I had to google the chinese characters then only he understood! On the way there we were stopped by 4 men in kupiah who were chinese from China and they asked us the way! They made gestures for Allahuakbar so I guessed that was what they said! Sama samalah kita sesat ....until we found an indian chap who pointed the way to us.
At the mosque - ada ceramah in cantonese. See?? Islam is NOT for malays and arabs only.
makan dulu.........This is the poor waitress at the restaurant who was tickled pink at these 2 gluttons who ordered dimsum as well as ordered from the menu- ye lah, we haven't seen meat for a whole day!!! hahahahahaha- we had chicken , beef etc etc.
TThe food if truth be told could be better, a little bit bland but then by the time we finished we were so bloated !

I took the chance to do my zohor and asar! Thank you God for allowing us to combine 2 prayers in one prayer time! Islam encourages travel y'all!! Anyway today they had an election thingy for Indonesian committee...everyone stared at me while pretending not to. Spoke to a few Indonesian maids who have been here yonks. They get Sundays off and some head to HK. They have to cook ham and pork im afraid.

This whole post was for Saturday. On Sunday we woke up (I woke up) at 4 am and rushed to the airport as our flight was at 8.45 am. We were early (Phew!) however we didn't take off until half an hour later and it was due to engine problem.. imagine my horror when, finally when we DID take off, the pilot said we cant proceed and have to turn back. Something about the landing wheels not going back in??? Anyway then they circled and circled for what seemed like ages..and I promised every kind of promises to God and husband and I realised that if we were dead today we would have nothing to leave the kids !! Anyway finally we landed and MAS crew handed us over to the airport people . Everyone congregated at Gate 532 and we heard the announcement that those with medical or family emergency should go and register. Thinking that that meant we could go back earlier, husband went and played the "I am a doctor saving lives" card. That didn't get us anywhere. After some more waiting, all of us were told to go get lunch and given a HKD75 per person. Which was great except the fact that some places would not accept the vouchers! Bummer. We finally had fried chicken at Popeyes (halal! Yay!) .Then we went back to the gate 50000032 (felt that way) and they told us the only flight we can take was the Malaysian airline special flight. Arriving at 10.40 pm and specially leaving at 11.40 pm just for us 200 plus people.In the meantime would we like to stay in Marriott??

Phew!! Penat betul tunggu the time to pass. Husband slept like the dead (Sebab bini paksa bangun awal kan)and I managed to do some work - cant surf as no free internet hooohooo...

That was it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1 continued!

Its 1.42 am now, and I have been awake since 12.- a.m that is. Slept at about 6 plus or was it 7pm? Remembered coming back to the hotel , and then husband saying something about wanting to see the pool, and me going ok then, I'm going to lie in bed kejap and then have a bath, and then we can go see the Symphonyoflights in HK which starts at 8.

Next thing - its past midnite. Wow, Terus crash!!

Tiring tol shopping ni. We took a tram from behind the hotel (very convenient, about 2 minutes walk from hotel) and going to NorthPoint. Rupanye you can stop anywhere. We should have stopped at Causeway Bay where the shops were but tersasar jauh. Senang je, take any tram the other way.! Only thing is, make sure you have change because the tram does not take notes! Ended up giving a 20HKD for 5HKD worth!! Bazir bazir- emergency stop at the local supermarket to change money (came out of it with Lays Sour Cream and Onion crisps..yum)

This tram thing is very convenient. Laju and you don't have to wait for long, and stops along the major roads. We are on HK Island, where Central (Business district) is and Causeway Bay (12 storey SOGO) is. Central has all the upmarket branded goods like LV and Burberry.

I wanted to see Sogo on the recommendation of a shopping maniac friend ha ha (he loved HK shopping!) . Also I just know my shopaholic husband would love it.

I was right! He loved it! We went up to the 12th Floor and worked ourselves down. Got stuck at the electrical and home area where we got suckered into buying those steam iron that can iron standing up (its so cool!) and also a knife sharpener that can sharpen all sort of knives (thinking of old cheapo knives at home). And then he went to the men's section, and he got stuck . I must say that the sale is good, more than 70% off pun ada.

I went to the ladies...and seriously got depressed. The clothes which were on sale cannot be tried for fitting (weird kan) and when I asked do you think I can fit in it , they all SHOOK THEIR HEADS! And pidgin english, one word- SMALL! even the bagak blouse!

Ah never mind who wants to shop for clothes anyway (Sour grapes he he) . Walked on to the shoes section-the thing about shopping nih, you startbelieving their hype. You start thinking- oh murah nye..walhal you would never spend that amount or would never havebought the shoes- eg the sketchers shoes. Mak kau HKD999! Which comes out to RM400 . I started thinking- ok lah , tu. Walhal I don't think I would think that in KL!

Made husband stop to eat kejap- at UCC Cafe - the line to go in was long but once in, phew!! lega..we had seafood pasta ...and gratin. Loads of cheese and prawns and I can feel my hips expanding more and more.. and coffee was lovely/ Sempat gak lah chatted with this lady next to me dining alone. She looked chinese but spoke English and I asked her whether she was local , turned out she was from KAJANG. and now living in Australia. hates politician, thinks Chinese were persecuted, and therefore cannot live in KL/ I told her which Malaysia were you in?? teruk ke? I said we in private sectors, bumi ke tak bumi, we all have to compete. Maybe if we were in the gomen sector bumi can get you places but still you need smarts to succeed.

