Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My parents are back!

My parents are back! Yay yay!

After a period of five months with my brother and his family in Ireland, they finally returned..

Because we are Malaysians, we didn't do SQUAT until like about 2 days before their return.(Biasalah LAST MINUTE!) ie. The last week (or 2 ) Brother no 3 who has been staying in the house started to come up with reports,each one more panicky than the last like "Kaklong, the Volvo(my dad's car) cannot start". "Kaklong, the maid is not coming to clean the house". and the best one is " Kaklong, we cannot renew the roadtax of the Volvo because there are 4 months unpaid installments on it!"

Heheheh and that was because Kaklong is responsible for maintaining the payments for it. Actually Kaklong is NOT supposed to take it alone but share it with my brothers , however somehow, Kaklong (or rather Kaklong's husband may God bless your generous soul) has been maintaining. And Kaklong often forgets which date she has to pay the Maybank 2u thingy to the Car, and end up paying either more or less. So in this case, it was less. By about 4 months . When I called Maybank they told me the missed installment were somewhere in 2010 February and then June. ??Anyway that is sorted out now, so they went to do the roadtax...except my Brother no 1 whose name the car is registered under, had some samans as well so he had to settle that as well.

The fact that the Volvo cannot start pun ada kelakar nye. My brother no 3 (I have 3 brothers only lar) had been told by my father to start the car every day. Of courselah he didn't do it. Because he comes back late or he was bz...biasa lah. And with the fact of my dad's return looming ahead, he discovered that the car wouldnt start. And he was pondering hooooowwww to ask my dad for the number of the mechanic, without making my dad freak out. We came out with several alternative dialogues" babah ada tak nombor mekanik tu bah? Ha? Kereta rosak? Manaaaada...saja je nak lah, dah lama dah tak keep in touch kan..heh heh heh". Hee hee

Brother no 1 and 3 (and brother no 1's wife) , thank you for cleaning mom and dad's house..even though you left your kids here with us....and we suspect you may be out dating rather than clean mom and dad's house (seriously three days running? pelik tu hahahahhaah) but we don't mind cause they are adorable kids...(and they truly are)

Husband also did a bit of lasminute magic as well. His dad lost his car, so we bought him a persona. In the meantime, we "lent" him my dad's persona on Saturday, husband drove to Kluang with the new persona, to bring back the old that by my dad's return...he got his car back

And my brother no 1 bought groceries in the fridge...

And my brother no 2 yang duduk Ireland?? Sent annoying messages asking whether my parents' house are clean or not..heeeyyyyyyyy .....

Ok babaiiii

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The holiday in Australia seems like a distant dream. Came home to find that partner boss has been fielding a whammy from client who has gone suddenly crazy and irrational. Since I came back, we've been busy but not too busy to find time to eat at Flora. Barely seen husband , he hit the ground running as they say..with new patients coming who waited for him to come back , and I am grouchy as I don't like him busy. What to do, can't have your cake and eat it too eh, so Alhamdullillah for all the rezeki...but can't you come home and stay awake for longer than 40 minutes?

And the kids, they have started school too and co-co (Extracurricular activities) and tuition! Oh yeah, I dah start swimming dah with Nadine and Sara..started yesterday, aiyoo, not used to exercise , so memang penat...even though all we did was bubbling (blow bubbles through nose) and practise whip kick - ie kick like frog. The one thing I could not do , was the "butterfly" which required you to go to the deep end, let go , touch the bottom, kick yourself up and then grab the sides. I panicked. Nadine naturally did it well.Menyampah hehehehe. Sara did not go last night because she just got back from school for her co-co. But next week I need to figure out how to get her earlier from school coz she wants to come so much. I think this swimmng class may just be able to teach me how to blinking swim , because it teaches you one technique at a time, and so different from the swimming classes when I was younger, with paddle boards and practising your flutterkicks.

