Monday, February 28, 2011

nak bagi ke tak

I ada bagi something to my 2 clerks as hadiah lah for helping me sell the house kan...sekali kan, i terdengar the general clerk jawab phone pas tu she said "takda, nampak macam takda je" and now she is very masam...what do I do? I takdalah ingat nak bagi kat dia sebab yang banyak buat kerje those 2 people je tapi macam tak fair gak dia pun tolong kan...hmm tu lah dia kan..nak bagi bagi semua kalau tak masam....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday at last!

Harini my session with Slimming sanctuary. Just hope takdalah penambahan berat badan yang ketara...I just pray that when I step on the weighing scale it wont reflect all the food I ate in Bandung erks. No amount of hot blanket or jiggling of tummy muscles will help!

I'm taking the kids with me. Sophia is in school so she can't come. Entah apa mimpi dia pagi ni, I found her at 4 am awake and playing computer games . When she saw that I was awake she asked me when was Subuh (dawn) prayers. I had to force her to go back to bed. She went into the room and then came out again. I hope she hasn't fallen asleep in her actual class.

Nadine is also in school- she's very active in debating, having been elected the vice president or something. The only thing is her timekeeping still sucks big time. She was supposed to go at 9.30. She got up at 9.15 and then rushed ME. Now I have to get her first before going to the Slimming thingy.

Sara is in her friend's house. I really really don't know about letting her stay overnight at her friends' house. What do you think? On the one hand, I'm happy she has friends on the other hand, can't the friends come over? I asked her , she said her friend's mom said tak bagi ..(not allowed) as do not want to trouble me. EH?? That's exactly why I don't want Sara to go .

Johan is very upset. His pet guinea pig, Fligglebutt was found dead. Actually all 4 of the guinea pigs share one huge cage, (2 each for him and Daya) and they were inside the house for a long time sampai busuk bilik guest room tu (where they were residing) . When I had guests over for Mak's yasin/birthday etc, I put them out. Wahh the house smelt nice lah for a while. Now since Fligglebutt died, with his eyes rolled backwards, and husband surmised it was probably fright from the cat or what that killed him, so now husband said to BRING THE CAGE BACK IN. Nadine said mom we should have a den or reban for them. Goood idea. Anyone knows a carpenter? I told the maid , she said the cat doesn't bother the guinea pigs and anyway if we put them out then we have to worry about tupai (squirrels) and snakes!! Oh dear!

Anyway I have promised Johan that I would buy him a toy. Yes, me very briberycentric. Ha ha. I had to do something, he was moaning all over the house, I miiiiiiiissss Fligglebuttttt...he was sooo sofftttt waaaaaa and he always plaaaaayyyys with meeee...Eh Jojo, hari tu bukan you ke yang tak bagi the guineapig food? heheheh

Ok then bye for now, I have to rush to get Nadine, and jiggle my tummy.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful morning to ramble about nothing

Hohum hohum..the idea to blog dah dry up...sebok melayan facebook...and that too without the distraction of twitter..although somehow the idea that you can upload every mundane inane thought you have on twitter the minute you have them and people will actually be interested to find out is very tempting! But sure I tak buat keje..

so whats been happening with you?? Kak Ezza, I hope (if you read this la) you would have bantai-ed (bash!!) that kuranghajau neighbour of yours who had erected a wall between your house and theirs without telling you and also without making sure that your part of the wall is as nice as theirs! My brother had the same thing happened to him but the neighbour was nice enough to paint his side of the house as lah! This is why we should never have link houses...even one inch apart is enough - if only eh? Actually the majority of us know how to be good neighbours, but the others...

My neighbour pun taklah 100% ok but since we have decided that his bizzareness is cute and can be tolerated, we are ok lah. He is ok except for that one time when a fireant fell from my starfruit tree onto his new granddaughter- He was out with her (and he happened to be showing her the starfruit tree with the overhanging branch) ,and the kerengga fell and bit his cucu (grandaughter) and she yelled her pretty head off and he immediately took an axe to that branch !! and it was so ugly. The auntie told me apologetically what happened. Never mindlah its not my tree, its my landlord's! Still he came over the next day to the house offering to cut the branches properly since the first time round he hacked it violently. ha ha! In his enthusiasm he ter-hacked this indian fragrant flowery creeper that my landlord had specifically brought from India *(gulp!!) ! Now it's semi dead. Ok its totally dead and let's pray the landlord doesn't come and check ! Or else I will also be totally dead!

Yes we are renting the house..ok what...rumah quarters lah kiranye kan....I pun anak an army officer's daughter I am used to moving and living in a house NOT your own! Only thing is of course you can't tear down that wall to make a bigger room etc etc. ! No, he's not selling! I've asked!

