Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bandung! lovely!!

Well though.we ARE staying in a nice hotel and then got driver, that helps kot.

Husband got me that back brace (not the expensive corset that I am really thinking of returning but a proper one) and it really really is helping. Like 200 per cent better. But need to keep it on lah because once you take it off your back goes back to unsupported mode . In fact I am looking for it now but it's lost under the piles of clothes we bought. hehehhe!

Yeah ok day 1 to Bandung- Airasia flight is ok but uncomfortable .Yelah, the seats are small but what the heck , we were flying. And then we got down to the airport and there was a long queue, but what the heck, queue je lah, it won't kill you. Finally got out and got 2 unsers for the 9 of us . Straight to hotel. Loved the journey to the hotel, saw a lot of interesting looking houses that says FactoryOutlet ha ha ha. The Dutch influence is very obvious in Bandung. My auntie was saying that had we gone to the homestay she normally stays in, we would have been able to lepak lepak in the living room etc because hotels don't really have lobbies.Novo*tel has a minilobby . Took a v long time to check in cause they were trying to get us on the same floor. 2 rooms were ready first, then another one... etc (we had 5 all in all). And the room is really nice! And got tea coffee facilty etc, and clean and I am am very very satisfied. (the diva that I am) Next time we have to try the homestay pulak though cause we could save RM500 per room from the hotel rooms (but not so bad lah the price because 4 days and room got 2 ppl right plus got breakfast lak tu)

Anyyyyywayyyyy sampai je...makan, at SimpangRaya. They gave us dishes upon dishes that we can either accept or turn away. Dishes like...otak lembu. tunjang...rendang daging kicap..ayam penyet....ayam pot (??) . We waddled back to the hotel (lunch was while waiting for rooms to be ready). Everyone rested and later they all went to Rumah Mode. Husband was too tired to go anywhere so we told them to give us about 2hours rest lah. 2 hours came and gone I couldn't wake him up at all. Seriously. MAcam coma. Good thing gak cause I had emails to send etc. By the time we finally went it was magrib, everyone was upset with us (ok the aunties were not too happy obviously) but we did manage to go in to RumahMode. Rumah Mode is set in a gorgeous green location (or was it gorgeous because it was nighttime and lots of lights etc? he he) . Ramainye oraaaang...I went in and within 10 minutes got all my blouses, and paid for it, and got out again. Ha ha ha. However the next hour was spent waiting for my husband etc to come out! He's always been the shopper of the family.

Finally everyone was ready to go!! We drove up to this place in Dago for dinner and to overuse a word, the place was gorgeous. Its called The Stonecafe. it's set up in the hills, and with little chalets opening up to a view overlooking the city and its twinkling lights. Food was good as well! Husband is now addicted to Strawberry Juice. I love their tofu and their tempe was one inch thick (am thinking of importing that back) . The icing of the cake was the band that was performing..they were darn good, had a wide repertoire and were cute to boot. The night ended with my husband 2 aunties dancing in front of the band ha ha. Good outing!

Day 2 was shopppppppppinggg..First, factory outlet. everything was half priced. seriously. I had a happy time looking for clothes for the kids. nothing fits me though because everyone in Bandung is the size of a supermodel. of course. Got some for the kids. Husband took soooooo long to shop but he managed to get some fantastic bargains..Biarkanlah dia because he IS fussy about his clothes. I don't buy him clothes because the sleeves and length have got to be just right etc. He got sooo many things. And this is the guy who didn't want to buy anything. Ha ha! We also went to PasarBaru and that was..too many things for me to look at. So many many materials! Husband got his batek shirts.

Esok, NO MORE SHOPPING. Going to Kebun Daun and Kawah Puteh...!


Anonymous said...

Shila, you're up early! I'm drooling by just reading your blog..


Royalshoppingarcade said...

kawah putih i heard is better than tangkuban perahu.went to TP , next time kena gi kawah putih. must try the stonecafe la...didn't do that last time. mmg best la bandung..i love SECRETS! dah pegi?

Superwomanwannabe said...

jah- i terjaga at 4 am malaysian time and its 3 am here. ! memang drool food dia.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Putri...oooh really??ok ok novotel bagi 15 percent discount lak tu

tireless mom said...


If you are drooling already should try Ma'uneh, near Setiabudi. Love that place, food and ambience. I have one long list of things to do and to eat in Bandung.Knowing you I am sure you have done your homework.

Enjoy and jangan lupa bawa balik Amanda cookies.

LifeBloom said...

The food at bandung is fantabulous...we stayed on Dago Road at this Hotel called Geulis (means Cantik). So so nice the hotel..and the entertainment pun so ngam soiii..the singers are darn good.

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