Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Nadine nak balik...!

Nadine is coming home this Sunday yay yay! She texted us, she wants more money please, I called her. why do you need money? She wants to buy souvenirs. Alahai , takyah lah Nadine ...but she wants- ok lahhh . so i transferred money to her teacher and it will reach her later today. terror kan zaman technology ni? So fast.

Anyway she has asked to go to Pavillion as soon as she arrives ! Hah! Im so glad my daughter is still the same...hehehhehe- I was half scared that she may turn Yemeni on me...not that its bad but I prefer the Malaysian nadine! She misses KLCC and Pavi kira ok lah tu ek??

She comes back ni, she has a lot of decisions to make. For one, is she going to be in Malay stream and do SPM or English stream doing IGCSE. Or rather, as we have decided that what ever stream she is going to be in, she WILL do her SPM, the question is now, which should she focus on?

Sara went to the English class on her first day> Seronok dia....she was squealing with her friends etc. But it turned out that the school was not aware of Sara changing class despite me telling the reception 3 times and asking them what I should do. Rupanye she was registered under the Malay medium still and the teachers were wondering where Sara went. He he a bit kecoh lah semalam as I had to write out a letter officially requesting the school to transfer her to English medium at the same time requesting that she be allowed to take PMR. It seems that they encourage you try to do both at lower secondary level, because the cambridge exams finish about 3 months before PMR, so you finish that, then you PULUN study for the PMR. And depending on your result, you choose lah in Form 4 tu you nak go to English stream or do SPM.

No body has ever made the choice at Form 4 before, I was told. And no one does SPM and takes IGCSE on the side, because they are completely different and SPM is harder. Ya lah, thats why SPM is more recognised in the world maaaa...When I borak with the headmistress of the secondary school she said she would encourage nadine do the IGSCE ie focus there, but try to do SPM on the side.

I said I have no problem with just SPM, tu pun pada I dah berat.. bio lagi, physics lagi...dah lah, jangan nak ngada ngada buat ICGSE..karang dua dua kantooi kan

So anyway these are the issues facing nadine nanti..takda lah besar sangat...

But im so looking forward to the return of my eldest daughter! Takda sapa nak gaduh dengan I , bak kata mak I..(about me!) Although we talk everyday, I wonder whether she is fatter from all that roti and daging he he..and I wonder whether she will still pray on time every time! and I wonder if she can speak Arabic now!

Ok byeee!

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