Oh yeah , Yesterday the Japanese sensei was with us sampai malam,she had dinner at home, and waited for me to go swimming and then come back...she came home with us because today she went back to the States, for good. So she had some things to pass to me. I took her for lunch earlier at Persian restaurant. After that she came up cause she wanted to use the computer and I had a meeting anyway at the office,till 5 . She was going home after 2 years in Malaysia- miserable years, she said. She did not like the school, the people, etc etc. Malaysia she liked. I'm glad to know her, now I know how Japanese people go round and round the roundabout before they tell you what they want. They hint at it and then wait for you to figure it out! She wanted me to help her transfer her monies out to the States...although she was just chatting about it at took some time before I realise that she was asking for help.. in the end she gave me her money so now I have someone else's money and I have to wire it over. She even paid me the wiring fee. No wonder she waited for me through my meetings and my swimming etc !! Ada prawn rupenye sebalik batu...

Ok lah i have to go sleep. I m very nervous. Esok I have to conduct the BNI meeting....aiyoo ....

Friday, March 18, 2011

melbourne day 2

hi now we are in melbourne. Arrived yesterday afternoon. Would like to say that we arrived in plenty of time at the sydney airport and we calmly checked in but sadly, no. The highway was jammed so by the time we arrived it was past 9. We had to check in by 9.45. Then we had to park the car at the car rental place and discovered there was no parking place. Nasib baik one guy pulled out so we could park. Then we ran to check in, phew , long queue . Then as we got to the top of the line I found out that i had left the laptop in the car so another heartstopping moment. Husband ran (haha no he didn't , he was cool about it) to the car and retrieved it and we waited patiently . Then we all went in and Sophia had her bag chosen to be randomly checked thoroughly by the security people so that delayed us more. Rushed to the gate which was of course the very end of the building and dah 10 am...thank goodness the flight was delayed. God is great. In the plane everyone SLEPT . Then we arrived and discovered that there was NO CAR available to hire. I didn't really look into it because I thought we may be able to get around without it but then I rasa , with all of us, and our stuff, maybe not. Husband went walking to other rental car offices and in the end he came back and said he got one...thank goodness!! A tarago lak tu (Estima) so familiar ler.

Eh boring nye post kat atas ni, what the heck , at least I can read back and recall how kecoh yesterday was he he! Anyway we got to our house - wow jauhnye lar but actually it works out to be convenient sebab its halfway between the city and the airport. The house is sooo cute but sejuklah nak mati. Melbourne is very cold lah! ada ke 15 degrees, entah apa apa . After offloading our stuff we headed out to town. Melbourne melambak trams so discovered the hard way that we cannot simply turn right if there is a tram coming down from the opposite direction because the tram will hit you. Headed to Federation square not because we know what it had but we read (3 minutes before) that that this was the place to be. So we went and first thing first, look for food. Very good place at the Federation Square called Chinotto- which is italian ran by chinese so ok lah . The kids ordered risotto lah, pizza lah, calamari lah and gnocchi. Pandainye yang makan mak and bapak. Padanlah jeans dah tak muat.

Then we went to the river which is just behind the federation square building. Sebenarnye ada banyak benda nak buat kat sini...sayang je sbb tak da time..we went to the Australian Centre for Animation and had lots of fun playing with effects like shadows, matrix film effect..teramat amatlah jakunz. Pantang nampak display "Touch this for sound" semua orang touch. One thing good about the kids is they are easily amused. Pi lalu kat river, ada playground pun dah happy. Main dengan swinglah, pasir lah, naik hammock lah ...thank goodness there were no children around he he!


Ok lah today we are just about to set off..bye ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still in Sydney but not for long!

It feels really insensitive to be blogging about what we did etc when the news are telling us about the horrors in Japan and also scaring me witless about the potential of radiation.

I am watching telly at the moment,waiting for the kids to wake up. Last night's dinner (lambchop strogannoff is heating up -thank you to instant sauce in a jar) for breakfast. All clothes are now washed and dried- I think the apartment owner may come out with a loss, if she factors in the electricity cost we must have managed to run up . The washing machine has been working every morning and night. The dryer too! Kat rumah manja ada maid , kat sini buatla kau sendiri. Heheh..ok apa,semua orang kena kerah, lipat baju bersihkan toilet basuh pinggan. balik karang kena teruskan ok!