We are now realising how much more savings we have to do - I spoke with this lady who sent her children overseas and you are talking about tens of thousands of POUNDS a year per I have decided since I have 5 children , to just do the best I can with what we have. Some one I know said that he wanted to send his daughter to the UK as he wants to give her the best education. I want that too! (or in Japanese, watashimo!!) but then, if its going to drain us and also deprive the others ...we will consider other options which may ALSO be the best for her...manalah tau..tengok tengok kalau kat NUS (singapore) , or UM (Malaysia) or Indonesia or Russia or France or wherever lah she finally lands-- she gets her dream job ..or meet her dream man (oh silap, that was MY motivation for Uni he he he) . But they have to do well first too!

Ok then you guys have a great morning. I am going to try to finish all those work that I have been sitting on (since I dont like the clients ha ha).


Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend mania

Wow ..what a hectic weekend!

Came back from Bandung , and started planning the "Small" birthday dinner for mother in law. Small became extended family, and dinner became tahlil and yasin. Mak led the entire thing, helped by my husband. Didn't know we could do it! Woke up that morning totally totally EXHAUSTED and fell asleep several times before finally getting off my butt to go down to the kitchen to find my energiser bunny mother in law starting to cook allready. Whoa, cannot let that happen lah kan so I pun pitched in...and we didn't stop cooking till about 3. ! It went well, although the nasi iran (Iranian rice) that was contributed by Mak Z, came a little late thus causing my freaking out that we only cooked one ricecooker worth of nasi minyak. Mak was just about getting ready to cook the 2nd pot when the rice came.....yayy!! Thanks Mak Zah! We loved it!

The doa selamat was for her 70th birthday, and also to pray for their safety as they had planned to drive all the way to Kelantan...we all advised her against it as they had just came back from Bandung and driving is tiring. But they missed their grandchild, my youngest sister in law's baby. Atie had been spending her pantang with mak and abah so after 2 months tiba tiba Atie and baby go home to Kelantan, sure lah nenek and atok rasa rindu kan....The next day they told us they changed their minds ..tak jadi . I think they felt we got them tickets to fly on the same night!~ Waaah macam "surprise surprise" pulak! Mak, pack your bags, you ARE going to! Felt good to be able to do that for them! hehehe nasib baik gak lah ada airasia. Thank goodness for AirAsia! MAS could only accept booking after one day, and then cost about RM1000 for 2 to Kota Bharu!!

On the way to the airport Mak and Abah wanted to see our new house, in Puchong. Since signing the SPA we had not ever been there and husband had actually never been in the compound. Only on the strength of the pictures he bought the place !! We all went in this time, and my in laws loved the area. The house is ..nothing to speak of lah, The previous owner is still there, he 's going to rent the house until September. We went in and yeap, we didnt buy the house, we bought the land! It's an old house, built improperly, and leaking everywhere....lots to do. As soon as we get a loan for construction we'll start work.

From our new house we dropped by my brother Saiful's house. It's horrible how little I see my own family ! Since mom and dad went off to pamper my other brother - yes you know you are being pampered Sazzli!! Saiful and Shah and I are left all alone without our parents to go visit...huhuhu, (cue the music) hehehehe. My brothers do their own thing and I have to force them to come! Teruk teruk....And Shah pulak not well....!

Ok lah got to go sleep...tomorrow work ..bila nak jadi tai tai ni ye....

Update: in laws have arrived...2 hours late! Come on Air Asia!! Baru je puji!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bandung! lovely!!

Well though.we ARE staying in a nice hotel and then got driver, that helps kot.

Husband got me that back brace (not the expensive corset that I am really thinking of returning but a proper one) and it really really is helping. Like 200 per cent better. But need to keep it on lah because once you take it off your back goes back to unsupported mode . In fact I am looking for it now but it's lost under the piles of clothes we bought. hehehhe!

Yeah ok day 1 to Bandung- Airasia flight is ok but uncomfortable .Yelah, the seats are small but what the heck , we were flying. And then we got down to the airport and there was a long queue, but what the heck, queue je lah, it won't kill you. Finally got out and got 2 unsers for the 9 of us . Straight to hotel. Loved the journey to the hotel, saw a lot of interesting looking houses that says FactoryOutlet ha ha ha. The Dutch influence is very obvious in Bandung. My auntie was saying that had we gone to the homestay she normally stays in, we would have been able to lepak lepak in the living room etc because hotels don't really have lobbies.Novo*tel has a minilobby . Took a v long time to check in cause they were trying to get us on the same floor. 2 rooms were ready first, then another one... etc (we had 5 all in all). And the room is really nice! And got tea coffee facilty etc, and clean and I am am very very satisfied. (the diva that I am) Next time we have to try the homestay pulak though cause we could save RM500 per room from the hotel rooms (but not so bad lah the price because 4 days and room got 2 ppl right plus got breakfast lak tu)

Anyyyyywayyyyy sampai je...makan, at SimpangRaya. They gave us dishes upon dishes that we can either accept or turn away. Dishes like...otak lembu. tunjang...rendang daging kicap..ayam penyet....ayam pot (??) . We waddled back to the hotel (lunch was while waiting for rooms to be ready). Everyone rested and later they all went to Rumah Mode. Husband was too tired to go anywhere so we told them to give us about 2hours rest lah. 2 hours came and gone I couldn't wake him up at all. Seriously. MAcam coma. Good thing gak cause I had emails to send etc. By the time we finally went it was magrib, everyone was upset with us (ok the aunties were not too happy obviously) but we did manage to go in to RumahMode. Rumah Mode is set in a gorgeous green location (or was it gorgeous because it was nighttime and lots of lights etc? he he) . Ramainye oraaaang...I went in and within 10 minutes got all my blouses, and paid for it, and got out again. Ha ha ha. However the next hour was spent waiting for my husband etc to come out! He's always been the shopper of the family.

