Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend mania

Wow ..what a hectic weekend!

Came back from Bandung , and started planning the "Small" birthday dinner for mother in law. Small became extended family, and dinner became tahlil and yasin. Mak led the entire thing, helped by my husband. Didn't know we could do it! Woke up that morning totally totally EXHAUSTED and fell asleep several times before finally getting off my butt to go down to the kitchen to find my energiser bunny mother in law starting to cook allready. Whoa, cannot let that happen lah kan so I pun pitched in...and we didn't stop cooking till about 3. ! It went well, although the nasi iran (Iranian rice) that was contributed by Mak Z, came a little late thus causing my freaking out that we only cooked one ricecooker worth of nasi minyak. Mak was just about getting ready to cook the 2nd pot when the rice came.....yayy!! Thanks Mak Zah! We loved it!

The doa selamat was for her 70th birthday, and also to pray for their safety as they had planned to drive all the way to Kelantan...we all advised her against it as they had just came back from Bandung and driving is tiring. But they missed their grandchild, my youngest sister in law's baby. Atie had been spending her pantang with mak and abah so after 2 months tiba tiba Atie and baby go home to Kelantan, sure lah nenek and atok rasa rindu kan....The next day they told us they changed their minds ..tak jadi . I think they felt we got them tickets to fly on the same night!~ Waaah macam "surprise surprise" pulak! Mak, pack your bags, you ARE going to! Felt good to be able to do that for them! hehehe nasib baik gak lah ada airasia. Thank goodness for AirAsia! MAS could only accept booking after one day, and then cost about RM1000 for 2 to Kota Bharu!!

On the way to the airport Mak and Abah wanted to see our new house, in Puchong. Since signing the SPA we had not ever been there and husband had actually never been in the compound. Only on the strength of the pictures he bought the place !! We all went in this time, and my in laws loved the area. The house is ..nothing to speak of lah, The previous owner is still there, he 's going to rent the house until September. We went in and yeap, we didnt buy the house, we bought the land! It's an old house, built improperly, and leaking everywhere....lots to do. As soon as we get a loan for construction we'll start work.

From our new house we dropped by my brother Saiful's house. It's horrible how little I see my own family ! Since mom and dad went off to pamper my other brother - yes you know you are being pampered Sazzli!! Saiful and Shah and I are left all alone without our parents to go visit...huhuhu, (cue the music) hehehehe. My brothers do their own thing and I have to force them to come! Teruk teruk....And Shah pulak not well....!

Ok lah got to go sleep...tomorrow work ..bila nak jadi tai tai ni ye....

Update: in laws have arrived...2 hours late! Come on Air Asia!! Baru je puji!!

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Puchong which part? Takleh lawan your place now kot? & OMG jauhnya from your office kan.. :)tapi hiway byk..

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