Hmm I think there are a lot of ppl out there who think that Malaysia is not for them. And there is no changing their opinion, which is sad. No need lah to run away and disown your country guys....I agree there are a lot of things that need to be bettered but to think that another country, apa lagi Australia, where the PM sendiri pun tak betul plus they treat THEIR aborigines badly and they are quite racist themselves, to think THAT country is better than the Malaysia that we have, is madness! I mean, malaysia escapes all sort of storms, and there are no blinking forest fires , can't we be grateful?

Hoooo jauhnye I digress...Back to fluffy stuff like shopping. Husband bought shoes which he said he had been looking for since Uni days (well ok I exaggerate, he said for ages) And every other thing he liked. Susahnye nak tarik dia.He loves shoes -he has SO MANY! I tell people he is the shopaholic in the family.

At the handbag section- wow. I am not a handbag person, but its so easy to buy. (if you have the moolah or credit card that is) The branded shops are not exclusive at ALL, senang je, masuk macam masuk kedai Vincii or something, there are no doors . So you can just saunter in..

There are just so many choices!! And you reach a point where you don't know what you like anymore. In the end I opted to NOT get one, but indulged in TWO OOOOOOO Pairs of shoessssssss- 9 west that are just speaking to me..BUY ME BUY ME...(you guessed it, shoes are my weakness too!) Husband diam je laaaa dia pun beli shoes hehehehehe..but the lovely thing about my husband is, what ever I want is ok...and the thing about his wife is, I don't want much! (except jalan jalan lah hehe)

Anyway we caught the tram back...and like I said...crashed out!!

Tomorrow lah we will try to see more of the sights.. :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1

Well! I am in Hong Kong!

Ok to be frank, I never thought I would like HK. Too many rude chinese people, too many people fullstop!! BUT BUT now i eat my words. Hong Kong so far is great!

Arriving at its airport last night at 10.30 pm was like arriving at the airport in Men iN Black- it was just so huge and had so many shops and many levels! The check out and immigration and bag process took about 25 minutes can you believe it! And we went to the counter of the hotel (A2) and was directed to where we can take a cab, no need to get coupons etc.

Honestly, KL is a small town in comparison (Although I love that about KL) Tak yah lah kita perasan...heheheheh. I am so impressed! The buildings so modern and the roads so one colour one (I am always amazed at how other countries' roadworks are only donein one colour whereas in KL we have many shades of grey and many lopaks lopaks ha ha)

After about 1 hour of the cab driver driving like a madman, we got to the hotel.. Tepi kedai kedai..not own building. So ingat korok lah. 3 star lah gamaknye . ala ala Corus lah ..tetapi bila dah masuk...The hotel is fantastic! Its small, but hey, free internet ! It's got all the modcons that the diva in me love- like the slippers, the coffee making machine, the shower that totally rocks. Next time you all nak pergi go to Island Pacific ok. Plus it is about half the price of other hotels here in the same class.

(By the way the cabbie cost was HKD360 . Mahalnya HK!! Esok naik bas!!)

Food lah satu..just had Room service- order telur poached- did not dare to order anything fried. Even the fried hash brown looked suspect. Too conservative?

Anyway my plans that I have been doing up since I first booked this trip ., all hancus. Tu lah, action lagi. I said taknak gi shopping. Kan dah . it's raining so hard now and the only thing I can think of doing is indoor stuff which includes shopping ha ha! Husband said tomorrow is going to be a better day , apparently - so we'll do the sightseeing tomorrow.

Kids have called. Missed them loads !!! Mom and Dad and Brother are home with them..they are all gems and I shall never take them for granted ever again!!

Ok husband finally bangun..I have been up since 5 (BNI Training as Friday morning 6.30 ada meeting!) and am dressed and raring to go!!

Eh now I dah ngantuk lah (dah makan!) Masalahnya mamat ni laa pulak nak jalan!

Catch you later!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jalan jalan cari makan

I had to go to Johor last Monday and Tuesday. Actually I thought Monday je,sekali terpaksa stay over...dah lah tak da baju...and terpaksa beli...Nasib Baik lah ada Reject Shop, boleh beli beberapa blouse- dapat 4 blouses for less than RM200! This is great! Even got a teeshirt to be used to sleep in! Unfortunately forgot the pants so that was a bit annoying!! And the next day realised I didn't get deodorant! Never mind, used SOAP instead!! Eeeww but then my car is magic because all of a sudden I found a deodorant! A new one! (Later when i got to KL I told my husband and he said Nadine bought and left in car. Wah..thanks!)

Sempat gak pergi Singapore...macam ribut, went at 9.30, came back at 12.30. Is this what people who commute from Singapr to JB do every day? The queue was long and moved very slow (at the immigration I mean). The minute you reach Singapore you know it, because everything looked so matsalleh and spanking new. I don't know how to describe it but it's true! JB is like Kelantan, and Singapore is like KL. Of course I prefer JB. But I am always impressed by Singapore. Everything is gleaming lah! Im sure there are invisible oompaloompas cleaning everything up you know.

Went to Raffles Place. Saw the office crowds walking back and forth and they were all dressed in office wear. Everyone of them in grey or black or white dresses or suits. No flimsy flimsy strapless blouse or spaghetti straps or flouncy skirts that some of the amoi in KL wear..or even flipflops or sandals. hehe maybe its against the law to look selekeh??

