Monday, January 10, 2011

So the Kaklong is back

Nadine is home, and happily dozing away . didnt want to go to school. I bagi jugak ponteng walaupun actually I feel she should be in school. after all, she goes every other day what and she has a good sleep dah lah

It really feels surreal, actually, as if she never went away. If it was not for her massively improved Arabic and the goodies she brought back and her smell of Yemen (everything has the same fragrance) I can quite believe that she has been home all this time.

We were late fetching her, so sorry. Flight landed at 10, so of course we left at 1o lah kan. At the airport there were a few women but we couldn't see where our daughter was because they were wearing the face covering. Damn annoying that. It forces you to scrutinise their eyes which to me can actually be more inviting than if they don't wear that . Ha ha. My daughter was the one who immediately scolded us for being LATE in picking her up . And how the siblings hugged her! Sibling means Johan especially, he would not let go and hugged her leg while she walked (or attempted to walk)

We went to have brunch at BIL and SIL's place, good old nasi lemak. thanks Zu. We also bought KFC so things were pretty normal . Nadine wanted to go to the Mall. Sara wanted to go too! the hamsters (sophia punya) also gave birth...6!!

Anyway we stayed at in laws place until about 2..then went home to rest....where Nadine opened all her bags and brought out....dirty clothes, honey, presents, towels,. etc etc, but mostly dirty clothes ha ha! family is complete again.


LifeBloom said...

Alhamdullilah! Boleh Aunty Zura tuition Arabic ngan Nadine tak...:P

KG said...

rasa cam depa dah matured kan after depa return frm yemen ni kan kan!but the perangai still the same...yusof's first remark...i miss klcc....jom mom?!

Nur said...

welcome back nadine!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Yay! The family is complete once again. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I feel that everytime Chepul comes home.

I can't believe you guys were late picking her up. Ish!

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