Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Dato and Datins

You know , there is this book in my house called "the Ideal Muslim" . In the car I read it out loud to my supir aka husband yang masih dikerah menghantar puterigunungledang tua ni pi kerja hari hari, some excepts from the book. The ones that I read were about :

1. cleanliness and Islam- do not be tardy or unkempt!! It's unislamic!

2. watch your diet!! - see , Islam very progressive one...cannot eat too much!

3. any sedekah you make cannot tell people one..your good deeds are cancelled!!

So, kira yang I bagi semalam tu...hampeh lah nak dapat pahala ek... oh tidakkkk..my friend said left hand cannot know what right hand is giving...kira berapa dapat, ok je..

On that subject, the other week we went to visit this client who was a Dato and a Datin..now, I know a lot of Dato and Datin and the ones I know are very humble and impressive people who deserve their title 1000 per cent (wooot!! Takut kena marah ni ha ha) but this particular Dato and Datin Wira..or I should just say its the datin seemed to think that the title made her extra special. she told us stories about how her son was so embarrassed that they are titled people...and how he made them park the (very big car) far away from the school. And how much she contribute towards teh masjid...and how close she is with the royal families of kedah and selangor and etc and how rosmah calls her all the time....

Im sure this is all true. I feel inspired dengar dia cerita. A small part of me feel ..eh she should keep this to herself, Im sure....

Tunggulah Aku jadi datin nanti ha ha!!


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Tak yah tunggu lama2 - I bagi you title Datin ok, Datin Paduka Shila. Tu lagi terror dari Datin Wira. So nanti you boleh lah eksyen balik kat dia ok.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hahaha! that will be the day . sigh..must be baru dapat datinship kot.terover excited..

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