Anyway was so glad to be able to go home. Dah tua lah nak buat outstation trip like this. Although they gave me a hotel room, in Thistle no less. Well I did say I don't mind Tune hotel but they clearly did not realise that I was going to charge them for the cost of staying in they suggested all sort of grand sounding hotels. Thistle was great! Except got no bathrobe and no cookies welcoming me. (which sucked because I was hungry) I was so peckish that I ordered room service. The thistle sandwich was big and tall and nice! Except I was allready going out to dinner by the time it came. The bathroom door in the room kept banging itself against the wall and made a knocking sound (TOCKTOCKTOCK) which was slowly driving me up the wall. It was not a hantu but rather the air from the aircond pushing the door and the engineer came to put double sided tape on it to shut it up. I remembered that I was actually a scaredy cat and closed the curtains quickly incase I see anyone smiling at me and hovering out of my window on the 8th floor. I was however and thankfully, too tired to be scared too long and crashed out without even having a bubble bath(Something all those M&B books told me is luxurious but in real life, something I have very little patience to do- I try to read in there tapi basah magazine..what do ppl do ha in baths??)

Anyway that was my trip. And malas nye nak am going to HKong yay! Berdua lagi!Sooo looking forward to it. Just hope we don't kill each other. Allready I am studiously ignoring him as he insists on bringing a huge bag to check in instead of my suggestion of just taking small bags which do not require to check in..senang..tak yah tunggu baggage...dah lah sampai lambat kat sana..nanti bus takda...tapi takpa..apa apa lah..

Ok check with you later!!Have a great day!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lunch date

Soo anyway ..I just had lunch with this guy called NK. He is a policy maker, think tank and is a name in shipping and maritime policies. I first met the guy when we (old firm) had me MC a shipping seminar. I was with my pearls and suit and long coloured hair . He asked me out for lunch one day and asked me to chair another session on shipping.

He is hilarious. A serious father of 5 , he is totally bawdy and witty. The poor guy had a heart attack when he met me this year with my tudung and my glasses. For a long time he would be quiet but then now and then he would text me to say lets have lunch. After about 5 times saying of No im busy, I finally said yes.

Of course lah I asked my husband woit...semana witty orang pun , lagi witty husband saya..dan lagi handsome husband saya..and I asked him eh do you mind if I have lunch with NK? And he said nope.

I said ok..bagus lah you! Tapi kan you, you tak boleh tau.... double standard, I know. Tapi its ok, takda orang ndak kat I.

You think he really is cool with it? I asked him, are you ok that I work with H? He said ok! Are you ok if I go for lunch with so and so? Ok! Aiks - semua ok nih! My daughter tak approve dia approve.

My daughter is very jealous. She's going to say TAKDALAH MUMMY if she reads this but I think she doesn't think it's right if I catch a lift with a guy for eg. Habis macamana , mummy malas bawak kereta dan ndak jadi diva. How? :)

Anyway apa apa pun we have to preserve own integrity, and our husband's good name. Ie tak leh lah sosial sangat sampai tahap s0o sial . Jadi isteri yang mithali..kiri kanan tanya husband

Ok then back to work!


ISh ish ish...

I just read the gossip about chefwan and the ambassadors for rafflesia who got married recently... kesahnye! The Chef fedup with the huge publicity and misleading promotion etc, and felt it was not justified...and the sister of the groom got annoyed and responded that he must be jealous..OPS salah orang lah kan...hehehe

(Of course I have work to do.Melambak . tu pasal shok pi tengok blog gossip ni he he)

Anyway I pun menyampah and its not because of the RM12 million. Its the wedding of an adulterer , apa nak thrill nya. If I were the couple I would sit at home or get married quietly because my very wedding will remind people of how I met my partner in the first place and also that my meeting my partner is the reason one happy family was crushed and one woman's heart was broken..and I memang alpantang orang yang cheat on his wife nih!

And yesterday I dreamt my husband tak pasal pasal pi FIJI conference for a day. kat FIJI. And tak beritau I.. tau tau takda je.. Hmm terjaga I .. Apa pelik sangat mimpi. Rupanye suruh semayang subuh....

I was also reading about Demi and toyboy dia yang actually seriously gorgeous kalau you tengok baik baik.. He cheated on her with 2 gals apparently. Alah no 1. - apa nak heran tu kan culture depa and no 2- maybe dia mabuk in which case he would not realise pun...hish hish hish....

Currently my other half is getting so boring..he has no life except work, kids and me. HOW LONG IS THIS HEAVEN GOING TO LAST? hehehehheeh! I love it of course but kecian gak...kalau takda outlet takut karang boring...Can you believe I suruh dia main golf?? meh kita ajak dia naik basikal least boleh buat sama sama....But he genuinely does not like to lepak outside. Sungguh bagus ni!

Kids finally saw the house from the inside. Kids no 1 and 2 and 4 that is. They went in on my borrowed keys (shh, the next door neighbour passed me his keys sekejap unbeknownst to the owner shhh) and mulalah semua nya BOOK BILIK. Oit...tak cukup bilik ler...semua share ok! Dah siap berangan dah nak letak katil kat mana etc...

Ok lah sebelum I merapu LEBEH LEBEH let's getback to the work I woke up to do...

Have a great morning everyone!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Carcosa !

Hari tu we all dapat rate murah (ish) from Groupon (sorry Putri!) to stay one nite at the GrandMakmur suite in Carcosa Seri Negara. Plus afternoon tea plus breakfast. So me being the self confessed hantu hotel, dragged husband , mula nye just husband for a break (tak sudah sudah dengan break yek??) ..then everyone came...The kids took up this room called Kinabalu room..wah maka marilah kita menjadi orang puteh sekejap...

