Thursday, January 27, 2011

a snapshot

When it rains it pours..and in this case, it's good rain.. I just hope it's still going to be like this for the rest of the year. I'm talking about work peeps

On the home front...we got ourselves a pingpong table ! !Yay! Finally...semua orang dalam keluarga ni suka main pingpong, so tak tau lah why we have never gone and played anyway entah aapa buang tebiat husband dia bawak balik meja bagak ni...nasib baik boleh lipat!

The hamsters population is still expanding..what to do? anyone outthere interested? Please??

Husband suffering from fatigue. malas nak gi kerja. heheheh ..dah tak cuti in about 4 weeks straight, weekend pun keja..apa hal. Sure lah penat

Estima dah balik rumah...lega rasanye...persona tu ok, banyak berjasa, tapi rendah sikit and susah gak nak parking

hari tu pi karaoke gak melalak sekali sekala...


Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday a coming

Ho hum..another weekend ending..cepat nye

can you believe it I tidoq siang today? I actually fell asleep from 2 to 4.

The kids found my Lovely Samsoon and we all watched it together. Since its a 4 DVD compilation of 16 episodes , it was hard to stop watching and we had to force ourselves to stop watching in order to do other stuff !

Dad was working during the weekend but managed to go cycling with the kids and also go grocery shopping

The kids were forced to do their homework before they could go out. My voice can be really really loud.

Tomorrow ada course which I dont wanna go waaa I got loads of work waaaaaa

Oh well! Nite nite!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Househunting again?

The problem about having my husband go "private" is suddenly everyone shows him houses to buy above the RM2 million mark ha ha ha. Ni I baru balik tengok rumah orang yang nak pindah dari his house to an apartment in "20pokok", and the price tag was RM2.8m. Dia tak habaq lak tu, sampai dah nak balik..! And the best thing is we were the first persons they thought of! Tu dia..they must have thought we can actually buy it he he..!Lama gak we were there..they are such a nice family.

The house was very nice of course, the furnishing is perfect, top of the range sink and the renovations done on it alone is worth about RM1 million. Dengan the koi fish pond nye, dengan study nye, dengan gold gild wall dia!! You masuk you don't have to do anything lah basically, everything is spanking new! Top of the range for everything. Security, awning, etc. The family wanted to go to a "smaller" place in 20pokok.

We were very very impressed and my kids , who came with us, all loved it. I nak tanyalah kalau Madam tai tai interested, its a bungalow, its the last one on the street, its a really nice house !

We said we'll think about it. and husband dah kira kira campur tolak and here it is- kalau kita seriously nak save for the kids' education, and support our parents , and save for rainy day, a RM2.8 million house, is not affordable. RM 2 million pun sorry. Dahlah in this time and age we can't rely on scholarship (unless our kids did really really well and are non malays I think then they stand a better chance ha ha!- woah political statement nih) . (Ini andaikata anak anak I do well lah...and currently they are not working that hard in school so we shall see je lah...I have faith in my kids though and I pray they will come through!)

So I think we shall continue staying in the present house...and concentrate on saving to send them "somewhere". Tapi nak gak rumah sendiri kan...we are renting the present one because we like it so much and we are kind of trying to get the owner to sell to us. It's a buruk house with loads of problem - kejap kejap lampu padam, kejap kejap sink block lah..but we like it! And that land in front tu is soo hard to leave. So sewa, sewa laaar......

Although we love the house, now and again we all tempted gak tengok rumah rumah sekarang..unfortunately semuanya above RM2milllllllll nowadays...I went to see some of them (sahaja lah nak sebok) .Ada sekali tu I pakai baju tidor je- (baru balik dari marketing with husband )...pakai baju tidor pun, cakapje husband kerja kat mana, semua orang layan ha ha ha..tu dia perbezaan nye..walhal dalam hati we are still the gomen servant couple yang duduk rumah sewa!

So far belum lagi jumpa rumah yang berkenan...the new houses so modern kan, so very "zen"...entah I suka rumah yang berselerak sikit, or macam style lama lama sikit, takda lah modern sangat..tapi that is the style nowadays kot..! Nanti jumpa lah...kalau ada rezeki...tapi cannot be at the cost of the kids' education (and my holidays ha ha ha) gak berangan!! hehehehehehe

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back pain


Remember a year back i pulled something in my back and then I couldn't move for 2 whole days? woooah, that was a really adegan menyayat hati, as I had to be moved by my children, and my parents came over to feed me, and in the end i crawled to the toilet (as it hurt less than walking) .

