Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday at last!

Harini my session with Slimming sanctuary. Just hope takdalah penambahan berat badan yang ketara...I just pray that when I step on the weighing scale it wont reflect all the food I ate in Bandung erks. No amount of hot blanket or jiggling of tummy muscles will help!

I'm taking the kids with me. Sophia is in school so she can't come. Entah apa mimpi dia pagi ni, I found her at 4 am awake and playing computer games . When she saw that I was awake she asked me when was Subuh (dawn) prayers. I had to force her to go back to bed. She went into the room and then came out again. I hope she hasn't fallen asleep in her actual class.

Nadine is also in school- she's very active in debating, having been elected the vice president or something. The only thing is her timekeeping still sucks big time. She was supposed to go at 9.30. She got up at 9.15 and then rushed ME. Now I have to get her first before going to the Slimming thingy.

Sara is in her friend's house. I really really don't know about letting her stay overnight at her friends' house. What do you think? On the one hand, I'm happy she has friends on the other hand, can't the friends come over? I asked her , she said her friend's mom said tak bagi ..(not allowed) as do not want to trouble me. EH?? That's exactly why I don't want Sara to go .

Johan is very upset. His pet guinea pig, Fligglebutt was found dead. Actually all 4 of the guinea pigs share one huge cage, (2 each for him and Daya) and they were inside the house for a long time sampai busuk bilik guest room tu (where they were residing) . When I had guests over for Mak's yasin/birthday etc, I put them out. Wahh the house smelt nice lah for a while. Now since Fligglebutt died, with his eyes rolled backwards, and husband surmised it was probably fright from the cat or what that killed him, so now husband said to BRING THE CAGE BACK IN. Nadine said mom we should have a den or reban for them. Goood idea. Anyone knows a carpenter? I told the maid , she said the cat doesn't bother the guinea pigs and anyway if we put them out then we have to worry about tupai (squirrels) and snakes!! Oh dear!

Anyway I have promised Johan that I would buy him a toy. Yes, me very briberycentric. Ha ha. I had to do something, he was moaning all over the house, I miiiiiiiissss Fligglebuttttt...he was sooo sofftttt waaaaaa and he always plaaaaayyyys with meeee...Eh Jojo, hari tu bukan you ke yang tak bagi the guineapig food? heheheh

Ok then bye for now, I have to rush to get Nadine, and jiggle my tummy.


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LifeBloom said...

How was the jiggle sessi? I chickened out out of mine...hehe

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