Ini ada lah toilet dalam bilik Grand Makmur tu...boleh tidor and makan sini I think...! Belakang tu ada jacuzzi..ada lah gambar tapi x rated ler..heheh! as this place does not have a pool, everyone had a turn at the jacuzzi.. bak katanye we really got value for money laH! hehe
So this is the way to the bathroom, ada hallway ok just to get to the bathroom, and you will see a walk in wardrobe area first.
Living room at Grandmakmur. Bebudak thrilled as they gave us a plate of fruits! And chocs! Yay!

Sekitar living room Grand Makmur (Johan discovered the telly thank you Johan)
Dahlia posing at the entrance of the GrandMakmur suite- ada biskut and cawan (for wine perhaps?)

Jauhnya Grandmakmur from the kids' room! tengah tengah ada bilik lagi..serai ke apa nama nye.,,mat salleh duduk. So my kids lari kiri ke kanan tu agaknye disturb dia lah what lah kan?
Ni lah "boudoir" bilik mandi Kinabalu- in a separate area of course. (Of course)
Ni living room Kinabalu - I prefer this actually , much cozier than the Grand Makmur suite tu..macam unfriendly je...
ha ni pulak bilik for the Kinabalu suite- 2 double beds! Apparently v fofular with Japanese couples because they don't share a bed (the waiter gossips)


Well, first, datang and makan afternoon teeee...dia bagi lah roti halus halus, pudding, kek cupcake and trifle, all cute mute ...we drank and drank copious amount of tea....and johan mintak hot chocolate .seronok gak lah.

Then, we rushed out get Kaklong..because she had camping and finished at 7..

then we bought Nasi Briani to eat in the room..sbb have you seen the menu here!! NOt worth paying lor...honeymoon takpa lah...anyway we all had the briani kambing and the Matsalleh carcosa berbau kambing lah malam tuuuu...siap ada extra and bagi kat Butler (they call the manager Butler)

Then malam tu say babai to my kids-- and husband and I (AND johan- potong stim tol) went to the other room. Sejuk tahap maksima - freezing enough for you to continue your imagination that you are not in KL. can pretend in London lah..except bila nampak tahi cicak tu ,reality comes back ha ha ha.

The rooms tu memang luxurious lah. The tea they gave us was unusual (to us) and novelty value memang great lah. I can get used to waking up with a huge balcony and outside got green and sejuk, with a big tree outside ...(until I remember hantu suka duduk atas pokok)

We all went down for breakfast, outside. Breakfast was continental and also english(got 2 types)- the english breakfast got eggs (tu je beza nye) . The other one only has pastries. But so many types of pastries !!! We ate buttered croissant with MORE butter and spread the cream and the jam lavishly (my weighing scale tells me it was very very the lavish)- and after breakfast- we walked around the grounds (we being the kids while mummy read the paper) and after that, we went up (supposedly to pack) but actually we all went back to sleep! (and another turn at the jacuzzi best giler)

We left about 12- there was a birthday party for a 1 year old that was being set up as we left..wooahahhh ...birthday party ok..for one year old....Carcosa is no longer for the Rich and famous (ikut suara that matsalleh guy in the tv programme)

The other building., Carcosa , is closed- apparently for refurbishment. Should be nice when both blocks open..mari kita take a slice of history...

Good break ! I think the kids enjoyed it too!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new maid!!

Ok ok now the story about the new maid....

Well, my next door neighbour Kak S(actually I call her Auntie ) said this former maid of her friend , is bringing a maid over. This former maid is now not a maid lah. The auntie's friend works in the embassy (of Indonesia) . So if I want a maid, I should call her (the former maid - called siti) to ask if she can help me.

So this Siti said if she has anyone she will call me. At the moment no one is coming over.

So she called me the other day. There are 2 girls coming over and they have left there and would be arriving on Sunday. (Last Sunday) - postponed to Monday. But please pick up on Wednesday.

Please bring RM3000 which she will use to pay the tekong. And then I have 14 days to turn her social visa to working visa.

So we went last night. Husband came back at 10 pm and I was a bit cross because I had promised that we would pick up by 8. (he told me to say that). And then he said he wont pay her one until her medical check up clears. He basically wants t otake the maid home first , see if we are ok, then pay. I said how can, like that. Allready promised![ I was sleepy, he was tired, we were yelling at each other, and I was so mad, and I know I was so mad, and I know this wont last long because I was just yelling for the sake of yelling , but it felt so goood. We're ok of course because we got it out of our system by yelling at each other . He also so tired, having operated and rushing from Serdang, GH and PCMC (he really has to choose soon) and some more no food..and I know all this but sedapnye marah marah..shetan kannnn) ]


The maid !! I went over to the house - the lady is a cook at Sari&Ratu and led me up her rented house (aiyoo one of these Indon's rumah batu that is sooo like a maze inside.)

The maid is so young! So small also, very thin like my 2nd daughter. and she is 19! I bet she is really 16. Aiyoo. And pretty. And wearing very tight jeans. If she was curvier this would be a problem. Both of us (husband and I ) were going - WAAA She's going to run!!

