Back pain


Remember a year back i pulled something in my back and then I couldn't move for 2 whole days? woooah, that was a really adegan menyayat hati, as I had to be moved by my children, and my parents came over to feed me, and in the end i crawled to the toilet (as it hurt less than walking) .

So I did go to the doc lah, last time. He x-rayed me and then said the thingimajig that supported the spine tu dah he recommended some ubat and pain relief. You tau, sampai hari ni ubat tu cantik duduk dalam the kotak, because of course right after seing the doctor, sakit pun hilang (magic!!). One thing though, he said it might strike again.

And guess did. Twinge mula mula, and now I am walking around with my hand on my left hip, ala ala orang pregnant...not painful rather macam ache, sengal and very stiff. Nak pergi massage I tak berani..what if I go and have a massage and something goes wrong? Heee..I can't perform prayers properly also. I cannot rukuk (bend down) and can only do it with my knees bent!

Husband suruh lie down kat rumah, jangan gatal pi kerja,,tapi boring gak kat rumah tu..and kat office you know lah, got this to sign, got emails to might as well go....

Anyway i think its because since joining this firm, I have gained 14 kilo. In 2 and a half years. Boley I think my back pun dah penat nak carry the extra weight around....

Apa nak buat...dah tua..(and gemuk)...:) Really hope this will go away in a day or two. Normally dah hilang dah ni, tapi macam degel degel..

takpa, esok cuti...boleh tido sepuasnye.....


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