So long have not posted kan???

Well, we went to Penang and the car broke down on the way. We meaning boss and I , and he was driving and we were chatting and suddenly he said- eh kenapa your car is so hot ah and we turned the aircond on full blast and then there was this POP sound and we stopped.! We were on the highway mind you and I remembered hubby telling me that its so dangerous stopping by the shoulder of a highway coz you can get hit and DIE. Anyway we had no choice the car was smoking and I immediately called him to get the AAM number . As I was calling the AAM miraculously this chinese man came and guess what guys!! He was a mechanic!! Magic tol...! Husband was saying over the phone and the beeps (he was operating) to GO BACK TO KL!! but then this mechanic said it could be something easy...and his tow truck was on the way anyway so why not..Pikir punya pikir we decided to go with the guy lah ...if we were lucky we would be in KL by 6! But as our luck would have it, it wasn't a quick job after all, in the end we got towed back to KL and reached home at 12 waaaaahhhhh..Thanks to Kitchen guardian and wife of boss who picked him up with 2 kids .. Now I hear that the car is going to cost five figure to repair...tengah pikir whether its worth it but do we really have any choice??

Tu lahhhh , don't let the car hear you that you are going to trade it in ke apa ke..terus merajuk and merajuk GABAN~~!



betul tu shila..jangan sesekali kata nak jual kereta yang sedang di pandu..dia ada telinga ala ala mr spock tu..dan akan merajuk giler dan buat kita jadi gila....
Mahal nya kos nak repair...beli baru je...Ferari or my fair lady ...
1na said…


p/s :
best la word verification hari nie :
1na- furipap?? heheheheheh !! kelakau!
Kak Ezza- memang..macam dia tauuu dan ada perasaan...
Aida said…

Is this the Estima?? cos one of the pomen yg kerja at my garage ada sebut a doc sent in an estima kena tukar engine ......

Hope all is well soon.

LifeBloom said…
5 figures!! terduduk di buek eh! Ada hikmah sebaliknya...but mmg betul and dont know apakah penjelasan saintifik atau mistik - like pantang to say you want to tukar kereta...once I said that - the next day terus scratch punya la panjang..
sure ke sampai 5 figure kak shila?dah tanya second opinion?sob sob.ask around and also visit online car forums.there u you would usually find talks of a good mechanic for your car and usually at a cheaper rate.try la.. :(

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