And we took her (and Siti) to do the medical check up at PCMC for her blood, urine etc. While we were on the way I asked Siti..can this girl do work??? She said that this girl has worked before in Suraba&ya...and she has done maid work...and she lasted 4 years (since she was 15?) and she also is very keen to work

She saidthat this girl lives in front of her house in Indonesia (where is Tuban btw?) and she can vouch for her. Ok ok

So we took this girl home lah...let's give her a chance lah....

BTW im supposed to deduct her salary for 3 months. But I will give her something lah. Maybe RM200 for 3 months? Sebab..would you be happy working for no money??

The good thing is if she is on holiday (once a month) she gets to go back to this Siti house. So I dont have to worry about it.

I told my current bibik to show her the routine..But god please dont show her HOW you do work, dear cincai....heheheheh

Insyallah........everything will be ok.......pls pls god....

Do you do this?

You know what is annoying? People who, when you are so excited to tell them something, comes and tell you- yeah memang lah ! or , Yeah lah like I said or I allready told you what ! Or- yes, when that happened to me, I did x y z..." Simply put, they know it allready.

Aiyoo potong steam betul. My mom does this all the time.

Cakap lah apa, they have done it, seen it. I'd say Did you know that the moon is now detaching from the earth and coming to land at Kuala Pilah? And the person who has this perangai will say - "Ya lah...its coming down this thursday."

Warghh!! Cannot ah one time you dont know what I'm saying. Or you pretend you never heard of what Im this:

"Iya ke Shila??? "


Gigi oh gigi

Remember I had the sakit gigi?? Toothache??

A really funny story , this. he he.

So I cancelled the first appointment right..sebab ada hal (iaitu takut) and the next appointment was on Monday.(last Monday)

So I had a bad tummy ache (ie takut) the whole weekend. And on Monday morning I stopped by to see Dr Md Shah in Keramat who according to Dr Fa&uziah is an expert. Anyway he does the kids' braces so I know him allready.

So Dr M S said - hmmm take out the painful one, and the other good one we see later what to do. I said ok, I will tell my dentist. I went and told him that I had another appointment and was only seeking a second opinion

Then at 10.30 (appointment was 11) dengan berkobar kobar nya saya pergi to the dentist....I was of course early and I dragged my clerk with me, holdinghands ok! Anyway the receptionist cum dr's wife cum friend told me - dr not in yet! I'll call u when he gets in ok!

Phew!! So we walked back to the office (seriously, this clinic is about 2 mins walk from my office door)

At about 11.15 she called me. This time sorry lah my clerk so bz ooready and takda masa nak layan the boss punya chekadak so off I went alone. Dah ready dah nak take off 2 gigi as discussed last week

Tengok tengok he didn't start. He started to tell me taking 2 teeth out is drastic. And I will be left without teeth. Basically. And dentures is uncomfortable. And anyway I have lived with this infection for nearly 3 years right...and sometimes the pain comes and sometimes it goes but all the time it goes....

As for rootcanal..well, the front molar (which looked decent but rootwise is a mess) is basically dead. The back tooth (which looked a mess but root still alive - JUST) can be rootcanalled.

But the problem is , that tooth is very complicated, 4 roots instead of 2 (of course it would be complicated, dah expect dah ..lagi takut doctor gigi lagi complicated your gigi) . Plus only 50 percent chance to plus plus

So he's sitting there waiting for my decision and I'm thinking- WHAT THE HECK DOES HE WANT ME TO SAY HERE? This is what I got from him:

1. The teeth are bad and not going to get better. Not necessarily gonna get worse. If you take good care of it you may even get rid of your infection yourself. He knows of a guy who lived with a huge cavity for years and years with no pain.

2 The root canal is no point.

3. losing 2 teeth is drastic (plus no more income for him lar)

So in the end. I told him, cover je lah! So he did a plaster filling for it, he will do a permanent one next 2 weeks, and kalau sakit., come back.......

SO MY TEETH ARE SAVED...still there, still rotten.But at least still there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Whats been happening with you? Tau jelah blog..kalau update nak update hari hari. kalau tak update langsung lupa ..

1. Maid baru

Well, we are getting one..TOmorrow. She comes direct daripada sana, which is what is needed to ensure that they want to work as a maid. Those who have been here and have worked here very rarely want to be a domestic helper. Would you? Come to think of it, why not, stability... so tomorrow I have to collect the maid from the agent's house tomorrow, pay RM3000 and then do the necessary .

2. Passport baru

I have to do one..dah expire this December

3. IC anak I

She's so big now, and she was wailing that in 6 more months she will be thirteeeeeeen!! When is mommy going to do her IC??? Ni sophia lah of course..

4, Anak sedara baru

My brother in Ireland has gotten another boy!! Yay!! Yang funny nye he said 4 times ultrasound showed a girl..sekali dapat boy..there you go...dont play play and dont buy PINK! Never mind lah least sehat and sure cute ek!!

5. Trip to KK - well in laws have said yes. Mother and father in law are coming. Other in laws ...hmm macam tak minat...sister in law in Kelantan wants to come but her husband not that interested. Eh ni Kundasang you know - very nice one!! My parents dont want to come .. aparah. My mom nak sangat pergi but my dad tak berapa to force?? Dia kata boring. I said let my mom je lah dad said if my mom pergi sorang nanti babah sasau.. hahahahaha.. ye lah tu..sapa nak buat kopikan...

Husband nak naik Gng Kinabalu..tak exercise ni tapi! Boleh ke?? My friend suggest naik Bukit Belacan dulu..orBukit Broga...kalau semput..then tak fit...