It is about 8 minutes to 7 am here and we have to go to the airport soon. I am targetting to leave at 8. The plane leaves at half past 10. the airport is 10 mins away. Anxious much?? heheheh. Well, you never know if the usually 10 minute drive is going to be an hour crawl with the morning working people traffic. So its best to be early right. Plus there's only the one bathroom here and I have four girls will take forever. Cepat cepat!

Tak puas tengok Sydney, Not enough time...I was mentioning that you should NOT get the 4 in one ticket. Not that its bad. Just that, you might not want to go to that 4 attractions when you get here. I would have preferred to go to Taronga zoo, rather than the wildlife centre. The Wildlife centre tu enclosed cages, so you see the animals all in cages. Kesian gak..the kangaroos were all lying down macam malas. No matter where you go to see animals, though, you MUST go see Aussie's animals..because Australia has so many animals insects reptiles etc that you cannot find anywhere else in the world! Lizard dia je, macam prehistoric animals. The sharks and the jelly fish and the spiders.

Anyway after seing the animals etc, we went to the Sydney Tower. Ala ala KL Tower lah except you have to go into a shopping centre first. Naik Level 5, lepas tu naik tower top. LOTS OF JAPANESE AND CHINESE people blocking our way. After we caught the 4D show(fantastic) we went home. Not because we wanted to, (although i dah penat) but because we had to eat dinner-we bought ayam halal and daging halal and kalau tak makan membazir. Plus Sydney is expensive ! Our lunch of fish and chips cost about AUD70 (kali 3) . Carik gak kalau ada Pelita ke apa tapi takda. The first night we ate kebab - portion was so huge but kena gak AUD80. Second night dinner was Ayam masak butter chicken- bapaknye masak. Again, instant sauce in the jar. Now i remember how I survived cooking in the UK dulu ! heheheheh

Semalam we went out again, this time I was determined to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Ye lah so far only caught glimpses of it as we drove along. Husband lak cannot stop stop to take picture because he was too bz concentrating on what rubbish the GPS was telling him heheheh. Ada ke tell us to go right when we are on the bloody highway. Right pi mana, cek oi?? Masuk pagar adalah.

We got to Sydney Opera House. We took the tour (must do) and got to go in the concert halls. Rupanye they had a competition for the design, and the winning one had been discarded in the bin ! Nasib baik they retrieved it. And this Danish architect designed it and it took about 16 years to complete. Semua orang impressed at the high quality design and so much thought put into it. It took 3 years for them to perfect the TILES on the roof so that they can SELFCLEAN and its still sold in Sweden and it's called Sydney! The 4 sails as roof (the whole opera house were supposed to resemble a ship or sailboat) were beautiful, looked impossible to have been constructed, and the attention to detail..amazing. Kalau Malaysia?? MAybe start with 4 sails on paper, tapi bila dah sub con , jadi one sail je kot,.....hahahhahaha. And tiles maybe dah hilang dah. hi hi hi. Sorry lah but I wish we have the same pride in our work as the orang luar has.

Pas tu we went to the ROCK. It was just a place where you can walk by the bridge..and see the Harbour bridge and the Opera House. Kaki ku sakit so I was not the happiest of bunnies, especially when the husband dragged us all back to the car park because he wanted to repark to avoid higher charges, only to find that we had hit the maximum charge. So off we went out limping on my heels , padan muka bawak heels sapa suruh. and in the end husband kesian so we stopped at McDona.

So many more things to at the Sydney Opera House they are selling Carmen tickets for AUD50 each..this is cheap apparently. If we wanted to go yesterday we would have had to pay about AUD1000 kot for the family. Sebab only A reserve seats je available and this is on a weekday! Kids were interested actually. I don't think so lah kids because a) it is blardie expensive b) it is in French.

Apa lagi ..if we had time we would go see the beach more..yesterday we drove through the sea towns...Bondi, Coogee, La Perouse...cantik lah, of course lah cantik lagi kampung nelayan di Terengganu but the places here have their charm....

