Monday, March 07, 2011


Ever forgot your kids' names?

I sometimes do. I would go around calling them no 1, no 2 etc

or worse, I would start with one name, realise that it's not her, and then continue with another name, on and on until I get the right name

For example . the other day:

"Please can you close the door, Sa-Soph-Dah- Nadine!!"

Oh no...senile allready at 42!!

And that's another thing. I forgot my age today. I was in the supermarket with a friend and she was asking how old I was and I said 41. eh , no 42. eh, I was born in 1969. So how old ah? She said - 42. (you old woman)

Sigh..glad today is over..well, it's not really but at least I'm home! I've been going all over the place. To start off I discovered my kerek datuk and datin which I had er..vented about are friends with my husband's auntie and uncle! oh dear.....However funnily enough they were so much warmer after that , since I guess I have the right connection lah kan...didn't stop them from asking for a 80 percent discount though. Chet. Why don't I just give away my services . Did they know that half my Sunday was spent printing their many documents for the second time personally sticking the tabs on where they should sign and personally sticking the red sticker where they can put the common seal?? When I could have cuddled with my kids?? 80 percent my seabass.

Anywaaaaayyy said bye bye... then went to Empire shopping centre for the first time at the suggestion of partner friend who is grumpy because while I was with client kerek he was at client kerek no 2. Kerja loyer ni ashik kena maraaah je. We lawyers get all the crapz. (Im sure im going to be deleting this tomorrow) Anyway I know you can handle them , partner!

Spent a lovely lovely lovely time at Empire Shopping centre with the banker who came with me to see the kerek client and who gave me a lift back (Did I tell you my dearest dearest husband was nice enough to let his wife bully him and sent me to the client kerek's (ok guys kerek means ...fussy??) place about 40 miles away from home..treated me breakfast some more..and we dropped by his uncle Fuad's place...nice to see him..)

Loved Empire. I vow to take hubby and kids here just to show them how nice it is. So many pretty shops! Got this slide thingy that you can go in from the 6th floor to the ground. I so want to try...can ah?? We ate at Whisk and at Serai. Whisk a cafe and cake place - very newyawk (chehwah as if I know) and after that we went to try the Serai (ala ala Delicious) , We being my banker, my partner and me. My partner was hungry but we were stuffed with the nasi lemak that the client gave earlier. Hmm they fed us so cannot say they kerek anymore.

Love Whisk and Serai.....Very nice atmosphere! Saw Deanna Yusuf ! I asked the you want to see me embarrass myself? Shall I ask her eh Are you Deanna Yusuf?? You are SOOO Pweeetyyyy... the banker friend only laughed. nervously.

Finally finished lunch and went back to office -only to sign certain things and then went off again. Partner crabby and me not in the mood to be nice. yes you WERE crabby and yes that WAS me not being nice ok incase you did not notice.

Now going down to makan...see you later peeps.


Anonymous said...

Yup..yup..I can relate to that, calling everyone's names! Empire IS nice kan..I love it too, very cosy. It's near my office, but now i jarang keluar lunch cos immigration Subang dah pindah to my office area. Nanti balik dah susah parking.


Anonymous said...

I'm the mayor of Whisk on 4sq. Try the butter cupcakes if they are available, or the marble cake, yums. Adam's fav? Strawberry shortcake macaron.


LifeBloom said... never fail to hiburkan diri ku ini..seriously I feel light-er after one of your posts...:D. And on that note, this self shall be making a beeline for Empire very soon :D

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Jah...i nak pergi balik lah empire tu..tak puas..

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM...Have to try lah. Or else make that our next date .

Superwomanwannabe said...

Zura- macam promote Empire pulak ek?? hehehehe

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