6. Trip to HK- tak pernah terlintas nak pergi, suddenly my (chinese) friends all pergi I pun macam interested..anyway its good practice kan being around crowds .... let's!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latest Folly!

More and more earthquakes are tak pernah pernah, India.

Didn't I read somewhere that earthquakes are a sign of Qiamat?

Aiyoo,,,do you think we are going to be around to see it? will it happen in our lifetime?? Let's pray not. Because I think its going to be horrible

This is what happens when we get depressed..we spend money!!

I don't know how to buy luxury handbags , nor do I go mad about shoes (only when Im in the shop) but I do love travelling... sooo....

I went and booked flights to ........Perth?? New York??

Nope- Kota Kinabalu..!

MAS is doing a fantastic deal of RM320 return each...and all of us cost about considering that the other option (ahaks macam dapat pergi) is RM23 k, marilah kita ke Kota Kinabalu....

Ada kadazan, ada gunung, ada island...


(the husband is now getting excited as he found out that Kundasang has a golf course...hehehehe best lah dia ni...tak pernah say no to his merepek wife..)

Friday, September 16, 2011

hi ya


No, I don't have it. But I'm reading about it.

Am I being morbid? I find myself thinking about all the diseases that can come and visit us over 40s now...husband dah high cholesterol you know. And what else is waiting ..I feel like God has blessed us with so many good years ...are the bad years around the corner? Nauzubillah....

Eeee tak yah lah membazir masa thinking of this. Waste time only...and take it positively least there is that impetus to appreciate your life every day as it comes and be thankful that you are for now, healthy! Fat, but healthy.

So my life is full of cats and kids. And nagging husband to come home. Aparah. Dah dekat 18 tahun kawin kalau dia balik lambat still nak kena call aparah. Shame on me. Should emulate my other friends who have husbands spending days , months away and remain cool. Me, husband balik lambat je I jadi kuching..pace up and down. hahahhaha. And the first thing he has to do is hug me. And the last thing he has to do is also hug me. Poor guy - he married a post it note- ashik melekattt je. Even the kids have given up.

Yes I have kids and cats. Kids-well, my eldest daughter cannot come to the hari raya dos tomorrow because she also has hari raya dos...and I have to come and accept that...and my second and third daughters are doing really well in piano, something that they only took up a few short months ago (although we have had keyboard piano in the house for YEARS). My no 4 spent the day with her friends and her friends' mom at 1 Utama watching a movie yesterday. I had to send and I had to fetch .Friend live in this mega castle in Kenny Hills. Walawwwww.. My son is talking to me as if he is 20 , discussing all sort of things in a grown up surreal manner. God has given me kids to advise me in my old age.

As for cats...well . we have 5..the kitties have grown!! but still naughty..pantang tengok kita tengah nak buat kerja, they will jump on my laptop. They will walk in front of you and suddenly lie down with their tummy showing so you can rub them. I hear cats are proud creatures. Well- not here they ain't. They are totally pathetic, and always looking for people to hug them. Er much like me hahahaha. My 2 black and white cats and my 2 half persian ginger tabbies are still not getting along (they are 2boys and 2 girls and hiss at each other all the time) -but seriously stress reducer. Why I need a maid - to take care of their food and poop. Why no maid would work with us- see the above reason.

Ok then I have to finish my work now...which is NOT to read about diabetes or talk about kids or cats. Or flights to San Francisco (change of venue for berangan-angan)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chakit GIGI

I chakit gigi...... I have the world's worst toothache. I have this huge huge HUMONGOUS cavity that I have been nursing for the last 2 years. I went to the dentist 2 years ago, he diagnosed that the gigi was bad, gave me a temporary plaster, and told me to consider rootcanal. The plaster broke down about 1 and a half years ago and I sat on it. Bukan susah nak pergi dentist ni, because he is in my office building, and on the same floor, and about 2 seconds walk, so I should have gone right. Also i know Dr Fauziah, the famous dentist. But I am a great procrastinator and when it comes to my teeth I don't really need too much of a motivation to put it off. So when it FINALLY hurt yesterday, I FINALLY went.

And despite the fact that this dentist I see almost every other week at the restaurants, around the building etc, he told me why didn't i come to see him earlier? Hello, you never called me, you couldn't have thought it was serious right? Ok ok, it was my fault...and I should have gone..heheheh

The prognosis is- CABUT. well he was trying to avoid it but I told him look , there's no other way, the infection has reached the BONE and I would rather be toothless than be in pain. But TWO teeth ok. I have to consider dentures sigh....but better than suffering this pain! And the pain is excruciating.

I have tried teabag. (it worked except its a bit messy and you drool tea) and I have tried cloves (it's very fiddly and I have to take it out when I drink) . I kept downing the painkiller , antibiotic and the papase the dentist gave me(thought of waiting for husband to get me medicine but too long to wait lar) - but no jalan , no go. I had the worse of nights last night, with a hot towel compressed against my cheek. Hot towel lak had to get cold lah kan.

Finally found relief when husband went out to get me a mega fantastic once a day painkiller and also some strong antibiotics. Finally got to bed and finally slept .

Now i am awake, and I feel like someone has punched me. The pain is still there...but throbbing a t a low level. instead of going MEEE MEE MEEE. (macam ambulance) . If tak tahan I will try to recite the surah I know and try pain distraction methods (hellowww had 5 kids...should know a bit about pain distraction) ...I also imagined being in the sea, surrounded by waves....