So I did go to the doc lah, last time. He x-rayed me and then said the thingimajig that supported the spine tu dah he recommended some ubat and pain relief. You tau, sampai hari ni ubat tu cantik duduk dalam the kotak, because of course right after seing the doctor, sakit pun hilang (magic!!). One thing though, he said it might strike again.

And guess did. Twinge mula mula, and now I am walking around with my hand on my left hip, ala ala orang pregnant...not painful rather macam ache, sengal and very stiff. Nak pergi massage I tak berani..what if I go and have a massage and something goes wrong? Heee..I can't perform prayers properly also. I cannot rukuk (bend down) and can only do it with my knees bent!

Husband suruh lie down kat rumah, jangan gatal pi kerja,,tapi boring gak kat rumah tu..and kat office you know lah, got this to sign, got emails to might as well go....

Anyway i think its because since joining this firm, I have gained 14 kilo. In 2 and a half years. Boley I think my back pun dah penat nak carry the extra weight around....

Apa nak buat...dah tua..(and gemuk)...:) Really hope this will go away in a day or two. Normally dah hilang dah ni, tapi macam degel degel..

takpa, esok cuti...boleh tido sepuasnye.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So long have not posted kan???

Well, we went to Penang and the car broke down on the way. We meaning boss and I , and he was driving and we were chatting and suddenly he said- eh kenapa your car is so hot ah and we turned the aircond on full blast and then there was this POP sound and we stopped.! We were on the highway mind you and I remembered hubby telling me that its so dangerous stopping by the shoulder of a highway coz you can get hit and DIE. Anyway we had no choice the car was smoking and I immediately called him to get the AAM number . As I was calling the AAM miraculously this chinese man came and guess what guys!! He was a mechanic!! Magic tol...! Husband was saying over the phone and the beeps (he was operating) to GO BACK TO KL!! but then this mechanic said it could be something easy...and his tow truck was on the way anyway so why not..Pikir punya pikir we decided to go with the guy lah ...if we were lucky we would be in KL by 6! But as our luck would have it, it wasn't a quick job after all, in the end we got towed back to KL and reached home at 12 waaaaahhhhh..Thanks to Kitchen guardian and wife of boss who picked him up with 2 kids .. Now I hear that the car is going to cost five figure to repair...tengah pikir whether its worth it but do we really have any choice??

Tu lahhhh , don't let the car hear you that you are going to trade it in ke apa ke..terus merajuk and merajuk GABAN~~!


Monday, January 10, 2011

So the Kaklong is back

Nadine is home, and happily dozing away . didnt want to go to school. I bagi jugak ponteng walaupun actually I feel she should be in school. after all, she goes every other day what and she has a good sleep dah lah

It really feels surreal, actually, as if she never went away. If it was not for her massively improved Arabic and the goodies she brought back and her smell of Yemen (everything has the same fragrance) I can quite believe that she has been home all this time.

We were late fetching her, so sorry. Flight landed at 10, so of course we left at 1o lah kan. At the airport there were a few women but we couldn't see where our daughter was because they were wearing the face covering. Damn annoying that. It forces you to scrutinise their eyes which to me can actually be more inviting than if they don't wear that . Ha ha. My daughter was the one who immediately scolded us for being LATE in picking her up . And how the siblings hugged her! Sibling means Johan especially, he would not let go and hugged her leg while she walked (or attempted to walk)

We went to have brunch at BIL and SIL's place, good old nasi lemak. thanks Zu. We also bought KFC so things were pretty normal . Nadine wanted to go to the Mall. Sara wanted to go too! the hamsters (sophia punya) also gave birth...6!!

Anyway we stayed at in laws place until about 2..then went home to rest....where Nadine opened all her bags and brought out....dirty clothes, honey, presents, towels,. etc etc, but mostly dirty clothes ha ha! family is complete again.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Nadine nak balik...!

Nadine is coming home this Sunday yay yay! She texted us, she wants more money please, I called her. why do you need money? She wants to buy souvenirs. Alahai , takyah lah Nadine ...but she wants- ok lahhh . so i transferred money to her teacher and it will reach her later today. terror kan zaman technology ni? So fast.

Anyway she has asked to go to Pavillion as soon as she arrives ! Hah! Im so glad my daughter is still the same...hehehhehe- I was half scared that she may turn Yemeni on me...not that its bad but I prefer the Malaysian nadine! She misses KLCC and Pavi kira ok lah tu ek??