Eh I have been rambling on and on and on..its almost 7.15. See you soon then!! Enjoy pics!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A day with the fishes

A tip for those yang nak pergi Australia. toksah lah beli those prepaid fun tickets. We ended up with a ticket for 4 attractions: Aquarium, Wildlife, Sydney Tower and Manly Ocean World. We did the Manly ocean world first, which involved going to Manly, out of Sydney. This was a good thing as it turned out as Manly is a really sweet suburb. Terbump into some Malaysian doctors who were here on conference and one of whom, was actually husband's student! While we were in Manly I bought (Hahaha sempat shoppeeng) two pair of cotton pants worth AUD80 , turun AUD10! Ok, so they are about 6 inches longer...never mind I will alter them when I get back.

Sempat lagi episod cari-mencari as husband decided to go into a shop not telling us where leaving all of us nganga nganga cari dia and in the end we thought heck it, the kids wanted to check out a stationery shop , so they went in. After a while we decided to go back to the car just in case he was waiting there- nope. And he doesn't believe in picking up calls if its roaming, so all our calls went unanswered. Finally he picked up and we met at the car...konon-konon he had been looking for us lah...hehe we all know better. (I just got a poke from him for this )

Manly was very windy and I now have a small idea what it would be like to be in a STORM or HURRICANE. The Ocean world itself was surprisingly small. Nampak sharks and other ocean animals, port jackson shark (which is apparently an embarrassment to the shark family as it is very UNsharklike in characteristic- no teeth etc).

Came home direct and husband cooked spaghetti while his wife and children SLEPT- penat wooooh.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sydney Day 1

Yo yo yo..! We're in Sydney! Yayyyy jakuns. Dah lama dah book tiket - apa lagi AirAsia ler. Ok lah, walaupun very crammed. It was a full flight. No spare seats at all. The stewards all called me auntie. Sigh..

Anyway AirAsia doesn't go to Sydney, so we landed in Melbourne and then caught Tiger Airways to Sydney. Samalah tiket murah however AirAsiaLCCT is so much cleaner lah , kira standard lagi bagus lah daripada this matsalleh airport. Kitorang dah tercepat sampai dari pukul 11 pagi although the flight was at 3. I don't think my husband liked me very much as I rushed everyone - I get very anxious when there is a deadline, although this is only with flights or trains etc. For work i relakkkkksss je hehehehehe ..

We finally arrived and decided- we have to take a car! Thank goodness we found one that can fit all of us. As we were registering, horrors, where's my laptop? Ran back to the arrivals place and finally found it at the airline place- tertinggal in the plane.

We found our apartment quite easily thanks to Ms GPS. Nice walk up apartment! 2 bedroom, large living room with futon, another bed by the door, WASHING MACHINE and DRYER!! and clean and new bathroom with STRONG SHOWER so to me this is ala ala HIlton allready he he. The lady who checked us in gave us a bottle of WINE to welcome us - we sent it back . Perhaps I should have just chucked it in the bin, instead of encouraging her to drink it.

Of course lah kan, once arrived in front of the was hard to get out again. Plus we were actually very very tired..the day before the kids had their sports day and spent the morning marching. (that could be why they weren't moaning too much with all the walking from one terminal to the other that we had to do yesterday) . We checked in at 6, at 9 pm we finally got off our butt to find dinner..and that was when we discovered GPS hates us.

Husband had a fight with the GPS when it refused to find us the place we asked it to. Ok we didn't really know how to operate the damn thing, honestly. In the end we found one Brothers Kebab in Sydney and stopped to ask if it was halal. Hurray!! it was , and the portion were HUMONGOUS. habis laaaa diet aku.....dahlah sampai je airport tadi husband bought me Aeromint, chocolate terfavourite I. Is he saying he wants me podgy or what???

Anyway after wolfing down the 3 lambkebabs, 3 savlokies (meat chunks which Sara had trouble eating because of her braces but she was the one who really really wanted it) we left to find the Sydney Harbour bridge....or OPera House. Set the GPS for Opera House. It took us round and round but not to Opera House. Satay House adalah. Heheheheheh. Husband really really got mad at the GPS hehehe.

Going round and round the city, we finally found ourselves at the Harbour bridge- fanstastic view!Can't believe that the image we see all the time, is now before our very eyes. Alhamdulillah..Ni pun dah excited, imagine kalau dapat tengok Kaabah! Sure terpengsan.

We did stop to buy groceries , after that dah yawn kiri kanan so we went home...