When you are in pain, you realise that nothing matters. But your health.

So moral of the story...go to the dentist....and appreciate your life..for you could be having a toothache instead! Hehehehehe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ups r!

tomorrow is first seemed to sail through it at the government school. The second one did hers in the private school and had to grapple with the private exams as well as the government exams so didn't do too well. Didn't do too badly actually when considering she was studying for 18 subjects. Didn't do too well when compared with the sekolah kebangsaan cousins.

my no 3 , we learnt our lessons. Where we were lepakz with the no 2, (after all its just an exam right) we are more diligent with no 3. Her BM being what it is, we called the teacher at the very last minute to drill the techniques and the tips to answer. Yes UPSR is not that important but it is a way to measure her skills. Have her standards to a certain level. I don't want her to be unprepared to face secondary school! Teacher reported that she has improved. For the money Im paying you teacher she'd better improve is what I say heheheheh..

Some of my friends are taking leave. I'm planning to as well. But to do what, do I sit in her school? Do I pray at home? She told me to come to fetch her. She is very cool, and just now was on her bed telling me she is bored. The night before upsr ni, she is bored. Ok lah tu I guess.I guess I should go over what she's supposed to belajar. But husband said now is not the time, and wants to take her for icecream. I don't remember any time being the time, as far as my daughter is concerned!

One never knows what one is doing when one is a parent. Ok scratch that. I don't know what I'm doing with my kids. Just winging it and hope for the best. My recipe, Lots of agama, lots of hugs lots of scolding and mandi 2 times aday is a must.

Good luck to all parents!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Sleep escapes me

I have very bad sleeping i'm awake. I slept at about 8,30 pm and got up at 11. I have to go to my BNI meeting in about 4 hours - today is visitors' day and we're going to have about 20 visitors insyallah...and we can network with them and where the heck are my business cards allready and I hope i have enough..Tomorrow I have to be there by 6.00 am I think to oversee everything..the team is quite good in organising - its allready arranged at Bankers club but you know lah, last minute things kan.. and I feel so diva sometimes giving ahem- orders as in - can you get more chairs, can you send this here there everywhere (although sometimes I suspect they just humour me) . As per usual to make something look easy takes a heck of a lot of hard work.

anyway i got up at 11 and jumped out of bed saying "I'M LATE!" and husband laughed and said its only 11 laaa. and he also said his auntie JUST left and guess what , his auntie is good friends with the owners of the house we are buying!! What a coincidence! I wonder if his auntie can ask for us if we can get the keys early. Also I wonder if his auntie thinks his wife is very lazy and not even bothering to get up to see her...sorry Mak B i really didnt know and I would SO have gotten up if I did...

Very excited about new house. Well takdalah excited na actually tapi got excited yesterday after visiting this furniture shop . Friend partner boss wants me to throw out the entire furniture in my house - he said YARD sale ...macam lah ada orang minat my furniture ni..the key word when we buy furniture is functionality and cheap! takndaklah beli mahal mahal kan..and also I have no clue what fits with what..asal boleh pakai, jalannnnnnn..

But I guess now we have to co-ordinate eh?? hehehehehe tengok lah budget kan..baru berangan sikit je, God is great, terus dapat surat cinta dari LHDN.. padan muka...

Kids are ok..why do I have this feeling that my kids indulge me in my nagging and allow me to play mother ...and they actually will just do as they please actually but to not hurt my feelings they pretend to do what I say lah, For example my daughter sleeps v late. I tell them your bedtime is 9 and you have been violating that since you were 11. Never mind that you are now 16 hehehehe. Of course another issue is time..they take their own time to do things..and have their own sense of priority. Isn't it my job to hammer in to them that bath and meals take precedent over everything especially the extra long edition of AVATAR? Bath, meals and prayers. Yes, they definitely humour me...

In laws are here and I am embarrassed to tell you that semalam my mother in law cooked . while her daughter in law was at the office...aiyoo poor her...sorry sorry today I will make amends,..

but first i have to go sleep.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dreaming ...

Chakitnye kepala...

i know why..ada HUMONGOUS hole in my molar...two molars....

So I would rather eat panadols like they were candies, rather than go see the dentist...

Anyway to distract myself I am checking out FARES TO NEW YORK

Hahahahhaha ..husband kat sebelah ni buat tak dengar je...i told him indulge me indulge me...apasalahnya berangan right...after all I dulu wanted to be a diplomat..(not because I want to work with foreigners but I wanted to go see places)

Anyway did you know that it is possible to take 7 people to NYC for RM21k ONLY?? (Kira cheap lar tu since MAS and other airlines cost about RM6k each) - only drawback is it is KUWAIT Airways....erks....kena berenti kat Kuwait, pas tu kena berenti kat Heathrow, pas tu baru sampai....

I've always loved NYC..chehwah! Macam dah biasa pergi! Dulu je lah pergi sekali...and then pun 2 hari je kan...lots of museums and stuff we have not seen. Surreal actually sbb you see the sights on tv and movies all the time..sekali you tengok in front of macam orang describe MEKAH je

Shila you have to save for MEKAH....bad bad girl.

Ok ok now I am told we have to go to that was a nice berangan....byeee!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Our Raya!

Soo how was your Raya??

It was a lovely break for us...

