Thursday, January 20, 2011

Househunting again?

The problem about having my husband go "private" is suddenly everyone shows him houses to buy above the RM2 million mark ha ha ha. Ni I baru balik tengok rumah orang yang nak pindah dari his house to an apartment in "20pokok", and the price tag was RM2.8m. Dia tak habaq lak tu, sampai dah nak balik..! And the best thing is we were the first persons they thought of! Tu dia..they must have thought we can actually buy it he he..!Lama gak we were there..they are such a nice family.

The house was very nice of course, the furnishing is perfect, top of the range sink and the renovations done on it alone is worth about RM1 million. Dengan the koi fish pond nye, dengan study nye, dengan gold gild wall dia!! You masuk you don't have to do anything lah basically, everything is spanking new! Top of the range for everything. Security, awning, etc. The family wanted to go to a "smaller" place in 20pokok.

We were very very impressed and my kids , who came with us, all loved it. I nak tanyalah kalau Madam tai tai interested, its a bungalow, its the last one on the street, its a really nice house !

We said we'll think about it. and husband dah kira kira campur tolak and here it is- kalau kita seriously nak save for the kids' education, and support our parents , and save for rainy day, a RM2.8 million house, is not affordable. RM 2 million pun sorry. Dahlah in this time and age we can't rely on scholarship (unless our kids did really really well and are non malays I think then they stand a better chance ha ha!- woah political statement nih) . (Ini andaikata anak anak I do well lah...and currently they are not working that hard in school so we shall see je lah...I have faith in my kids though and I pray they will come through!)

So I think we shall continue staying in the present house...and concentrate on saving to send them "somewhere". Tapi nak gak rumah sendiri kan...we are renting the present one because we like it so much and we are kind of trying to get the owner to sell to us. It's a buruk house with loads of problem - kejap kejap lampu padam, kejap kejap sink block lah..but we like it! And that land in front tu is soo hard to leave. So sewa, sewa laaar......

Although we love the house, now and again we all tempted gak tengok rumah rumah sekarang..unfortunately semuanya above RM2milllllllll nowadays...I went to see some of them (sahaja lah nak sebok) .Ada sekali tu I pakai baju tidor je- (baru balik dari marketing with husband )...pakai baju tidor pun, cakapje husband kerja kat mana, semua orang layan ha ha ha..tu dia perbezaan nye..walhal dalam hati we are still the gomen servant couple yang duduk rumah sewa!

So far belum lagi jumpa rumah yang berkenan...the new houses so modern kan, so very "zen"...entah I suka rumah yang berselerak sikit, or macam style lama lama sikit, takda lah modern sangat..tapi that is the style nowadays kot..! Nanti jumpa lah...kalau ada rezeki...tapi cannot be at the cost of the kids' education (and my holidays ha ha ha) gak berangan!! hehehehehehe


MrsNordin said...

At Taman TAR, i tengok ada banyak bungalows for sale. More to your liking I think, but prices.. above RM2m jugak.

It's true, as much as we want to live in a nice luxury bungalow/condo, it's the monthly payment that we need to seriously consider.

But kalau lepas tolak campur and you still have excess moolah, by all means, buy it.

Actually, i also like the current house you're staying at. Rumah lama memang macam tu lah. Banyak yang kena repair. But the space and big land area make up for it.

Take care!

aida yurani said...

kaklong.... if you buy the 20pokok hse, u think ada extra space tak for me and khairul???? hehehehehe.

Now I am praying nobody will buy the hse i'm currently renting on auction day next week... and I too need to get my own hse soon.... tapi takat 200k je lah... 2 million saya tak mampu...

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

SW, thanks for thinking of me when you were viewing the bungalow tu. :-)

I got one detached house at Tmn Hillview for sale in my listing. Not new, not zen but cantik jugak. Unfortunately price tu above RM2mil lah.

Cari slow2 until you find something you like and it suits your budget.

LifeBloom said...

Rumah sekarang semua main mil2x...yang cheapo pun and consider ok is already 400k...200k condo these days pun sekangkang kera...alhamdullilah masa kita baru kerja ada jugak rumah harga ciput ... Keep on searching - the best come to those who wait :D

Royalshoppingarcade said...

kalau rumah million2 baik cari tanah and buat ur own home.that's what I think. :)

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