And now, at 11.30 am , we are still in the house!! Husband dah basuh baju (so rajin lah him) while his wife snoring away! Love you lah! We are now going out. Ocean world kot.

Ok catch you later!

On another note: Australia is so direct . The road signs so funny. Wrong Way, turn back. Another one is "Left lane MUST turn left". They don't mince words , that's for sure!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Housecaptains and presidents.

The kids all ponteng sekolah yesterday. They said they've been having sports all week and if they go again yesterday they were only going to do some MORE marching etc moan moan so can they skip school please?

I said - ok! Then I tried to pretend I wasn't such a walkover by telling them that they MUST do some schoolwork NOWWWW. I want to see it when I get back ok!! Not sure whether they did or not, I came home so late. Somehow I don't think so. How to get them to do schoolwork on their own?

Actually one of my children does homework without prompting. Dahlia. She will forgo mandi, makan etc until she finishes all her work. Someone who doesn't procrastinate??Where DOES she get it from? She was also the only one who turned down my offer(or my allowance) of them staying home. She wanted to go to school she said because she had a test. Eh?? Takkan Dahlia je yang ada test? Like the dad said- daya, you have a test, and the others don't? But it seems that was right.

Nadine had to go as well. She's the house captain this year and she said it will look bad if she ponteng. So she went!

Boy I SO know how she feels. That BNI group I joined. has asked me to take on the president role, ie to lead the meeting and to have Leadership meeting, and to also guide the group. For 6 months je lah. I get to have a team. I don't I a leader?? I am the woman behind the leader usually . I offer the ideas and you carry out lah. I am the silent leader (or not so silent leader ha ha) I do not like to be seen to make an unpopular decision. I like to be liked. I cannot say no. Hmm I am so dead, aren't I.

However, since I cannot say no, I said yes. So I am the president of the Ampang group for 6 months from April to October. Goodluck lahhhhhhhh diri ku... Kenalah paksa berdisiplin lebih..macam today ada meeting...around 6.20 I have to be there..So I am already awake. To leave by 6. Subuh kat sana (Bankers' Club) . And, cannot ponteng!. And , cannot lambat! And..oh mygawd banyaknye AND. Alah takda apalah kan? Bukan president apa apa pun kan..small thing only....

Eh Ok lah ..I continue buat kerja sikit week takda kat office..cuti yay yay so kena lah habiskan partner tu sampai sakit kepala in advance memikir kan kerja I yang dia kena handle.


Monday, March 07, 2011


Ever forgot your kids' names?

I sometimes do. I would go around calling them no 1, no 2 etc

or worse, I would start with one name, realise that it's not her, and then continue with another name, on and on until I get the right name

For example . the other day:

"Please can you close the door, Sa-Soph-Dah- Nadine!!"

Oh no...senile allready at 42!!

And that's another thing. I forgot my age today. I was in the supermarket with a friend and she was asking how old I was and I said 41. eh , no 42. eh, I was born in 1969. So how old ah? She said - 42. (you old woman)

Sigh..glad today is over..well, it's not really but at least I'm home! I've been going all over the place. To start off I discovered my kerek datuk and datin which I had er..vented about are friends with my husband's auntie and uncle! oh dear.....However funnily enough they were so much warmer after that , since I guess I have the right connection lah kan...didn't stop them from asking for a 80 percent discount though. Chet. Why don't I just give away my services . Did they know that half my Sunday was spent printing their many documents for the second time personally sticking the tabs on where they should sign and personally sticking the red sticker where they can put the common seal?? When I could have cuddled with my kids?? 80 percent my seabass.

Anywaaaaayyy said bye bye... then went to Empire shopping centre for the first time at the suggestion of partner friend who is grumpy because while I was with client kerek he was at client kerek no 2. Kerja loyer ni ashik kena maraaah je. We lawyers get all the crapz. (Im sure im going to be deleting this tomorrow) Anyway I know you can handle them , partner!

Spent a lovely lovely lovely time at Empire Shopping centre with the banker who came with me to see the kerek client and who gave me a lift back (Did I tell you my dearest dearest husband was nice enough to let his wife bully him and sent me to the client kerek's (ok guys kerek means ...fussy??) place about 40 miles away from home..treated me breakfast some more..and we dropped by his uncle Fuad's place...nice to see him..)