To summarise:

Sunday: we went back to Kluang. First time in ages we beraya pertama with inlaws. Selalunye merasmikan raya at my grandmom and my mom's place. Since my grandmom passed on, things have not felt the same. Anyway I thought as the eldest family we should be home to clean things up for my parents in laws. So when we arrived we started marketinglah, cleaning lah, and I told mil that I was going to make my mom's famous rendang (I was going to try anyway) Me and my other sister in law decided to help in the kitchen (read, take over) because MIL is kind of famous for her er...impulsive way of cooking.

Monday: Fasting...cleaned up the plates, took out the trays and jars for the biscuits, arranged the house etc. Started to cook 3 kg of rendang. MIL suddenly said NOOO just do 1 kilo. Otherwise itwill be wasted...and don't put too much of the lung ...ppl don't like, and dadin law won't eat so much anyway. Hah?? Flabbergasted because we had definitely planned to make 3 kilo , thinking of the other in laws and visitors that will definitely come..But must defer to her so we sister in law buat kuah kacang but her kacang was declared as HANGUS so MIL wanted to throw out. YIkes!! I think we figured out that MIL not used to us taking over her kitchen so she was a bit cranky heheheh

Tuesday: Selamat Hari Raya!! Sis in law and I stayed home much to the puzzlement of my in law who thought we should go and pray Raya. We stayed and zoomed over the house - sis in law mopped and we prepared the table for Eid...heheheh bagus pun cause they came home and we all could eat....

We then went to visit Daus...he was so happy I think to see us. The Administrator took me aside to tell me he walked out a couple of time. Aalah he's a bright guy. I pun akan lari kalau duduk kat situ.. nothing to do. She also said that I should not call him because she thinks there is a connection between him running away and me. She thinks that I trigger his memory of being in college etc. In fact he did ask for his pharmacy books and he said he wanted to study somemore. I am seriously considering the options available to him. The Administrator thinks he is chronic. I don't know...maybe if he gets better care?

Anyway after that went to visit Irma, our friend in JB.. wallaped the delicious red velvet trifle her sister made and sampai dia bagi bawak balik ...eee malunye...

Wednesday: Hari Raya no 2! Mom in law said rendang finishing so can we make some more?? waah must be nice lah my rendang he he. So cook again we did...Told husband I was running out of undergarment and the sweetheart went to Giant to buy ada ke...of course lah salah size lah, tali putus lah hehehe he was so annoyed with Giant. I did tell him tak kelakau

Went back to Kampung Podeh for my father's side of the family...dapat jumpa uncle uncle and for the first time bagi duit raya to them (they dont really need the cash!) and happy to see their shocked faces. hehehehe. Also met up with parents as well who had come from KL .

Wednesday : got sms from friend that they are going to Sibu Island for diving and break...and they might see us in Kluang. Thought- hey why not!! So made a few calls and booked a 2 days 1 night stay at Sea Gypsy Resort. Tak book at TwinBeach Resort sbb tak nak orang tau kita pak lang owns the Twin Beach!

Thursday: Pagi pagi macam pencuri we left the house...the plan was to leave at 6 am but by the time we said good bye to everyone, it was almost 7.30. Aiyoo we were going to have to rush to catch the ferry at 9. Mom in law couldnt understand why we had to leave so early. We could NOT tell her (*shhh) for fear of offending lah, raya raya pi jalan lak ...and the other siblings had just arrived - Atie from Kota Bahru, Zu and Epa from Nilai (we see them often though) and Nor and Fairus (they live in KL so ok lah sikit) ...

Thursday and Friday- main laut and makan and tidor. Tu je lah kerje...Nadine and Sara wanted to try diving - ada trial diving so they went for it...and enjoyed it...Dad lost his glasses - the sea took it for 2 days he was virtually the night time it was quite bad as I had to pimpin him up the stairs etc.

Friday we came back to Johor..went to Faiz's in law in tol lah raya ni. can see ppl you have not seen for a long time...and then we left at 10 the time we arrived back in KL it was 4 am

Phew! Penat kan Raya nih??Tapi best!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raya preparation

Things to do :

1. Tukar duit raya. Need a lot of RM10 and RM5. Maybe also some RM2 for the kids that come from other places (I used to love doing that , but was not allowed !)

2. Baju raya Nadine Sara and Sophia- nampak gayanya kat Ampang Park je lah since they are away till lah to go buy. Unless I choose for them.

3. Angpow- set

4. Rendang- to buy meat. to cook rendang

5. Kueh raya

tu je lah.

Kad raya tak sempat nak hantar lah this year. Or ...should just hantar ??

Monday, August 22, 2011

6.50 pm

Dah seminggu tak puasa ni (announcing dengan tak malunya) , rasa susah tol nak puasa today. Lembikkknyaaaa>But thank you God, the workload has been much so that I couldn't take a nap like I planned and neither could i go home. I didnt even get to do the work that i really wanted to do!!

Anyway im melayaning FB now and catching up on old friends. Tadi the door bell rang and thinking it was husband I went lah to see. Sekali mamat Arab! I am the only one left in the office now and I don't think I want to open the door thank you. He said he was a client and he has been trying to call the office for ages and la...anyway I called HIM back from the office line and he went away.

Did I lose a client? Lantak takut

Anyway husband wanted me to come along for a buka puasa at Aseana. Mmm normally he doesn't ask me along to his KingTho (MCKK) apa hai nih. Ok lah I pun tak kesah , although I prefer to eat at be honest wiht you. cereal pun jadiklah..

Mana dia nih....nasib baik lah ada kurma dalam opis...ada chan buka posa sini. ...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...