Finally everyone was ready to go!! We drove up to this place in Dago for dinner and to overuse a word, the place was gorgeous. Its called The Stonecafe. it's set up in the hills, and with little chalets opening up to a view overlooking the city and its twinkling lights. Food was good as well! Husband is now addicted to Strawberry Juice. I love their tofu and their tempe was one inch thick (am thinking of importing that back) . The icing of the cake was the band that was performing..they were darn good, had a wide repertoire and were cute to boot. The night ended with my husband 2 aunties dancing in front of the band ha ha. Good outing!

Day 2 was shopppppppppinggg..First, factory outlet. everything was half priced. seriously. I had a happy time looking for clothes for the kids. nothing fits me though because everyone in Bandung is the size of a supermodel. of course. Got some for the kids. Husband took soooooo long to shop but he managed to get some fantastic bargains..Biarkanlah dia because he IS fussy about his clothes. I don't buy him clothes because the sleeves and length have got to be just right etc. He got sooo many things. And this is the guy who didn't want to buy anything. Ha ha! We also went to PasarBaru and that was..too many things for me to look at. So many many materials! Husband got his batek shirts.

Esok, NO MORE SHOPPING. Going to Kebun Daun and Kawah Puteh...!

Monday, February 14, 2011

the longest break ever

is what I think this blog has been having!

Ok, basically I am suffering from back pain since beginning of the year. I've only started eating the medication the last week or so.. my hips rasa macam nak patah, If I sit, I cannot get up without this ache, and if I dah get up, its a while before I can walk normally. And forget about walking normally, think crab, and that's me. So anyway in the meantime life went on, I had to meet clients, attend to my meetings, etc. so when I absolutely had to, I went out. When I could g et away with it, I stayed home. My boss is soo nice, kan. hehehehe But there was kickass work to be done at home too, drafting, attending to emails etc

Tomorrow Im going off to Bandung. A preplanned trip with my husband's aunties, and finally, (as it's soo difficult to get them to say yes to this type of things) my parent in laws! My sister in law cum best friend Zu and her husband also. Husband taknak ikut tapi sebenarnye dia yang kaki shopping . Actually 50 per cent I rasa like dont want to go sbb takut sakit...

But now am wearing this corset..ok its blardie mahal ok tapi I try je and belum bayar pun..its a 3 piece thing I think izan would know this, it's called Beautiful from Hai-o ..but you know what, it is helping my back! it forces my back to be straight and it acts like a second support. Actually I nak sorok from husband but since it requires a degree to put it on, not to mention 8 limbs, I had to call him! I didn't tell him exactly how much lar. He said if it helps my back why not. Eh understanding lak you...but he said I was walking in way that I wasn't able to just that morning! So I think this corset will stay on lah..I took it off for bed and then in the morning I felt sakit so I reached for it so now macam have to have it pulak. Only drawback is the thing is tight nak mati plus my boobs can actually hit you in the face now ha ha ha. the plus part? seing my husband try the girdle on for a laugh..he said can go cycling ! macam nak mati I gelak hahahahahah!!

If I can walk then I can go to Bandung right?? hehehehe

So the family update pulak- Sara hates that I have broadcasted that she has spilled hot water on herself again and suffered from 2nd degree burns. But alhamdulillah it wasn't as bad as before..she can actually walk by the 2nd day and we did not need to wrap it up in clingflim . (which we did last time). Sara, sara.......

Sophia and Daya and JOhan went for a prefect camp last Saturday where they did lots of games etc that was supposed to be character building. Johan came up the 2nd best team leader and he was soo chuffed about it because his competitors were all older than him! Daya came back as the "best girl" and Sophia is STILL mumbling about how she didn't see how Yaya got the best girl ha ha ha. Sophia, you are my best girl too.

Nadine...hmm both of them were at home with me this weekend. Sara because of the scalding skipped her TKRS (Tunas remaja ala ala girlguide) camp...she's doing well there as the cadet leader. My beautiful Sara, a cadet. Imagine...

Husband- well kerja keras lah dia....sebab bini dia sebok membelanja duit..beli corset lah..tiket jalan jalan laaa hahahahahahaha keciannnnn.. I tell you soon he's going to cancel that joint account.

Ok take care y';all....

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