Loved Empire. I vow to take hubby and kids here just to show them how nice it is. So many pretty shops! Got this slide thingy that you can go in from the 6th floor to the ground. I so want to try...can ah?? We ate at Whisk and at Serai. Whisk a cafe and cake place - very newyawk (chehwah as if I know) and after that we went to try the Serai (ala ala Delicious) , We being my banker, my partner and me. My partner was hungry but we were stuffed with the nasi lemak that the client gave earlier. Hmm they fed us so cannot say they kerek anymore.

Love Whisk and Serai.....Very nice atmosphere! Saw Deanna Yusuf ! I asked the you want to see me embarrass myself? Shall I ask her eh Are you Deanna Yusuf?? You are SOOO Pweeetyyyy... the banker friend only laughed. nervously.

Finally finished lunch and went back to office -only to sign certain things and then went off again. Partner crabby and me not in the mood to be nice. yes you WERE crabby and yes that WAS me not being nice ok incase you did not notice.

Now going down to makan...see you later peeps.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The battles !

I am sure I embarrassed my daughters yesterday at their sports day. I was the one going "COME ONNNN UHUUUDDDD""!!. There's a sob story here. Adni has 4 sports houses, one of which, UHUD, has always placed last for eight years running. Eight years ok, so UHUD is synonymous with LOSING. Naturally, three of my children belong to Uhud. Sophia is in Badar (Blue) and Johan, Khandak (yellow). The other one is Hunain (Green) . These houses are named after the battles between Muslims and others. And whaddyaknow, at Uhud, the Muslims lost. So how to get the house which commemorates a lost battle , to win? hehehehe.

However...yesterday Uhud won!! (this is not the final score though) When the teacher announced the results, even she couldn't help drumming it out and being :Do you know what Uhud's score is??? (they were reading out each team's score so far, gained from all the events that had taken place) and when the score was that Uhud had the highest of the 4 houses the cheer that went out-- was so deafening! I shed tears!! (emotional betol!) I was soo proud/touched/relieved for them..and the teachers too, as they felt so sorry for the demotivated Uhud House. Nadine is the captain of Uhud this year so I'm sure she is especially proud! I told her it must be because they used MY lipstick to paint their faces. ha ha

There's going to be a final final sports' day on the 12th, where they will round up all the scores on that day..and I really really hope that on that day Uhud at least gets no 3!!

A little about the battles (I didnt know this)

Battle of Badar : (menang even though outnumbered)
Battle of Uhud: (kalah sebab arrogant ingat akan menang)

The Battle of Badr (Arabic: غزوة بدر‎), fought March 13, 624 AD (17 Ramadan 2 AH in the Islamic calendar) Hejaz region of western Arabia(present-day Saudi Arabia), was a key battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point in Muhammad's struggle with his opponents among the Quraish[1] in Mecca. The battle has been passed down in Islamic history as a decisive victory attributable to divine intervention, or by secular sources to the genius of Muhammad. It is one of the few battles specifically mentioned in the Quran

Battle of Uhud:the Battle of Uhud was fought on March 19, 625 (3 Shawwal 3 AH in the Islamic calendar) at the valley located in front of Mount Uhud, in what is now northwestern Arabia.[1] It occurred between a force from the Muslim community of Medina led by theIslamic prophet Muhammad, and a force led by Abu Sufyan ibn Harb from Mecca, the town from which many of the Muslims had previously emigrated. The Battle of ‘Uḥud was the second military encounter between the Meccans and the Muslims, preceded by the Battle of Badr in 624, where a small Muslim army had defeated the much larger Meccan army.tak menang..

The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق; Transliteration: Ghazwah al-Khandaq) also known as Battle of Ahzab, Battle of the Confederates and Siege of Medina (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب; Transliteration: Ghazwah al-Ahzab), was a fortnight-long siege of Yathrib (nowMedina) by Arab and Jewish tribes. The strength of the confederate armies is estimated around 10,000 men with six hundred horses and some camels, while the Median numbered 3,000. The battle began on March 31, 627.