She comes back ni, she has a lot of decisions to make. For one, is she going to be in Malay stream and do SPM or English stream doing IGCSE. Or rather, as we have decided that what ever stream she is going to be in, she WILL do her SPM, the question is now, which should she focus on?

Sara went to the English class on her first day> Seronok dia....she was squealing with her friends etc. But it turned out that the school was not aware of Sara changing class despite me telling the reception 3 times and asking them what I should do. Rupanye she was registered under the Malay medium still and the teachers were wondering where Sara went. He he a bit kecoh lah semalam as I had to write out a letter officially requesting the school to transfer her to English medium at the same time requesting that she be allowed to take PMR. It seems that they encourage you try to do both at lower secondary level, because the cambridge exams finish about 3 months before PMR, so you finish that, then you PULUN study for the PMR. And depending on your result, you choose lah in Form 4 tu you nak go to English stream or do SPM.

No body has ever made the choice at Form 4 before, I was told. And no one does SPM and takes IGCSE on the side, because they are completely different and SPM is harder. Ya lah, thats why SPM is more recognised in the world maaaa...When I borak with the headmistress of the secondary school she said she would encourage nadine do the IGSCE ie focus there, but try to do SPM on the side.

I said I have no problem with just SPM, tu pun pada I dah berat.. bio lagi, physics lagi...dah lah, jangan nak ngada ngada buat ICGSE..karang dua dua kantooi kan

So anyway these are the issues facing nadine nanti..takda lah besar sangat...

But im so looking forward to the return of my eldest daughter! Takda sapa nak gaduh dengan I , bak kata mak I..(about me!) Although we talk everyday, I wonder whether she is fatter from all that roti and daging he he..and I wonder whether she will still pray on time every time! and I wonder if she can speak Arabic now!

Ok byeee!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hi how are you!


I am now in the office yay! Have nicely written out my "to do" list and this year I vow to make every day's "to do" list DIFFERENT! ha ha ie, get the job done on the same day! I also resolve to cut out the long lunches and the long teas...and also to read more and also to pray on time (a yearly resolution!)

We came back from Kluang last night! WOW what an amazing weekend! We met our latest nephew, Muhammad Rizq Zafran, at 11 days old a very tiny tiny baby who sleeps all the time.

Then we went to see my brother in law FIRDAUS at his new boarding house, and guess what?? He has spoken! 5 years ago, after his first admission to the hospital Permai in Johor, he came out of it completely silent. Refused to speak. And one month with Mrs Aru, she rushed out to tell us when we arrived, he is now speaking! And apparently he confided in her everything! Firdaus rupanye all he needed was a caring person who is not his mom, his dad or his pushy sister in law!(we all did ask the same questions she did but he would just walk away ) . Mrs Aru said he was writing out the ayat qursi and then she said recite it Firdaus and after one week he recited it out loud! At the gate when we went in, when Mrs A had told us he speaks, he said something to Abah (he wanted to come home) and we all wanted to faint. In fact one of my sisters in law who got married way after that said that was the first time she has ever heard his voice!! WOW! And as we were led to the visitors' area, I took the opportunity to grill this Mrs Aru. She came across as a very kind lady who really cared for her residents. I asked her about his routine, I asked her about how many residents there were, and ratio to staff, she used to be a kindy principal so she knew about dealing with people whose needs resemble children more than us.

However, I think we should all still watch over Firdaus and I told her I had checked her centre out with the ministries at which she got a bit defensive he he. But I told her we didn't know her then and we were only being prudent. Firdaus complained he's not getting enough to eat, (Firdaus! COmplained! Wow!) and I mentioned to dad, hubs, sister in law, whoever cared to listen , that I takut they would ration the food regardless of the fact that with what everyone pays them to be there the money should be enough and food should be abundant. So we should keep on taking care of Firdaus and not leave it to the centre although I aknowledge Mrs A is fantastic for getting his confidence! Apparently Firdaus confided that something had happened to him when he was at the Hospital that made him refused to speak..what ye??

Mak didn't come because some relatives were going to come to the house but when we went home, she cried to hear the news!

That pretty much was the highlight of the weekend lah. To wrap the evening all three families then had dinner at Singgah Selalu restaurant at JB

Came home yesterday, then rushed to go to former Ketua Pengarah's anak's wedding. Then came home, finally can rest. Then heard from old old friend that his dad had passed fatehah...

Now time to clear that to do list!

Have a good day everyone!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...