The largely outnumbered defenders of Medina, mainly Muslims led by Islamic prophet Muhammad, opted to dig and fight the confederates from a trench. The trench together with Medina's natural fortifications rendered the confederate cavalry (consisting of horses and camels) useless, locking the two sides in a stalemate. Hoping to make several attacks at once, the confederates persuaded the Banu Qurayza to attack the city from the south. However, Muhammad's diplomacy derailed the negotiations, and broke up the confederacy against him. The well-organized defenders, the sinking of confederate morale, and poor weather conditions caused the siege to end in a fiasco.

The siege was a "battle of wits", in which the Muslims tactically overcame their opponents while suffering very few casualties. Efforts to defeat the Muslims failed, and Islam became influential in the region. As a consequence, the Muslim army besieged the neighbourhood of the Banu Qurayza tribe, leading to their unconditional surrender.

The defeat caused the Meccans to lose their trade and much of their prestige

The Battle of Hunain was fought between Muhammad and his followers against the Bedouin tribe of Hawazin and its subsection the Thaqif in 630 in a valley on one of the roads leading from Mecca to al-Ta'if. The battle ended in a decisive victory for the Muslims, who captured enormous spoils. The Battle of Hunayn is one of only two battles mentioned in the Qur'an by name, in Sura [Qur'an 9:25].[1]

Friday, March 04, 2011

Listen to me carrying on!!

Am in love with Nick Cage. So one dimensional yet such a great actor. Watching Sorcerer's Apprentice at the moment with jojo and Shah, my brother. It's hilarious!!!

Husband has gone to Manong . his uncle passed away ....Innalillahiwainnaillahi roojiun.- my father in law's eldest brother.

My father in law has 3 other siblings. Two went to settle in Perak. the other one, the only sister, remained in Johor until recently - she is now with her daughter in KL. Having said that we rarely see her. TERUK KAN! We are terrible. The uncle who died was the eldest, living in Manong. Childless. I met him once. His house is just behind the Perak River (HUGE in the rain).

Poor dad in law..last week his car got stolen. He was at the mosque, he put the keys in the drawer in the mosque,(ok dont ask WHY did he do THAT?? Did that) finished prayers and found the car missing. He came up to KL today in a cab, and went to Manong with my husband. We are looking for a replacement car for him. But on the other hand, maybe he shouldn't drive anymore? He IS 72 and has had 2 heart attacks. But nothing ages you more than people treating you like you are old. Kan? I personally hope to still be traipsing around the world (or rather, FINALLY be traipsing around the world) at the age of 80. With my husband by my side of course. (who would be carrying the bags??)You know what, I bet at 80 I would still be smsing him "Where ARE You???" ..just hope I don't ask "WHO are you?" Aiyoo, please God , spare me from late wan had it...and it ain't pretty. So sad especially when you see bright bright men and women, suffering from it. So please. God , preserve my sanity and mind. Plus god knows what MORE rubbish I am likely to spew out if I really lose my mind.

Anyway how are you? So glad that it's Friday eh. I have been nursing this headache for 2 days..but I think that is cavity related. I have these 2 huge cavities covering 2 molars....and I know I need a root canal..but I've been putting it off...Dr Lim in AmpWalk is wonderful to babies like me so I'm thinking of going there. Although Dr Fauziah in Melawati is cheaper by far. (Dr L may cost more than RM3k!) BUt he DOES pamper you , let you stop many times, let you gargle even though you tak rasa nak gargle...listen to your rambling on about your psychological fear of dentist and what happened to you in Labuan when the army dentist pulled out your tooth and how you hid in the big drain to avoid having to go..etc, you know, the usual stories people tell)

Kids are busy with their sports day. The actual sports day is on the 12th. But with Adni, there's several parts to it. Tomorrow is the Putri (Princesses) Sports Day. The kids (Johan's age) finished their sports day today. So on the 12th what else is left I asked. The track events for boys and girls. You know, Adni has an interschool event where they would compete with other schools . There was one time when they competed against ISKL. The ISKL guys won. It was something to see though, the ISKL guys in their white shorts and singlets. And the Adni guys with their Islamic long track bottoms etc. Ha ha. Shows you that Islam is no barrier to anything. Only barrier is in your mind , y'allz!!

Ok how do I end this rambling eh.. you guys have a good weekend ok!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Update on rambling @home

Hmmph. tak buat kerja pun...

Half the day I chatted with my sister in law on gmail, then I got calls from clients, then astro man wants to come, then my boss suruh datang makan kat flora, then johan and I went, and then chit and chatted with the guy yang jaga , Lan, last last - dah pukul 3 , then i went home, and then my uncle came ...then its 7 pm and then I realised I have NOT Done anything!!

rambling @ home..

I'm working from home today.

I am so glad that (a) I can and (b) my boss tak marah. Jangan jelez you allzzzzz!! heheh. Actually melambak kerja- I have a lot to get on with. I seem to NOT be able to do it at the actual office, because of many small distractions me blogging me yearning for lunch at 10.30 am us eating at Flora...again...So today I think I want to STAY in one place. I am dressed like Im going to work and sitting in front of the PC. But first- just a QUIIIICCCKKK blog. he he.

The TV is busted so its quiet. Ceh tak boleh nak tengok Bones /Burns Notice/ favourite of all times NCIS laa macam ni!! Quick- call the Astro man!

Husband is still at home, by the way. Entah apa his mimpi, he is now spring cleaning the closet. In front of my laptop here I can see a mountain of clothes that the girls have outgrown of and that he has taken out of the storage room (ok it wasn't a storage room when we first moved in was supposed to be Johan's room ) He is now mumbling- baju hitam ni sapa boleh pakai? To which I will absentmindedly reply- bagi Hajar/Mohamad/Yusuf/Yasser (my brother and my friends' kids) ..Hope they don't mind getting handmedowns. Some of them still new tau..sometimes they ARE new, because we bought and then the bibik kept the bag, and then we forgot we bought...hehehehehe. Sayang, sayang.

Johan is at home with me. I convinced the dear husband that I want Johan to study at home and anyway it's sports fever week this week (their sports day is 12th March) - they are practising their "battlecries" now and Nadine and Sophia has come into my room ransacking/er looking for track bottoms. They came out of my room with their dad's pants. Because I don't have any trackbottoms that can fit them. Ok ok, I dont have any trackbottoms.

Ok Ok ...better go and do this work that I have a lot of....

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hi again

Two posts in one day!!

Am trying to find the motivation to finish something...

sigh sigh sigh..also have to go pray asar...

praying on time is my personal challenge...why ah?? Why is it that it's so hard to go pray on time? Whenever I think- "finish this first" or "later lah" , I always imagine a little devil with horns and colour red , saying it. And I think if I listen to that voice.. that setan will win. I visualise that that voice, is the setan! (devil)...

and with that, I am going to do my asar...

The Dato and Datins

You know , there is this book in my house called "the Ideal Muslim" . In the car I read it out loud to my supir aka husband yang masih dikerah menghantar puterigunungledang tua ni pi kerja hari hari, some excepts from the book. The ones that I read were about :

1. cleanliness and Islam- do not be tardy or unkempt!! It's unislamic!

2. watch your diet!! - see , Islam very progressive one...cannot eat too much!

3. any sedekah you make cannot tell people one..your good deeds are cancelled!!

So, kira yang I bagi semalam tu...hampeh lah nak dapat pahala ek... oh friend said left hand cannot know what right hand is giving...kira berapa dapat, ok je..

On that subject, the other week we went to visit this client who was a Dato and a, I know a lot of Dato and Datin and the ones I know are very humble and impressive people who deserve their title 1000 per cent (wooot!! Takut kena marah ni ha ha) but this particular Dato and Datin Wira..or I should just say its the datin seemed to think that the title made her extra special. she told us stories about how her son was so embarrassed that they are titled people...and how he made them park the (very big car) far away from the school. And how much she contribute towards teh masjid...and how close she is with the royal families of kedah and selangor and etc and how rosmah calls her all the time....

Im sure this is all true. I feel inspired dengar dia cerita. A small part of me feel she should keep this to herself, Im sure....

Tunggulah Aku jadi datin nanti ha ha!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...